29 degrees

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Roomy : NONE of them thought about playing "Smooth Criminal" with a badass white hat?  Really? I'm ashamed for our youth.  Lol.

Pat MaCrotch : I'm videoing!


Matt McAvay : every time I see a video like this I cant wait to get through all the paper work to be in the submarine service.

darius bailey : can anyone tell me what its like to be on a sub. im going into bootcamp to work in subs and i just wanna here some ppls experiences

kinggimped : Is the guy videoing?

Jimmy Rice : I want to do this, sign me up i am joining the USN

ADZ01982 : About to start my sub training for the Royal Navy, got all dis to look forward too !

JasonfromMinnesota : 100 bubbleheads go down and 50 couples come up

RockSplitter : "I'm video'n." I'm also going to Navy boot in May and volunteered for sub service. Looks like fun. (^^)

Jameson Barlow : I was actually on board this boat when this happened. Never expected to see this here.

shaserdeses : I don't think they have spines

Edgard Penadejesus : so random comment but i served with hayes( the one making the fist upfront) back in 2001. found this video just browsing about and effortlessly recognized him, he was the golden second class that reminded me of the guy from honey i shrunk the kids..

Kevin Windham : I was the Diving Officer for that accent. 30° up

Rob Rosa : So that's why MJ wanted to be white..

ibuprofenPill : AHM VIDEOIN’

Inoubliable Douleur : All the seamen you want

eric12137 : pretty cool!!

multiestonian : This is awesome.

Ariel P : usually we get to around 16 degrees on normal dive. around 30 is on emergency dive drill or blow out. i thought 16 degrees are alot to continue working in that condition. working at 29 degrees well. its impossible! well done guys!

sodacan187 : That was cool!

oO0O0Oo .oO0O0Oo : you guys are so hottttt

LadyRavenSkye : Five people can't keep their balance....

Logical19 : hahahaha suuure you ARE :D

fasfan : I can't figure out where they had all that room. That's not the mess decks or torpedo room. Can't think of anywhere else that would have that much room. Must be a boomer.

foom5 : Michael Jackson, Matrix style!

JOSH5OH : You've been hit by... you've been struck by.... a smooth criminal

JOSH5OH : You've been hit by.... You've been struck by......a smooth criminal

gryghin : Meanwhile back in Machinery 2 Upper level, the Nukes are sliding down the hallway seeing who cna make it past the switch gear unscathed. hahaha... Angles and Dangles!

drewdane40 : @tomorrowsme How can you say with certainty that you were on the boat when this happened? I don't see anything particularly special about this that would stick out in the memory of anyone but the guys in the shot.

Redmanfms : @ABitwize You were a nuke too apparently, which definitely means you aren't 100% human. Former MM2(SS)

blacklotus808 : glitch in the matrix !

xtcgohan : Im video-ing!!

Z06killinsbf : Fricken Nav Ets, the whole reason for toilet seats on the boat.

Flagman00 : Hell, that's nothing. On the surface we do that all day long, both ways!

Tyler Zimmerman : I went on a tiger cruise and got to do these. It was soo awesome!!

TsukiKKun : thats fucking awesome!!

Justin Greiner : Did that on a 20 deg angle standing on a lunch tray... was not a happy camper when I slammed into the back of Machinery 2

ledbthand : looks like this was filmed in nav center which is supposed to be a "top secret" area but who really gives a fuck lol

Joe G : @industrialfun 17 is an important one..lol

NeoMalik : Take that Micheal Jackson!

Yvan Pontino : Hehehe. Submariners are totally different breed.

Dylan Beaty : jesus that extreem

Goldtacto : Haha lot of hate on submariners, it seems like there are always people in the navy that don't like us bubbleheads. Proud to be a SECF FT and I don't care what others think of my job. You know why? We all joined the navy and anyone can rag on how anothers job can suck more than theirs. Hooyah!

skyhn83 : Annie are you ok? So Annie are you ok? Are you ok annie?

XxXBLAD3XxX53 : lol video paused at 0:27

theclemsontiger1 : Im currently in sub school and how is it realistically when the chicken switches are thrown?

zarda999 : @ABitwize are you gay?

aboutpar : @kallahan11 ben there, done that....ftb/ss

Bruce Herrick : Who let the dumb nub in the video...