ASMR Tapping on Various Objects for Your Relaxation (NO TALKING) :D

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Hi all :) This is my first ASMR video. I've been wanting to make an ASMR video for the longest time. I'm a huge ASMR fan. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this video, and hopefully gives you relaxation. Time Stamps: 00:00:00 - 00:02:31 - Some hand sweeping on a blanket 00:02:31 - 00:07:22 - Make-up bag sounds (squishing and tapping) 00:07:22 - 00:12:25 - tapping on lotion jar 00:12:25 - 00:17:21 - iPhone tapping 00:17:21 - 00:22:53 - candle box tapping and candle glass tapping 00:22:53 - 00:27:45 - glasses container tapping (vinyl material i believe) 00:27:45 - 00:34:50 - lavender trinket? box (crinkling, tapping) 00:34:50 - 00:38:19 - hairbrush sounds 00:38:19 - 00:41:33 - perfume glass bottle tapping (and some spraying) 00:41:33 - 00:44:15 - rose oil fragrance bottle with pipette 00:4415 - 00:48:06 - fiber optic lamp (visual trigger)

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Doffy mingo : I like

erisnx21 : i like too

Blackbart Badass : Hi this was awesome I really enjoyed it you have very lovely hands can you please do a long video of you lighting lots of wooden matches the sound they make being struck off the box and lighting up and putting them out in water right away is very relaxing and the visual aspect of seeing you striking them would also be very nice thank you and God bless and I also subscribed to you take care