Micro Transactions - Epic NPC Man (EA Star Wars battlefront 2 parody) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

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MrSubscriber77 : I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took a microtransaction to the knee

AKA-ART : Pay to win, Pay to play, Pay to have fun. All of that shit is bad.

Tanish Shelar : Nice day for farmin' ain't it? Huah hah!

Traci : I’m on Twitter but that $2.99 to view new tweets gets expensive. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more access when I buy these loot crates.

🍋 : Best way for me to close and delete a game. Oo that's right. Share on Reddit.

Troommate : Micro transaction's ruin games unless there just to buy funny hats....then carry on.

Solomon McTavish : EA in a nutshell

ULTRA HD GAMEPLAY : pay to pay

TheIndieKitten : I laughed at every "....US." Because let's face it, it's basically our fault.

Lord Glorfindel of the House of the Golden Flower : Maybe Britt will receive the breastplate of Argon in a lootbox

The Dutch Texan : It is truly a sad state of affairs that you buy a full game, pay full money and then still have to purchase add ons to stay up to date and competitive. How I yearn back to the golden days of Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike (when it still was a mod). Those were the days! Good video, it explains everything to a T with the usual VLDL humor twist. Love you guys!

Simon Andersson : Duuuude. No Twitter shaming. I hardly us it as it is. But I might be convinced for just $2.99 a day. Or buy me by bundle, $10 a week!

BuleKing : nice day for grinding,aint it.

SngJason : I would've tried to murder the npc 😂

vivek sreekumar : Best Twitter sub request ever xD

Crow Pickaxe : You have so few Twitter followers because the option to follow is locked to a $1.95 loot box with a 10% drop rate.

Delwon Song : disliker should be EA fanboy or EA devs Kappa :p

James Lim : Farming in a nutshell

Stephan van den Adel : Sorry, no twitter for me!

Simon : None in this fanbase uses Twitter? Could be cool with some stats on the type of person who see these videos, there might be some interesting things you could get out of see just how you found the niche of people not using Twitter :D Twitter might even want those stats tbh :D

Sebry : Lol, advertising your Twitter...are you going to ask us to add you on MySpace next? :P

wd357dui : 2:41 "Do you know how many subscribers we've got on Twitter?" Me: wait, you guys do have Twitter?

Pixelated : Now this is Epic...

Dev4stating x : I'm going back to my SNES.

Jon Burrell : I thought only Trump used Twitter?

1ztbf : how did he get the first 4'500 cristal ? he could have gathered the 500 remaining the same way he got the first ones.

Viking Tortilla : Twitter is dyyyyyyiiiiiiing guys :)

InsaneNapkin : This is gold hahahahaha

Night Howl : EA GAMES, TO THE GAME After buying the expansion pack ;)

Cargo Crusader : from what ive seen it looks like there are 3 sentient npcs (Greg, Bodger, and that guy with the skull staff) 1 maybe sentient (letter quest guy) 3 non-sentient (Baelin, Guard, and Hot Air Balloon Man) and 2 that i dont have enough information on (darkwood characters). i dont know what causes some npcs to have a mind of there own and others to not. (if sentient is not the right word then just replace it) (Gamertag: SgtSquishy)

MintJulep DCUO : I think I had heart-attack laughing so much.

Ronan. M : This video sums up ea's To view the rest of this comment you have to purchase our loot packs whic grant you a 1 in 90 chance of winning. Buy now. Only $7.99

FLFC : Why are people so suprised? IT'S FKING EA!!! they've been doing this for ages

Cupavi Kurcic : Fuck Twitter!

No Name : Can I get a heart please ? <3

Lord Glorfindel : now thats what i've been waiting for ,nice job guys

HITESH scizophreniac : That upper crystal is from *marvel contest of champions*

•ΞHΔßż.! : That’s EA for ya 😂

Van Dai Tran : Anyone see the crystal on the screen look like crystal from marvel contest of Champions

Cogitae : EA sucks

Teemu : Im part of the no one... :(

Net_Spider : Hes trying so hard not to laugh during this... I can tell.

Kathleen Anlage : Like no one uses Twitter anymore.

Sean Berry : Getting me to like your twitter account, that'll be $4.95

Cosmic Soul : Why do you guys care about twitter though?

GabrielKnightz : You just need to stab the right Rat. Don't you yell at me Rowan Middle Lastname!!, i don't Have twitter, im an anti social nutjob thank you verymuch!!!!

Ahmad S : Holly, this is sooooooo deep

RC : My follow on Twitter cost $4.99

antdude : No new one for this week?

Tankerrex3 : so... how he get 4500 crystals in the first place?