29 degrees

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Roomy : NONE of them thought about playing "Smooth Criminal" with a badass white hat?  Really? I'm ashamed for our youth.  Lol.


Pat MaCrotch : I'm videoing!

swiftcurrent : did anyone else come here because of the scene in the 'hunter killer' movie?

kinggimped : Is the guy videoing?

Matt McAvay : every time I see a video like this I cant wait to get through all the paper work to be in the submarine service.

Kevin Windham : I was the Diving Officer for that accent. 30° up

darius bailey : can anyone tell me what its like to be on a sub. im going into bootcamp to work in subs and i just wanna here some ppls experiences

Edgard Penadejesus : so random comment but i served with hayes( the one making the fist upfront) back in 2001. found this video just browsing about and effortlessly recognized him, he was the golden second class that reminded me of the guy from honey i shrunk the kids..

James LaPlace : SSN 708 69 down and still around. 1985. 29 degrees is for skimmer pukes.

Jimmy Rice : I want to do this, sign me up i am joining the USN

Herta Fartjoy : Gehd! Theht's pretteh trippeh! Derk a Der Herta Fartjoy, Defender of Sanity, Founder of the Defense of Sanity League,@YTJusticeLeague#YTJusticeLeague

oO0O0Oo .oO0O0Oo : you guys are so hottttt

shaserdeses : I don't think they have spines

jamesbond6924 : Hey Russell sevigny a question for you do you have a sister named rita sevigny if so message me back she is trying to find you

Frank Stain : whats up with the guy fisting that seaman? creepy and gay but not in erotic way. the uncle who is touching in a very bad way creepy.

skyhn83 : Annie are you ok? So Annie are you ok? Are you ok annie?

Bro Nemesis : There's a lot of space on that there Trident class...

Inoubliable Douleur : All the seamen you want


That Guy : Michael Jackson would be proud.

Puntoni : But can you do this ?

fasfan : I can't figure out where they had all that room. That's not the mess decks or torpedo room. Can't think of anywhere else that would have that much room. Must be a boomer.

ibuprofenPill : AHM VIDEOIN’

ComradeSam1994 : Annie are you ok, will you tell us that you're ok??

foom5 : Michael Jackson, Matrix style!

flatpat : Should of done the Smooth Criminal

multiestonian : This is awesome.

flatpat : Whoa

n10cities : That uppercut, tho! Funny!

fox18up : I wasn't sure....was this guy videoing or no??

James LaPlace : Try 59 and still around. MSP St Croix. It really happened. We all lived. 29 degrees is for non qual pukes. Grow a pair. Of real silver dolphins.

Aaron Skaggs : No one is going to mention where this is, and why it can't be recorded and posted on the internet?

foom5 : Dear Santa..

TheGracefulGhost : Nautical nonsense.

JOSH5OH : You've been hit by... you've been struck by.... a smooth criminal

Craig Fields : if you're in the dive simulator its close, but there's no substitute for the real thing. Emergency Blow from test depth is fun!...well not if your a cook....:)

theclemsontiger1 : Im currently in sub school and how is it realistically when the chicken switches are thrown?

J.D. Rogers : UP LADDER!

Craig Fields : Love it. I was aboard the USS Jacksonville (SSN-699). We had a blast with angles and dangles. throwing the chicken switches was fun too.

JOSH5OH : You've been hit by.... You've been struck by......a smooth criminal


kobel64 : hooyah

Andrew Potter : Fast attack tough! oh...wait, nevermind

Ariel P : usually we get to around 16 degrees on normal dive. around 30 is on emergency dive drill or blow out. i thought 16 degrees are alot to continue working in that condition. working at 29 degrees well. its impossible! well done guys!

Capt777harris : That's cool :)

Thomas Bergin : so a 29 up is big.....good on you, wear that fagtag with pride...F.A.T

xtcgohan : Im video-ing!!

TWBiker : 37.5 much funnier (afterwards) when the ERUL took the planes to full rise during a "jam dive" drill at AIII. Undisclosed location, 1989, SSN 648.

TakeDeadAim : Anyone have video of a trim party??? Loved doing them...poor JOs!