Making of the Oompa-Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Making of the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Anonymous Lurker : I hope Deep Roy got paid a hefty amount for this role.

Helix : Keep in mind he was 47 at the time of filming... what a boss.

Loona Army : He’s tired of carrying the entire film on his back

Charlotte Wolff : how have i never seen what tim burton looks like... he looks exactly how you would expect him to look. fantastic.

Captornite : No one: not a single living thing: Oompa-Loompas: OOGA CHAKA OOGA OOGA OOGA CHAKA OOGA OOGA

rathaus ja : Deep Roy played more roles in one film than most actors will do in their entire lives

Tippi : they highkey creeped tf outta me but its amazing to see how much work is actually being put into this

Delilah caro : Deep Roy is the main thing in this movie. Wow. “Deep Roy and the chocolate factory.”

Amber B : I hope that little dude got paid BIG for all that awesome work :)

Freya Guppy : I had no idea how much work went into that. I thought he just did the dance once then they somehow just made copies of him in post. I didn’t know he had to dance as each individual oompa loompa

lisa : we have no choice but to stan the only hardworking oompa loompa

Joe Langley : Imagine how weird that was for deep Roy to see all these tiny figures of himself

Alexis : Omg I hope he got ALL the checks. He’s the real star.

Queen Malon : Why does this only pop up now😂

Emmie B : Who also found this movie very scary

wurly164 : In a way, he was the backbone of this movie

Georgina Thamesford-Belle : No one: Absolutely no one: YouTube: watch making of the oompa loompas

Guernicaman : "I want an Animatronic Deep Roy, Daddy! I want an Animatronic Deep Roy, NOW!" - Veruca Salt

Ebony M : I’ll never look at this movie the same way again. Edit: OMG thank you so much for the likes🥰

Hello Nobody : Who’s here after James Charles scandal

འཇིགས་མེད་ རྣམ་རྒྱལ : So surprised he didn't quit So glad he didn't quit

Starlight Animates : I really love this movie, idk why everyone hates it. It’s better than the original in my opinion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Q tip : 4 years ago: “Not yet” 3 years ago: “no” 2 years ago: “hold” 1 year ago: “hold...” 2019: “it is time”

Rebecca : I've never clicked on a video so quickly

Gabrielle Mann : If someone calls me an Oompa Loompa I will just take it as a compliment

sothathappened : He should have gotten an Oscar! He was the best thing about the movie

SnazzyBoxx : I keep thinking Jane Karen’s voice is Deep Roy’s every time she speaks lol

Missy Blue : I feel high out of my mind watching this

Tess G : Seems like he did the most work

Brennan : This is the only random youtube recommendation I'm not disappointed in

vixen200008 : And I'm sure he could possibly never get paid as much as Johnny Depp

zara !! : the bigger question is wth did they do with all the roy animatronics later???

Ronaldo Carreira : Esse cara tinha de ter ganhado um OSCAR, ele foi incrível trabalhou mais do que o jonhny deep,

sHrEk __ : 5:56 who knew the beginning of clout glasses started here... with Deep Roy 😔✊🏻✌🏻

lysjanvier : i hope they paid Deep for playing more than one role

Nickley _ : Então não existe lupalandia? Minha vida foi uma mentira.

Jorge Zay : 2014:nah..... 2015:nah...... 2016:nah.... 2017:nah.. 2018: nah.. YouTube 2019: WOW, LOOK!! OOMPA-LOOMPAS!!!!

kim Joonie : Como eu vim para aqui??

pumpkin : It was not easy to practice many roles. Every time I watch this movie, I think he is amazing.

Rome Lacuna-Balabbo : 2019 everyone? have respect to this guy


Juliana Elias : Os Oompa-Loompas da F. De chocolate me davam um puta medo, sério

miles gvr : Tim Burton looks and sounds like an older version of David Dobrik. Change my mind. U can't.

Big_Boy_Billy : “A tribe of Deep Roys”

Kah Neves : Resumindo o umpa lumpa trabalhou mais que todos os atores

Voldemort : Dang talk about MOVIE MAGIC!! 🎥

claudio da silva rezende : Pensei qui era o filho da great do Brasil kkkk

r ht : I would've ended up in an asylum if i had to do 50-70 takes for a single scene

Sunflower Edits : I met him at a music festival and I got his autograph