The Correspondents - Fear & Delight (Official Video)

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Yifera : I'm a big fan of the way this man moves

NinetailfoxG : His looks, accent, classic piano tune and the lyrics. I love that consistent fashion of little old British style

Kayleigh Bartlet : This is one of those songs that appears in your suggestions for no reason for like a month, and curiosity gets the better of you, you finally listen to it and boom - you're addicted. I love this xD

Jonic_P : This might be a stretch but when he says "Your kisses taste like bitter almonds", he might mean they taste like Arsenic (Which are commonly said to taste like Bitter Almonds) which is probably another way of saying the person is a bit poisonous

Twifight Sparkill : I just had this pretty bit of interesting mystery pop up on my suggested YouTube viewing list, and I CANNOT BE MORE DELIGHTED! This is beautiful in every aspect - visual, audible... physical? I turned up the volume! I'm a twisted transistor, if anyone gets the reference. BRAVO!

8-Bit Heart : I may have gotten a tad bit too fond of the spectacled man dancing in a kaleidoscope.

JJ Warner : Is it just me or does this guy look exactly like The Medic?

reknae : jesus christ he is so fabulous

Sterling Fink : Headcanon: This is Cecil performing the weather (and that's Carlos on the little piano).

Caroline Desn : my amazing taste in music brought me here

blondedkiki : I actually think this may be the most potent combination of video and audio I've ever seen.

Ido Keren : Wow. This is a REALLY well done video. I'm not even sure HOW it was done. I am REALLY impressed.

Sidney Labelle : Super cool beat and he's very attractive lol

Nyanko Sensey : Intro] Oh but I know you'll cause me grief Close friends of mine are in disbelief As they can see what's underneath Fluttering lashes, red lips, and pearly white teeth [Verse 1] I don't show it but I quiver whenever you come near And I cannot decipher between the thrill and the fear I want to stop but I like it too much to let it stop here It's wrong but I want you tonight It was not my own volition but I fell in deep By running the distance I'd been advised to keep I trot to the wolf as a doting sheep It's wrong but I want you tonight [Hook x2] Fear and Delight All the way through the night With a little derring-do I'll fall in love with you [Verse 2] I'm a little boy who's going to be getting his fingers burnt But I can see the lesson's gotta gotta gotta be learnt They say that boys have been destroyed but they weren't It's wrong but I want you tonight In any case my friends it's too late Like a moth to light, like a beast to bait And I know the black widow eats its mate It's wrong but I want you tonight

Cody Klews : I bet watching those ocular sections in a VR helmet would trip you out hard because they’re mirrored instead of matching.

Jon Turner : The best song i've heard since sliced bread.

Leanashe23 : Mr. Bruce used Double Team It's Super Effective

Yatniel : I always thought that first part was "Oh, but I know your cosmic greed". As it turns out, it's "Oh but I know you'll cause me grief".

Griffin Files : found this randomly from a Spotify discover weekly, so glad I did :D

Alfred Ashford : Electro Swing radio brought me here. How addictive and so true, huh?

Undead Will : So what kind of music is this? This sort of jazzy dark electrolytic melody of madness? Its wrong but I want it tonight

lightningbro : Found "The Correspondents" through Google Music, good god, Eminem might call himself the "Rap god" but he's never met this guy! And the music is just as amazing! You two are my new Music duo obsession since Daft Punk!

Jake Young : Amazing bit of luck discovering you in Brighton on Halloween this year!  SPECTACULAR performer, with equally brilliant music - easily one of my instant new favorite artists. 

William Cody : So this just popped up as a suggested video. I've now listened to it 20 times, and made 5 people listen to it... I love electro-swing. Maybe YouTube suggested this because of how much I listen to Caravan Palace...? Wish I knew about this years ago. I'd be a much happier person.

Theodore Beckenbauer : Why is a homophobic ad playing smh

AdventureThroughLife : This song is about bondage play.

σƚαƙυ_ϙυҽҽɳ : the editing skills dang....

Dana D : He's gorgeous.

Gabriel Falkner : This video is incredible and I can't put it on when I'm doing other things because then I'll just drop that and watch this.

Doctor Zed : Why are songs about giving into addiction always so good

h3wlett : Like a gay hipster's acid trip.

An Idiot : The bass drops as low as my grades

Split Film Productions : Youtube autoplay strikes again! Love it

Christopher C. Cooper : I will never understand how a video like this that is original and entertaining as well as unique still gets so many dislikes. 129 people out there are like, "Screw this! I hate fun!" Down-thumbie icon thing! That will show them!

Micah O'Keiley : Lovely song and absolutely incredible video! Great work!!

Mid-Loaf Crisis : You think the video is good... Check them live, they will completely smoke you

BandGeek1975 : I like this song because when I was in seventh grade, I snuck out of church to go on a date with my then boyfriend. He showed me this song, and we're still best friends to this day. :) Good times

Chamara Naveen : Awesome video + song!  Cool practical effects with VFX :)

ColinFox : Fan-fucking-tastic! really looking forward to the album!

Helen Hancock : Marvellous technique on camera, fabulous tune, as always x

John Sessoms : Very Talking Heads.

Oky : Another end of electroswing... And its bloody amazing.

FLAiR : I can't believe Crims has been axed

Moth Girl : he looks like he should be a mad scientist from the 1950s

Matthew Taylor : It's fun how a high percentage of the people here are because of the technical aspect of this video, but the music is good too :)

Blake Bushman : This has been up for 5 years. Still a Bop

trinity. aka.batman : "Your kisses taste like bitter almonds," cyanide. He's referring to cyanide.

Erwin Thomas : 1:44 - 2:03 is the ABSOLUTE BEST PART

RollGood live : Снято интересно, но песня не очень, появляется вопрос: Что я только что посмотрел?

Gruszka. a : 1:44 - I'm in love ! <3