Review: $60 Ebay water distiller, all stainless steel internal

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gardensofthegods : Too bad it's not made out of ceramic inside instead of metal.. also I have no idea why you would ever put distilled water in plastic after you go through all that trouble... wouldn't it be wiser to store in glass bottles even if you have to have several of them ?

NonZero : Best accent on the internet today!

The TreeHouse News : This was a very thorough review. THANK YOU! Great Job!

CUTWEST : Why do you sound like baklow?

Swantonic : If only every other video on Youtube was like this. Very informative, thank you

Beatrix Jones : I enjoyed your video. Let me commend you on a job well done also your English is fantastic! Most of these idiots on here don’t speak one language let alone two!

Mack Flem : Jeez, you are crazy smart. Thanks for the knowledge

Edgunsuk : is this guy a Chinese hill billy ??? PS this is the video made by the guys selling this on amazon......

Bill Melater : Excellent video again! I would like to point out that the cooling tubes on the fan assembly are made of aluminum, so technically, this unit is not "all stainless steel internal". The reason this is worth mentioning is a lot of people are concerned by studies that show aluminum toxicity is or may be related to Alzheimers Disease or other diseases of the nervous system. The water flowing through the aluminum tubes may or may not be a concern to most people. My next Water Distiller will have Stainless Steel Tubing and cooling fans. I have seen these on Ebay, at a reasonable price. ALSO: Yes, the cleaner is Citric Acid, this is available on Ebay in bulk, and it's very cheap when bought by the pound or kilo. To clean, unplug the fan, fill the water to near the top of the pot, add a couple of tablespoons of Citric Acid, plug the unit in, bring to a boil and let the water sit several hours until all residue is dissolved. Again, Great Video! Thank you.

TheSexsar : how about pee distillation ? experiment

Rav Singh : Fantastic video. Very detailed and informative. Thank you for making this video 🙏🏽

Enmanuel Vicente : Very informative thank you for breaking it down like that 🙆🏽‍♂️

Gregory Germain : Have you compared cost of making a gallon of distilled v buying a gallon at the store?

L.J. : you should use glass to collect the distilled water thank you for sharing

BMO Lopata : Thank you very much for this review!

Chava Tarin : Dear friend, I have heard distilled water lacks some salts the human body needs. Is there some "recipe" for adding the necessary salts?

Life, Love, and other things : This is such a great thorough review.

H Jones : Very comprehensive video. Thank you

Felix Martinez : Oh wow!!! Thank you!!

PrinceBejita : i got this years ago but after a few use it got rusty on the pipe ....also almost every time i drank the water it irritated the insides of my mouth.....i think it was the metal alloy these cheap distillers are probably not made out of high quality medical grade stuff **comment reviewed below**

nef003 : Wow; this video has a great review on both distilling process and the item used for it. Very professional too.

Carazano Sayegh : do you know if a water distiller can be used to make essential oils?

Sharyar A : Perfect video, thank you for your time and efforts :)

The Preacher : Haha, first, the space heater idea is hilarious. Second, I love your reviews and your experimentation on bikes. Thanks again.

Bart Hamburg : gravity equals density and buoyancy. Not Magic

Shaun : does it work for alcohol? sea water?

lerpoy holmes : I have this same water distiller , MY problem is that I filled the water to line inside of the distiller but when the water is distilled the distilled water is way less than what I put in ,this just started , what’s the problem . 🤨🤨🤨🤨

Dot Com : If you put it in a plastic bottle might as well buy distilled .80c gallon water from the grocery store. Put it in a glass bottle?

MANDLA MAMBA : plastic and silicone water maker

786philb : I've got this one 2 years ago. It's going right now. It does clogg up with solids around the inside. But you clean it with stuff like vinegar. Best buy ever. I boil two kettles before starting. Saves extra hour working. But it takes 3 hours after boiling 1st. That's 4 litres. It automatically turns off. Cheap looking or not. It's a good unit.

Ferg Ferguson : will this work for ditilling CBD oil

Jay Carlson : Got that vary unit and its working great for me. Had to wash the container because there was a slight odor to it but other than that it works well. I was surprised at the amount of crap that is in our water.

We're Our Souls : Vinegar will also clean the build up on the bottom.

635574 : Only distillation gets rid of everything and you dont want any junk added to water. Some RO filetrs are 99% but they dont beat distillation. Also there are vollatile organic compounds that boil off before the water I dont know what this one is doung about those.

Ferg Ferguson : good info billy..nice job

Coin Op : Great infomation. Thankyou!!

david o : better buy the glass container of Megahome destiller

635574 : Only distillation gets rid of everything and you dont want any junk added to water. Some RO filetrs are 99% but they dont beat distillation. Also there are vollatile organic compounds that boil off before the water I dont know what this one is doung about those. Any other filetrs are just a joke as you saw.

Lorie P. : VERY GOOD review. I really appreciated it . I am thinking of purchasing another distiller off Ebay soon. Water and having good CLEAN water is more important than people realize.  I use to have a Waterwise Distiller. They are loud too. I would leave it on the counter over night and in the morning ,have a gallon waiting for me . But when it died , I just starting getting the huge 5 gallon bottles and going to a water store that has reverse osmosis .I need more water as I use it in a rice cooker and that takes many cups of fresh water.  I have never liked tap water. My Grandmother, back in the early 1960's, said Los Angeles tap water was the worst she had ever tasted and she said they thought they were putting chemicals into the water. She would not drink it nor use it for cooking ! She started to receive Water delivery at her home (Arrowhead water ) and had it delivered until she passed away in the 1980's. Back then they would rent you a water cooler and deliver the bottles to your home, but the bottles were made of GLASS. And, very heavy ! I now days try and store water in glass only although that's not always possible . If people could find a huge glass water bottle at a Yard sale or Flea Market they should snap it up . It will be well worth it. If you buy a Big Berkey you can have water without electricity if it goes down.

Luis Tulin : Very detailed review, thanks. I own this brand of distiller. I don’t think you should drink distilled water, it’s stripped of Beneficial minerals. I use distilled water for humidifier. I noticed bad smell also from bottle.

Christine Thompson : Just ordered mine today, can't wait. Thank you, for the demonstration.

Rastameister : Very well done and appreciated. You even covered electrical costs. However, I should point out that pre-heating the water to whatever temperature still contained the same amount of joules per cc. This energy had to come from somewhere and if it was from your stove or water heater then the only thing you saved was time, the energy costs would be the same. Thank-you vuaeco .

egdapo : Excellent video... even though i started off laughing at your accent. And it still shocks me that the water you got for 25c from the reverse osmosis place had less ppm than the one you distilled at home! Wow! Makes sense to just purchase it there then no?

Eternally Conscious : The instructions state to throw out the water from the first batch because the machine needs a trial run before producing clean water. It is not the plastic as the container is bpa approved and does not leak chemicals.

Donna Keeley : Use about 3-4 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar to warm water, let sit overnight to clean. Only store in sterilized glass jars and lids.

cpl_night : any chance anyone knows if this is available in banff??

Tube-Bit ManChild : obamanation

RogueOntheRoad : The bottle should be rinsed out with bleach water and then rinsed out with vinegar. Rinsed well it should be good to go.

Kim Nguyen : this is very informative. Thank you! Can you list what water did you buy from the store?

Nandkishor : Please inform if you have any dealer in India.