Making of the Oompa-Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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sothathappened : He should have gotten an Oscar! He was the best thing about the movie

wurly164 : In a way, he was the backbone of this movie

འཇིགས་མེད་ རྣམ་རྒྱལ : So surprised he didn't quit So glad he didn't quit

Landon Hood : Imagine working with dozens of tiny anamatronic versions of yourself

Taylin : Why is this showing up now? Lol This is something I've needed in my life WAY before now

lysjanvier : i hope they paid Deep for playing more than one role

Ollie 1415 : I thought just take a picture of him and copy and paste him

Ilove India : I would've ended up in an asylum if i had to do 50-70 takes for a single scene

manel 2007 : Wait. Deep Roy's voice actually sounds like that?!

Andrea Davis : This guy must have gotten paid the most out of ALL the actors.. I mean DAMN...

Ellie : Wtf I thought they were all different people. Edit: when I was a child! Lmao.

Helix : Keep in mind he was 47 at the time of filming... what a boss.

MachadoSwag : Worked more than any other actor, hope he got paid accordingly

Olivia Kline : Imagine the disrespect these actors and everyone who worked THIS hard feels when they say they like the original better and that this one was “meh” like please show some respect! This guy worked so freaking hard! Making animatronics and everything too!

Fade2Black MC : to anyone wondering if they made it worth Depp Roy's time and effort they paid him 1million dollars for it

kateyy abbott : I love the dedication deep Roy put into this! I WANT ONE OF THE ROBOTS THEY MADE!!

Eva O’Connor : GOD deep must be RICH!!😂💵💵

777potaoesareheaven : Why does Tim burton always look and sound high

Tsarevna Hilda : This should also have a ride at Universal Studios.

Guernicaman : "I want an Animatronic Deep Roy, Daddy! I want an Animatronic Deep Roy, NOW!" - Veruca Salt

Billy Smith : It's amazing how they did the Oompa Loompas with one person.

Nolan Tribbie : 7:13 Wakanda Forever

Maya Rivett-Martinez : This is what i find myself watching at 4am damn

2D's blue-ty shorts : I hope this poor guy got paid big time!

Nadia 23452 : This man is the true star of the movie

GoldFishie : Hes not a oompa-loompa he is THE oompa-loompa

claudio da silva rezende : Pensei qui era o filho da great do Brasil kkkk

John Michael : He has the most work load but also least paid among the actors.

Alexander Hamilton : willy wonka you're so darn hot!

Stoney D [GD] : Que buen trabajo el del bronco

Number Number : They needed Tim Burton's unique creative vision to make the Chocolate Factory less whimsical.

Beeb Zainab : Finally a good YouTube recommendation!

Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend : Oompa Loompas scared me when I was a kid

Maria Castilla : This is really impressive! He worked so hard

BZG : I always wondered why they all looked the same. I was always like, “Did they get so many people that looked at him? Did they use special effects? I DONT GET THIS”

Remember Bancroft : I think it's horrible that they took one guy and copied him. this Cuda been work for 30 dwarfs. ruined the remake for me. I liked it otherwise.

RussNo1 : Deep Roy seems like a really cool dude.

sienna lombardo ! : 2018?

capie44 : Cheap bastards. Hire people or give Deep Roy the pay for being replicated.

Tommy : Deep roy is awesome!

leandro perez : Que miedo los robots umpalumpas , infancia destruida en 3,2,1.... TRAUMA

Amanda Schmidt : i am watching that now is charlie and the chocolate factory and I love it

Voldemort : Dang talk about MOVIE MAGIC!! 🎥

Verde Sabre : R.I.P Deep 😢

Original Moana : 2:14 he is holding a ..........

JACK SPARROW : 💜Johnny Depp💙

Anita Diversión : In spanish please :( mi nivel de ingles no es muy bueno :(

FunnybunnySatan Queen : Another day where I look in my recommended and find this. This is the best video I have ever seen 😂

Jared Alvarez : Buen tema te felicito

Lauren Luzier : I saw an article on the interviews off all the cast members. Deep Roy stated that this movie was his least favorite to make because of the amount of work he had to do compared to rest of the cast. He said he enjoyed playing a role that was extremely important to the movie but the amount of filming that he had to take place in and the choreography for each scene was not as fun as he thought. Yes, robots took place of a few filming scenes for him but everything else he did not like.