Disc Golf Putting: One Big Mistake to Avoid When Learning Your Putt
Disc Golf Putting One Big Mistake to Avoid When Learning Your Putt

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Are you figuring out how to putt? Or do you have a putt that's a work in progress? Here's a key insight and a big mistake to avoid. Drop a comment to let me know what I should cover. Hit subscribe! Go buy one of my great Disc Golf t-shirts to help support the channel. Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/disc.golf.jay/ Amazon (with free prime shipping) Basic Tee: http://bit.ly/2OdpsQa Premium Tee: http://a.co/d/cHyguP0 Redbubble Tri-blend and other swag: https://rdbl.co/2KreUul Teepublic Lots of tees and other swag: http://tee.pub/lic/3xMSxLN322A


gcoffey223 : I have compared this to warming up with 4 iron at 75% in ball golf. Everyone laughs and says use a wedge. Well, everyone can hit a wedge but on those days you are warming up on a range before a round and your not striking the ball well with a wedge you start loosing confidence and second guessing or worse making changes... If you start off with a 4 iron and things aren't going well you don't have to worry. Your still loosening up and you understand that probably not supposed to be good with a 4 iron so who cares. If you can hit a 4 iron use a 2 iron or your least favorable club. I think your video makes the most sense and I am going to start warming up at 45 or 50 feet... just under jump put range. Well done and don't I wish I caught that video a long time ago

UGC Crawl : I noticed this exact same thing when I got my practice basket. As I moved farther out, my form went out the window as I tried to add more power. I changed my putting stroke to have predictable power, and now I'm refining it to work at all distances. Great video on something I hadn't thought about during all of those short distance practice sessions. Subscribed.

Andrew Ryan : This is great advice for beginners - I did the same exact thing starting out 2 years ago. I practiced and developed from very short range and moved out from there, seemed logical. Like you, once i got out to around the edge of the circle my putting form simply couldn't get the disc 33ft to the basket without some floaty anhyzer. Dead end.

Hayden Ball : Great vid man!

Frank Capra : Thanks Jay! you are spot on with your evaluation. I have been doing that very thing of starting close to the basket, but then the disc running out of steam when I'm at about 15'. These are some good suggestions and I will employ them as I practice.

Dope Dopamine : You were not using your legs at all to be honest

None Ofurbiz : Your style sucks and most real pros like myself would make Alot more putts and 90% of us putt flat not on a hyzer please don't try to teach anyone