A Zombie Gene Keeps Elephants from Getting Cancer | SciShow News

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Muscle Hank : oh yeah, since I'm strong I also have this gene.

Sebastian Elytron : Went shopping today and left my new expensive Levi's in the car. Like elephants, I have special jeans in my trunk.

Master Therion : We should make a vaccine against cancer using CRISPR and the LIF gene. But, just for laughs, let's not call it "Leukemia inhibitory factor." Let's call it the Zombie Gene just to freak people out.

Justin Y. : I have no joke, this is pretty interesting!

Curiosity Culture : This makes me happy! Elephants are the best animal, they deserve this! ❤️

Orion Fyre : "Zombie genes" a name chosen for the explicit purpose of garnering public attention through news editors slapping front page headlines like "Elephants protected from cancer by ancient zombie gene."

Cat Man : How do you tell if a cell is male or female? By pulling down it's genes. Okay that was bad and old!!!

Ionizationism_is_a_thing 05 : Before video: why can't we have them? After video: Wow, elephants are cool.

ⵣMazighⵣ ⵣZenatiⵣ : This gene should be used with CRISPR to combat cancer in Humans. Kinda ironic that Elephants would save us indirectly before we kill them all off.

shmuckling : In a few decades there will be Humans and possibly some animals that will be modified to be mostly immune to cancer. This discovery also shows how important is to conserve the variety in life species - of all the animals that had these genes and could have been studied, only Elephants survive and they're not doing too hot either. If they would have went extinct too we likely would have never known about this and it could turn out to be one of our greatest discoveries.

Tim Buchanan : You forgot about the gene Ligma-9

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : Elephants may survive cancerous cells but it’s likely they won’t survive the Anthropocene.

BrianBadCobra : Shouldn’t it be called a Deadpool gene

ursaltydog : What if these genes were spliced into our genome?

Minnesota Acoustic : You thought sitting next to a baby on a plane was bad, try a zombie elephant and youre the only guy with nuts. Not good.

WarlockofWordsReturns RB : Mole rats seem immune from cancer, too. Study the hell out of elephants and mole rats, scientists!

crovax 13 : I suppose that large dinosaurs would have had similar defenses against cancer cells

Infernoraptor : "Long-lived creatures like bats" ?!? Didn't know about that. (Out of context, I'd be more likely to assume that's some sort of vampire joke.) Surely such active animals must have fast metabolisms and die quickly right? *checks google* 30 years?! Wow!

Camkitsune : Peto's Paradox isn't really a paradox at all, it's just something that initially seems counter-intuitive if you don't account for Natural Selection. 1) Large animals generally require more resources to live in day-to-day terms. 2) Because of this additional demand offspring tend to be birthed in smaller numbers so that the parents can take better care of them - and so that they are less likely to immediately overwhelm the local carrying capacity and starve everyone in their niche to death. Evolutionary lines that do _not_ do this are extremely unlikely to survive for long. 3) Because of the low birth rate, natural selection tends to favor longer life spans and longer windows of fertility. 4) The factors of 'large', 'long life span' and 'low birth rate' all strongly favor selection for genes that are cancer-resistant. Animals that get cancer and die before breeding enough times to maintain their 'market share' of the gene pool will ultimately be out-competed by the ones that don't, and eventually become phased out. 5) The combination of 'large' and 'long-lived' means that the animal's genes will both be resistant to copying errors (selected for by the higher copy rate) and to degradation (selected for by the longer window of fertility).

Stothehighest : I gotta ask, just who and why does someone downvote this? I think it was a pretty good video, didn't leave any strings dangling and wasn't clickbait.

Viggo Malvenius : You spent far too little time on how ELEPHANTS AND SEA COWS ARE CLOSELY RELATED TO LITTLE RABBIT ISH THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf nature!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Barnå : This is so cool! Go elephants 😄

RadicalErin : You would expect bigger animals with more cells to get cancer more often, which in turn leads to the expectation that they would find ways to handle it explicitly /because/ they are bigger and have more cells, thereby requiring it in order to maintain a remotely viable species.

Gravijta : Very interesting, but what gene is responsible for making everything taste like plump, juicy chicken?

MarGuy Thatguy : *W E M U S T E V O L V E T R U N C K S*

McKinley Griggs : Who else likes the way Hank says *duplication* ?

David B : My Grandmother loved elephants (considering the amount of elephant-themed art and furniture, probably too much) so I always love to learn about how awesome elephants really are.

informationtolearn 11 : Interesting...🤔

Ethan Blanke : Question: are there any obvious adverse effects that would occur if humans possessed these genes and their functionality? I don’t see any but I know genetics is a complicated subject

James Morgan : Do you even LIF?

Chris Phoenix : What about turtles? "I like turtles"... ;)

YOWHAZGOOD : mitochondria is the muscle hank of the cell

Lightwish Light : Fascinating information. Hopefully scientists can find a way to make this into a type of anti-cancer treatment.

GorillaGuerilla : Aahhhrr, I want a zombie gene too......

Michsel Holiday : I saw a show not too long ago similar can't remember if it was fiction or not it was about a scientist doing a study controlled study where he administered a drug to make the immune system fight or teach the immune system to fight cancer cells but the drug turned the human's immune system against its own body and the treatment was a massive dose of steroids to counteract the drug from killing the person but the scientist doing the study had to research it while the first person died and saved the rest

Tadeusz : so we should eat more elephants, young elephants especially - to stay more healthy

Humzah Khan : So the LIF6 and P53 are pretty much the Batman and robin used for maintaining order and destroying the scum in an elephants 🐘 body.

sdfkjgh : 2:25 Man, I'm glad LIF6 redeemed the franchise, because LIFs 3, 4, and 5 were absolutely TERRIBAD!  It's like the writers just gave up.

Existenceisillusion : zombification overload from the zombified overlord

Olympias : "Zombification" Somehow, I like the sound of that...

Michelle Speed : Rock hyrax sounds like something from a Legend of Zelda game.

Valdagast : I wonder what tricks the blue whale has.

BudG : Second, First in India, How do you know when there's an elephant in your petri dish?

Anthony Deng : I can already see this being the premise of another zombie killing video game franchise: scientists try to cure cancer by extracting this gene from elephants and using it to genetically alter human subjects. The experiment goes wrong and boom, zombies.

scabiniful : i was too distracted by blurry pizza john, it makes my brain do weird things

ridiculous red : I seen people hate on Hank and sci show but for real I'm glad their doing what their doing thank you all !

Bettie van Wegen : Pizza john

Hristin Andonov : PIZZA

Vilhelmo De Okcidento : Aging is programmed. Immortality seems to be, in most environment, maladaptive.

FizzyDot : “And long lived animals like...bats” what