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TEAM MANDY : Omg when you got that first bubble in the balloon I lost it. 😂😂😂

MaryAnn Kincaid : I DO NOT understand how you only have 35K followers. You should be in the MILLIONS. I also don't understand how I just found you. You are hilarious, my wife and I were up to the wee hours watching your videos. You quickly became one of our favorites. Thank you for all the laughs! PS, please come to Vegas!

Jamie Brower : I can’t believe I spent 6:30 watching anyone blow up a balloon! Jear Desus! That celebration dance was fantastic! *snort* 😂😂😂

Monica Haley Loper : Some of them come with pumps 😂 obviously yours didn’t

Kayla Ashmore : I've never been so excited for someone to blow up a balloon. 😂😂😂💜

Lindsay Larkan : When you started flailing around I was like NOOOOO you’re gunna lose the air bubble!!! Sit downnnn! Then I realized I am way too invested in this. Lmao! Love it. 😍

Paulita Quijano : That happy dance! Got me celebrating with you!!

Annie Hendrix : Jear desus!!! What did that guy do to burst a blood vessel IN HIS EYE!!!????!!!!!???!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!

Mollie Baker : I’m sitting in my classroom, waiting for my class to get back from lunch, laughing my butt off. I think the other teachers think I’ve lost me mind. 😂 just wait when I explain to them that I’m laughing at a guy making balloon animals. Then they will really be judging me. 🙈😂

Brendon L : Snakes are easy to make. Also worms.

Laura Maki : I was for some reason trying to help you blow them up😂😂 Laughed so hard I cried! Love it💜💜💜

dani71047 : Yes!!!! I totally requested this on Facebook!!! Second nap 😂😂 🏹🏹 This video is killing me, I'm trying to quiet laugh at work...I failed 😂😂😂🎈🎈🎈 🍆🍆🍆

Jessica Heath : The genuine excitement when you finally figured it out had me dying!!

Celeste Brave : Omg lol you should have got an air pump lol

Jamie Fabel : It's a slingshot! I was so excited when you finally got some air in there! I have never seen anyone blow them without the air pump. You did great!!! 🎉🎈

Britt Cooper : Awwe you made a purple cactus!!!! You did great!

Kyle Quigley : My fiancèe and I have been cracking up ever since we discovered your vlog. Thanks for the laughs, Brandon!

gildedgirl : LOL so much for the dragon. "A" for effort!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

Moxie Star : Oh sweet nessy when you got air into the balloon I happy danced and my dog gave me a look of disapproval.

Claire Green : You always make me laugh so hard xxx sending much love from the UK 😍😍💋💋💋

Shiree Revers : I've been stretching, Greg!

Tana Lee : You poor fellow! There's no shame in not being able to blow up those balloons. Even a lot of pros use inflators, either hand pump or automatic. I was suffering right along with you, as I had the same experience when I tried learning how to tie animals, etc. Good for you on your tenacity, Brandon. : ) Is there a link to something that tells us how you managed to transition from car living to a room? Happy for you!

Celeste Brave : Love the ending of the video you are so hilarious love it lmao

Ashley Bage : I laughed so hard I was in a coughing fit. That celebration dance was everything

Shantina Pritchett : OMG you are so funny. Your happy dance made me laugh so hard I woke up my husband.

Danielle Wood : The victory dance when you managed to get some air in that balloon, omg.

play doh plus : Double neck hernias 🤣 you're killin me

Kelly Woolley : Everyone's BOB somehow on YouTube! Lol dying here!😂😂😂

Natasha Montalban : You're an amazing person 😂😂😂 Its come to a point where, I like ur videos before even watching them because I KNOW they r gunna be fantastic! 💕✨💕✨💕

Baylie C : Almost looks like a slingshot, close to a bow and arrow!?!?

Grace B : We all know what that looks like

Erica Campbell : Jear Desus! I was waiting to see you stretch that balloon and it come back and pop you in the nose. Luckily for you it didn't.

Priscilla Montalvo :

Kimmie Kins : thanks for continuing to make me laugh!! love your videos :)

Chris Gilland Vlogs : and you def have a new sub.... from facebook! dude!!! 100% #bluedragon get it !!!!

eliana varajas : Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me laugh!!!!!!!!!!

tuesday thomas : Who ever thumb down this has no funny bone. Lol this guy makes me cry every time 😂😂❤️

K Lou : You and your vids always make me smile even after a rubbish day! Thank you! <3

Samantha Schumacher : Bahaha love this video

Benita Mckelvey : 😁The pure excitment and joy on your face!!🤩💜 I was all excited for you too!!💜 Its a stick of dynamite!!💥💣😉

laura Hur : your you make my day

Andrew and Xavier Xoxo : 👊🏽😎☕️☕️😎👍🏿

TheKyridgerunner : Lmao... just to cute.!

Rissa : I'm27 too👍

S. Howard : "Sad clarinet" took me OUT! 🤣🤣

Wendy-UK-Crafty-Crochet : LOL,, you so funny :P

Lee Marie : You never fail to make me giggle

HandmadeRS : You look considerably more depressed in this video than in your others but honestly I’m here for it

The Daily Views : hi gays can you hope new cool ch i dream that i will make it like Imbrandonfarris so please do sam hope

Nikki Russell : YAY!!!!!!!!! You got the air into the balloon!!!!!!!!