Why is everybody lying about Bohemian Rhapsody?

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Gus Johnson : What on earth is going on? For more frantic conspiracies follow me on Twitter @Gusbuckets

iDubbbzTV : It's gotta be that reaction channels want to make the audience know that this is the first time they are watching the video..rather than first time they're hearing of queen ..smh

Weiss Leonhardt : E V E R Y O N E I S B L A C K

armouredcat23 : ur gonna wake up mom and dad stop yelling

Some Guy : “Man breathes AIR for the FIRST TIME GONE EMOTIONAL 😭”

Nicholas T : Here: white people love to see black people reacting to white people stuff. Black youtubers like getting views Mystery solved

ThatPunchKid : This is Bohemian Blasphemy

alsenar2 : Bohemian Rhapsidious? Bohemian Rapsoda? Anime Boh SodyRhap? Rhapsody Bohemian?

ComicsBae : As a black myself I know a bunch of black ppl who have never heard Bohemian Rhapsody lmao.

slayertakim1 : There are a lot of people in the black community that have never heard of Queen before. They have heard we will rock you and we are the champions but in terms of knowing who sang it, you probably have a lot of people who don't know the name Queen because they had parents that never listened to it. I grew up with my uncle listening to jazz and rnb groups, hell at BBQ there were very specific songs that played. To me those seemed like common things so it shocked me when I go to a college in a mostly white town and no one has ever heard the song "murder she wrote"

Mandy Bruen : I work in an office that is majority black. There is one other white lady but she is part time. I was looking up movie times for Bohemian Rhapsody and my co-worker asked what I was doing and we got on the topic of Queen. She had no idea who they were. I started listing songs. She knew We Will Rock you and We are the Champions but didnt know who sung them. And she definitely didnt know Bohemian Rhapsody. At first I was surprised but when I thought about it, the only reason I'm so familiar with Queen is because I grew up with my parents, who were fans of 70s and 80s rock, constantly listening to this type of music. My dad had a classic rock radio station on at all times in the garage, so those songs are ingrained in me. But someone with a different culture and different music preferences may not have been exposed in the same way, especially since Freddy died in the early 90s.

How to properly clean your metal computer : *Is this the real life, is this just fantasy*

chris4072511 : Equally tho, I only heard of Kanye West when he diss'ed Taylor Swift at that Grammy thing. I don't expect young black men to listen to old white guy's music any more than I listen to their stuff.

Fabian Piedra : I get bored at work a lot and I've started to notice these reaction videos popping up. Not really the Queen reaction, but just reactions in general. They typically have a black guy just getting absolutely hyped for something so minuscule that it gets him 1M views. I tried to understand it, but I'm afraid I never will.

Hangover : What...? a laptop? I consulted Wikipedia and it seems it's some sort of computer but you can move it around and has a screen attached to it... I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly...l-lap-top.

Nick Byrnes : Clearly they didn't see Waynes World in the hood....

The Rest Of Us : “Gus Johnson reacts to black dude reacting to Bohemian Rhapsody”

Megan Carrington : I am from a small Icelandic town Siglufjörður and even I hear of that song!!😂

Matt Sanders : lot of music reactors are super fake

Dustin Wiseman : This isn't even remotely farfetched.... Met plenty of people that aren't aware of even that absolute most famous rock bands of the 70's or 80's. People don't just always grow up on the same culture as everyone else... Walking out in the street of a city you'd almost certainly find lots of young people who have absolutely no clue who Queen is.

Arkan-Ciel : If they dont know Queen, they dont kbow beatles, acdc, red hot chili peppers, nirvana, metallica or even rolling stones, no way...

Versaucey : "I honestly don't even know how to pronounce it, I believe it's a band called Queen?" He's so shocked that he can't even read anymore.

Shitty videos : * spreads arms * what going is on?

luis teissonniere : In all honesty a few of those could be real. I didn't find out about Queen until i was 23, about 4 years ago. So it wouldn't be completely impossible for someone to have not heard of Queen.

