Review: $60 Ebay water distiller, all stainless steel internal
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I'm preparing for an apocalypse, S.H.T.F., and alien invasions! We can live a month without food but cannot last 3 days without water. How good is this distiller? Let's find out. Here's the water quality test from this distiller: Here's the next video of the teardown of this unit: Check out these pictures from one of the distillation from tap water. This is what's left on it. The residue water turns yellow/brownish color. The salt is 1 mm to 2 mm thick! Whatever that's in there, I don't think it's good for human consumption!


NonZero : Best accent on the internet today!

The TreeHouse News : This was a very thorough review. THANK YOU! Great Job!

Swantonic : If only every other video on Youtube was like this. Very informative, thank you

Mack Flem : Jeez, you are crazy smart. Thanks for the knowledge

Beatrix Jones : I enjoyed your video. Let me commend you on a job well done also your English is fantastic! Most of these idiots on here don’t speak one language let alone two!

globbyboucher : Now that's what I call high-quality H2O!

Sister Mary Clements : Good job. Best review! Curious if that RO water contained flouride. If I'm not mistaken, RO systems don't filter out flouride. Especially over time as the RO filters start to get dirty and less efficient. Distilled water is part of the Gerson Therapy for curing cancer and most other diseases. Used for coffee enemas. The holy grail to detoxifying the liver. Something you'll hear nothing about from mainstream or Google. Pay it forward, cheers

Sebastian Flores : thanks bro, I think Ill get one now. very informative .

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king johnny : Best Thorough review I've seen on Water distillers from Ebay, The comparisons You made were great, I have an Alexapure Filter System, was thinking about picking one of these up, you made all the options clear,..Thanks Man !!

L.J. : you should use glass to collect the distilled water thank you for sharing

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CUTWEST : Why do you sound like baklow?

D. B. : Great Review: you thought of and answered everything so efficiently, thanks! :)

david o : better buy the glass container of Megahome destiller

TheSexsar : how about pee distillation ? experiment

Crimson King : wow, I paid about twice that for the same unit. Buyer beware.

That crazy girl Nunu : Thank you for this fantastic review! Totally informative !!

Anhtuan Phan : Great video. I use an external timer to shut off the unit after 3.5 hours so it doesn’t run dry.

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The Preacher : Haha, first, the space heater idea is hilarious. Second, I love your reviews and your experimentation on bikes. Thanks again.

joan cayenne : I bought one on Amazon, and when you collect the first batch of water, you've to throw it away, because it contains contaminants, then you put a fresh set of water and it tastes really good. Maybe the reason why his water tastes bad is because he didn't get rid of the first set.

Marky MGTOW : I use glass bottles !!!!! main, to store my water, main lol

Life, Love, and other things : This is such a great thorough review.

Christine Thompson : Just ordered mine today, can't wait. Thank you, for the demonstration.

PrinceBejita : i got this years ago but after a few use it got rusty on the pipe ....also almost every time i drank the water it irritated the insides of my mouth.....i think it was the metal alloy these cheap distillers are probably not made out of high quality medical grade stuff **comment reviewed below**

nef003 : Wow; this video has a great review on both distilling process and the item used for it. Very professional too.

PhantomPanic : Buk Lau? Is that you?

Rastameister : Very well done and appreciated. You even covered electrical costs. However, I should point out that pre-heating the water to whatever temperature still contained the same amount of joules per cc. This energy had to come from somewhere and if it was from your stove or water heater then the only thing you saved was time, the energy costs would be the same. Thank-you vuaeco .

nixonsmateruby1 : Can you make moonshine with it?

Coin Op : Great infomation. Thankyou!!

RogueOntheRoad : The bottle should be rinsed out with bleach water and then rinsed out with vinegar. Rinsed well it should be good to go.

George H Tucker Jr : Great review! Thanks so much, great info. I'm buying one!

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Bart Hamburg : gravity equals density and buoyancy. Not Magic

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DC DC : That really surprised me about the water store water...great video!! I love showing this to "but I have a filtration system" snobs when I go on my spiel about how distilled water is the purest form of water to drink.

santiago vindell : Thank you for sharing. Interested in the teardown and might buy one myself.