Why is everybody lying about Bohemian Rhapsody?

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Gus Johnson : What on earth is going on? For more frantic conspiracies follow me on Twitter @Gusbuckets

The Rest Of Us : “Gus Johnson reacts to black dude reacting to Bohemian Rhapsody”

I make people mad : *listening to despacito for the first time*

Agora E Aroga : Plot twist: Every single one of them actually never heard of queen.

Capt. Cutler : It's entirely possible that thousands of black millennials on youtube haven't heard of an opera rock band from the 70s.

Slashgibber : You look like a Swedish hillbilly, this is neither praise nor criticism. Just an observation.

iDubbbzTV : It's gotta be that reaction channels want to make the audience know that this is the first time they are watching the video..rather than first time they're hearing of queen ..smh

Newt Dexistion : _Bohemian_ *R H A P S I D I O U S*

Some Guy : “Man breathes AIR for the FIRST TIME GONE EMOTIONAL 😭”

Dawn of The walkers : Rhapsidious the next most terrifying chapter in the insidious franchise.

Rhys Aqs : I think it's pronounced QURAN?

Versaucey : "I honestly don't even know how to pronounce it, I believe it's a band called Queen?" He's so shocked that he can't even read anymore.

JessiD618 : I was taking a course on copyright and the prof started playing Under Pressure and all the black people thought it was Vanilla Ice. I didn’t realize the cultural divide was this wide.

Lamech Palmer : My Uncle played Bohemian Rhapsody at a family party (my family is like 85% black people) this year, my younger cousins (mostly under 20) had never heard the song before, and didnt know who Queen was. Black people arent exposed the Queen or old rock music the way you would think. These people might not be faking dude.

Levi Franklin : Ah, my favorite Star Wars character: Bohemian Rhapsidious.

Hangover : What...? a laptop? I consulted Wikipedia and it seems it's some sort of computer but you can move it around and has a screen attached to it... I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly...l-lap-top.

ThatPunchKid : This is Bohemian Blasphemy

Matt Sanders : lot of music reactors are super fake

Jacob Greig : Ah yes Bavarian Rap city, my favourite song by King

QProJoeQ : R H A P S I D I U S?

Megan Carrington : I am from a small Icelandic town Siglufjörður and even I hear of that song!!😂

How to properly clean your metal computer : *Is this the real life, is this just fantasy*

Ddos Dragon : I believe it's a band called... Queen?

Marcos Vinícius : To be really honest, it is not that hard to believe that people have never heard of Queen. I mean, there are some exaggerated reactions and there are definitely people pretending, but it is very very easy to believe that someone has never heard of Queen or Bohemian Rhapsody. I grew up watching Hannah Montana and everyone I knew knew what the fuck was Hannah Montana, but when I went to college I made a joke about the show to a friend and his reaction was 'What the fuck is Hannah Montana', I was shocked, because Hannah Montana for me was just a huge part of my childhood. He had no idea who Hannah Montana was because he didn't have cable growing up and he had to work as a kid to help his parents. I'm not trying to compare Queen to Hannah Montana, of course, but what I'm saying is: sometimes we have privileges that we don't even realize are privileges, I knew Hannah Montana, I knew Queen, I knew most mainstream cultural stuff because I had internet and time and cable, or whatever the fuck more. It is not that difficult to believe that people who didn't have the same shit I had growing up don't know the things I know.

luis teissonniere : In all honesty a few of those could be real. I didn't find out about Queen until i was 23, about 4 years ago. So it wouldn't be completely impossible for someone to have not heard of Queen.

Jeffrey Cherian : Tbh I never heard Bohemian Rhapsody till I was in high school 2012/13. I knew of “we will rock you” and “we are the champions” but never knew Bohemian Rhapsody and that it was so famous (love it and Queen since).People just have different music tastes that aren’t rock related so they haven’t crossed passed with the song.

Cyranek : who is this "kwa-een" you speak of ?

Fabian Piedra : I get bored at work a lot and I've started to notice these reaction videos popping up. Not really the Queen reaction, but just reactions in general. They typically have a black guy just getting absolutely hyped for something so minuscule that it gets him 1M views. I tried to understand it, but I'm afraid I never will.

