hotdogs n meth

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Kyle Gingras : How is this guy not dead and famous

Jacob Runion : This made my gag reflex increase by 10%

buttsworth : The frightening thing is he clearly inhales more hotdogs than he regurgitates. It's like how Homer got a crayon in his brain except the doctor will find a gatdang hotdog in his lung. "Eh...I think that's all of them."

Bardolf87 : Just another day in Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Mj Verostek : Know how I know he was in prison? : He learned how to *regurgitate food* well. Now he can raise baby penguins at the zoo :-) Good skill for zoo keepers :-)

Evan McCarter : wow

Salem Blackstock : This video honestly has me hitting replay at a loss for words.

cherryeuphoria : I'm scared

bambambambino : America's got talent.

Buraddi Roa : FOI...FOI...FOI...FOI

Mario Tahiri : this was recommended to me. i think the youtube algorithm knows me too well

xxT0Mxx : Epic

dage : this channel is such a good meme

Styromaniac ‍ : Can you hook me up with your nearest female relative?

clam hammer : Your hard earned tax dollars at work.

SEX WEIRDO : My uncle taught me the same trick when i was a little girl

Scott L : I know what else you’d be good at

Peanut Butter : can he suck willy like that?

Smael : E

Ross from Friends : These are the white people that black people warn you about