Mr. Mango : *reacting to people reacting to bohemian rhapsody by queen*

Lamech Palmer : My Uncle played Bohemian Rhapsody at a family party (my family is like 85% black people) this year, my younger cousins (mostly under 20) had never heard the song before, and didnt know who Queen was. Black people arent exposed the Queen or old rock music the way you would think. These people might not be faking dude.

HitzCritz : "Hey guys, today I'll be reacting to the band Dairy Queen and their song Bo Burnham Rapping in the City for the first time"

MichaelAFK : Please Gus, make a parody of all these videos

Ally Young : This is my favorite video on the internet

wesmatron : A short while ago, it was the same with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon,

Capt. Cutler : It's entirely possible that thousands of black millennials on youtube haven't heard of an opera rock band from the 70s.

RedRiot : EVERYONE -------------------- IS BLACK!

Colgate is better than Supreme : They do it with Pink Floyd especially. Like, everyone's heard Comfortably Numb before

Shantam Sharma : Hello come out of your small bubble, people who don't have english as their first language might not have heard it. No need to freak out.

YaNoAwantoMas : Is it racist to say, I can't understand about 80% of the words black people say? Specially when they're talking with another black person.

Jordan Andrews : *Condescension*

Cyranek : who is this "kwa-een" you speak of ?

トーキョーグール-Uta : This is absolutely hilarious, there's no way you can lie about not knowing about queen

Marcos Vinícius : To be really honest, it is not that hard to believe that people have never heard of Queen. I mean, there are some exaggerated reactions and there are definitely people pretending, but it is very very easy to believe that someone has never heard of Queen or Bohemian Rhapsody. I grew up watching Hannah Montana and everyone I knew knew what the fuck was Hannah Montana, but when I went to college I made a joke about the show to a friend and his reaction was 'What the fuck is Hannah Montana', I was shocked, because Hannah Montana for me was just a huge part of my childhood. He had no idea who Hannah Montana was because he didn't have cable growing up and he had to work as a kid to help his parents. I'm not trying to compare Queen to Hannah Montana, of course, but what I'm saying is: sometimes we have privileges that we don't even realize are privileges, I knew Hannah Montana, I knew Queen, I knew most mainstream cultural stuff because I had internet and time and cable, or whatever the fuck more. It is not that difficult to believe that people who didn't have the same shit I had growing up don't know the things I know.

Avelino Zapanta : I have a friend who is white and she hadn't heard of Queen until this year when the movie came out. She was familiar with songs such as We Will Rock You and We are the Champions but she didn't know they were songs by Queen. Just saying, it's not totally outrageous that some people have never heard of Queen

Tom : To surmise, *EUUERGEURHRGRH*

Slimecicle : Wasn't too sure what you were talking about, but what was that song that kept playing? It sounded really cool!

AmphetSalts : This right here, is a god damn gold mine. Thank god I decided to click on this beautiful gem.

lh9591 : A coworker was playing queen and my boss goes “oh that’s from the new musical that just came out right?” I thought she was making a funny... but she was serious. I made my coworker play “we will rock you” since that song is literally everywhere, especially played at sporting events. Then my boss said they had never been to a hockey game, baseball game , etc. It was confusing to me.

Rhys Aqs : I think it's pronounced QURAN?

Hi, I'm Mach : By the fuckin title I knew what's this about, dude I live almost on the other side of the planet and I heard the song when I was like 4, and last time I checked, I'm not that fuckin old. I don't know what bothers me more, that someone could lie about it or that someone actually hasn't heard it in the 5 decades since it came out.

Kobi ! : Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Rhapsidious?

LetsPlayCrazy : "Huh! This thing is called Psy... and he has done this music video... its called "Gamnag Still". There seem to be some people online who have heard of this song... so lets see what this song is all about!" *10 minutes later* "Okay my friends this was "Gaganagam Styfl". Nice video. Next video, we will be reacting to a trend that I seem to have missed, which was some sort of carzy fade where some people seemed to really enjoy this new game called "Pakimane Gouh" and I'll tell you my thoughts about that!"

Become The Knight : He's just jealous because they have more subscr......oh wait....

r.s.b 1997 : I keep coming here idk I find it really funny lol