Why is everybody lying about Bohemian Rhapsody?
Why is everyone lying about Bohemian Rhapsody Gus Johnson

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TJ Reid : Bolivian rap city by clean?

Ddos Dragon : I believe it's a band called... Queen?

BensoNNicK 16 : Cwean is my dad's favorite band! I love Cwean. And Bahama Rosary. Greatest song I've never listened to!

Erica Brookes : Whoever's on the camera is great at reacting to you. I presume it's your brother. I just wanted to mention that because the way he zooms in on you as you make points and out as you emote matches your energy perfectly.

freddy2nt : You haven't heard of Queen, the greatest rock music band of all time, well... that's remotely plausible, but okay. But to have never heard or read the word queen to the point you can't pronounce it?! LMAO

FuriousP14 : "Everyone is black. I'm so confused"

QProJoeQ : R H A P S I D I U S?

Sescilly Goulart : I love the song large buttocks girls, by Qween

Melissa Anderson : "You're legit gonna wake up mom and dad" "I'm gonna do it!! I don't even care!! Ppl need to know!!"

Clint LeClerc : Genuinely convinced that people are born knowing certain songs and Bohemian Rhapsody is one of them.

BranNFlakes : I thought queen was a famous old lady in the uk

Spookjuice : gotta love how the video is almost exactly the length of bohemian rhapsody

hangman18x : Other trends coming soon "I believe its a franchise called Star Wars"

West : Gus: "Are you real?" Gus: *phasing noises* Gus: "Is this the matrix?" Camera Man: (in a panicked effort to distract Gus from the truth) "H-How many views does the video have?"

UMEKO : I'd understand if it were teens or kids who were never exposed to them but these are grown ass adults. Even if you don't listen to their music because of personal preference, you've had to at least heard of the band in your 21+ years of life . . .

bullseeder : Actually mentioned that all of them are black, ballz

The Ghost : Rapsidious, the scariest movie of 2018

Lamech Palmer : My Uncle played Bohemian Rhapsody at a family party (my family is like 85% black people) this year, my younger cousins (mostly under 20) had never heard the song before, and didnt know who Queen was. Black people arent exposed the Queen or old rock music the way you would think. These people might not be faking dude.

Mr. Mango : *reacting to people reacting to bohemian rhapsody by queen*

YaBoyTroy357 : Great video, uhhhh, how do I pronounce this, Gussidious?

A Precious Basket Case : We're trying to think of a way to say is without seeming racist EVERYONE IS BLACK

CraftyUmbrella : *Bulgarian rave city? By Leen?*

V.V : I think the fact that a lot of these reactions are from black people might be related to media targeting their demographic with mostly rap music and not classic rock, as well as the fact that rap/hip-hop is a predominantly black genre of music

William Fischer : *"Everyone is black!?"*

The Rest Of Us : “Gus Johnson reacts to black dude reacting to Bohemian Rhapsody”

ConnorWaddell : This is the video that made me fall in love with Gus Johnson

Nelson Williamsen : Never have I seen someones persona SCREAM Wisconsin as much as yours😂 great vid btw 💕

FB : “Gus Johnson reacts to black dude listening to Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time, for the first time”

Wolf 420 : I dont know how to pronounce this unusual word i think it may be pronounced "Queen"???

Arno Online : The irony is that I clicked this video precisely because I thought it was about the movie

YVZ STUDIOS : omg. I can't believe I got bamboozled. I saw those videos! Some were looking legit, while others were suspiciously overacted 🤔 But now that I think about it, *everyone* should know the song from the *Suicide Squad Trailer* last year!

Some Guy : Even if you've never full on listened to Bohemian Rhapsody you have heard various parts

Scott Short : They might not have heard Bohemian Rhapsody, but they had to have heard of Queen via We Will Rock You

J-V Music : Ahhh, love me some 'bow free me nan rap so tree' by royal family member

Olivia Aldanondo : I thought I was gonna get angry but I haven’t stopped laughing

Layne Sullivan : Yo he missed the perfect opportunity to say is this the real life is this just fantasy

Pete Capdevila : The tragedy of Darth Rapsidious

Ryan Snider : I genuinely can't tell if this is a bit or he's actually ranting.

Asdas Qweqw : "Everyone is black" -Gus Johnson, 2018

Marquise Terry : I honestly didn’t hear Bohemian Rhapsody until about 3 years ago, it’s not a popular song in the black community 😂

MF SMUG : I clicked on this thinking it was gonna be about the inaccuracies of the film, but this works just as well.

KT : This video is funny and what makes it funnier is that I had genuinely never heard of Queen myself before the movie lmaoooo (I'm black btw..obviously lol) but I didn't make a big deal out of it and filmed myself reacting to it or anything. I was actually low key embarrassed. I just looked them up listened to the song and after I realized I had actually heard snippets of it already in movies and stuff like dat lol this is still funny tho

Rick Dicker : I saw one that said reacting to "rock music". he had never heard rock music before.

RedRiot : EVERYONE -------------------- IS BLACK!

uberrave3 : My teacher had a karaoke party once for my class and I decided to sing Bohemian Rapacity. Surprisingly my friend had never herd of the of Queen or Bohemian Rapacity. Coincidentally he was also black. He never herd the song since he was in a genera bubble of rap and r&b. This could be this case for the guys in the video as well. However I have many black friends who do know Queen, so I also find is skeptical in the legitimacy of these reacting videos.

cyb0rgirl : ThEy sAiD i wAs CrAzY bUt I kNeW!!


Bort Simpsor : I've been listening to Bohemian Rhapsody since I was a child.

TFear Stashbox : "Everyone's black! I'm confused!" Nice. Nice.