FerretGalaxii : gotta love how the video is almost exactly the length of bohemian rhapsody

Dustin Wiseman : This isn't even remotely farfetched.... Met plenty of people that aren't aware of even that absolute most famous rock bands of the 70's or 80's. People don't just always grow up on the same culture as everyone else... Walking out in the street of a city you'd almost certainly find lots of young people who have absolutely no clue who Queen is.

lloyd dobbler : Heck, look at it this way... you can probably find a bunch of 20ish white kids that have never heard of Earth Wind and Fire's "Reasons", although it's a huge song from around the same time period as Rhapsody and from a hugely successful and long lasting band.

Slimecicle : Wasn't too sure what you were talking about, but what was that song that kept playing? It sounded really cool!

Shaun The Producer : Do you know who Anita Baker is or Sade or Aaliyah or Jill Scott or Maxwell or Luther Vandross? Different cultures grow up on different music. No matter how much its been used and played everywhere. Sade's Smooth Operator has been everywhere too but you don't care about R&B. Just as some don't care about rock. So yes, its possible for people to not know Bohemian Rhapsody. By the looks of the evidence especially black people.

ramenfever : tbh.... i believe it. I'm like 18 and my parents don't know about queen (at least im sure they dont) and I've assumed i've heard the song because how familiar the title was.. then i looked it up and i have never once in my life heard that before (should i mention im black? maybe it wasn't as culturally important to black people???)

Raul Rivera : Being white and assuming everyone knows queen is like being Mexican and assuming everyone knows Juan Gabriel, or being black and assuming everyone knows tupac etc etc etc, it's not the ppl who are uncultured, it's this dude who doesn't realize not everyone in the world is a white person from Wisconsin.

ingvi frey : Black youtubers: *"Reacting to fire for the first time."*

HitzCritz : "Hey guys, today I'll be reacting to the band Dairy Queen and their song Bo Burnham Rapping in the City for the first time"

hakesho : I'm a grown adult and am only vaguely aware of queen. The name is familiar and I've heard a few songs of theirs randomly and out of context (so I never knew they were queen songs until recently). I think its entirely believable for someone to not know of them at all.

Michael Giovinazzi : Dude, I have a nephew who thought Queen was a new band a year before Freddie died. Why are you so shocked that people just don't know? I'm not even surprised that a grown man can't read a 5 letter word like Queen properly. I've worked with "high school graduates" who can't make change for $1 for Christ's sake!

Jonas Krombacher : I didn't hear bohemian rhapsody until i was 19 and only the beginning. Didnt even know there was a tempo change until 2 years after that lmao

トーキョーグール-Uta : This is absolutely hilarious, there's no way you can lie about not knowing about queen

RedRiot : EVERYONE -------------------- IS BLACK!

Lily ! : Queen didn’t go that global Gus lol. As an immigrant who moved to America I was absolutely shocked by the song. It’s a white people thing.

BigWillProductions1 : There has always been a major divide in musical styles between Black and White communities. When you say "70s music" to people who grew up in the time, White people think of Queen, Black people think of Marvin Gaye. "80s", White people think Journey, Black people think Funkadelic. If none of their parents listened to Queen growing up, it wouldn't be a song that could be easily identified. We Will Rock you has been heard by most people because of sports and movies. Black people didn't go to see Wayne's World, so we never heard Bohemian Rhapsody. The trend of videos IS a cash grab to get viewers because of the movie, but If I hadn't hung out with so many white kids growing up, or played Guitar Hero, there are A LOT of songs and bands I would have never heard because they aren't playing that music in my area.

Buttersky : Thing is...maybe the first people who reacted to the song never heard of it before. But the other dozens of people who reacted MUST HAVE SEEN THESE REACTIONS AND THEREFORE KNEW THE SONG, DUH!

Elias Ritter : I was watching TV with my grandma and the trailer for this movie comes on. She asked me if the movie is about Prince. I said no it's about Freddie Mercury. I then find out that she's never even heard of him OR the band Queen at all. Still haven't recovered....

Handz 0n Trigger : Bohemian Rapsidius is my favourite song

Mr. Mango : *reacting to people reacting to bohemian rhapsody by queen*

Travis Lee : They have to be signed up with some company that tells them what to react to. Then the company probably gets a piece of the ad revenue. I mean all of these people are reacting to the same things. The same songs, stand up comedy bits...all the same stuff!

Crimson Sails : I like you best when your content portrays your talent rather than issues with others'