Meet The Parents | House M.D.

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Black Tim Howard : I feel like most of the times House really zings Wilson, Wilson tries to turn it back out of spite and never really pulls it off

Ryvucz : For some reason, I was expecting to hear some shouting "Private Pyle!"

Yaser Alali : I've been watching these videos in increasing amount without subscribing ever since I found this channel a year ago. It's a little experiment to see when I will draw the line. Edit: That line was today XD

Lucky ASMR : Rest In Peace.

fatboyRAY24 : RIP R Lee Ermey

DrownedGod : ".. The insane moral compass that won't let you lie to anyone about anything. It's a great quality for boy scouts and police witnesses.. .. Crappy quality for a dad." And then in S08, he goes: House: I never liked your friend… my father. Thomas: Well, he could be a bit intense at times. House: But unlike you, I did respect him. Complicated relationships. One of the many reasons why this show is always gonna be loved by me. At one moment, the characters would be hilarious with jokes and sarcasms, and then a few scenes later, the darkness just sets in effectively.

ChakraX2 : House looks older then his parents, shit.

ButlerWho : I'm surprised they didn't continue the Holmes parallels by giving House a brother. Could have made him a brilliant hedge fund manager, just as smart as House but everything he hates.

Roey Zon : House's mom is... Hilary Clinton???

Myles Hoglund : Having Cornel Hartman as his dad is something. I honestly can’t tell if it’s funny or not.

Caleb Begly : This was the episode that tipped me off that the actor that plays House is not american - when he says "Newark"

benjee : R LEE ERMY!

Royanne Ramos : Cameron just loves drama and is always the one to put her nose in other people's business which is something I really despised about her. She was attracted to people like House because she saw he was "damaged" and ugh girl please

Beard Dirt : OMFG ITS R. LEE ERMEY!!!

ssi1991 : The role is only small, but Ermey is decent acting as House's father!

KillTyrant : Haha Wilson was such a good counter balance to house.

Alexander Thomas Wilson : I just finished season 6 finale, it broke my heart. House 😢😢😭

dandini0698 : I think nobody else would have pulled off being House's dad. I mean how many actors are there that would convince us that house was genuinely intimidated by.

Wandering Wraith : R Lee Ermey just died yesterday sad to see him.

bel pet : Ahh parents not believing in their children's disability

keraaa : Holy shit, i knew someone was familiar..

Zach Sorrell : This is my rifle... This is my gun..

Siegram Akito : huh so this is why house ended up the way he is....his dad made him pretty depressed throughout his life

GazubaGames : Didn't realise R Lee Ermy plays the father role. Excellent actor.

ea0529 : R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey

Sei lá : SGT. Hartman is Alive! 😂

Bert Halloway : I will never get tired of house. Wish they would of not have taken it off the air

kimberly s : his dad got shot in full metal jacket

Sara Zonana : Its funny how House shows right when he sees his parents what he said to Cameron. That he did love his mother but hatted his father

Hannibal Lecter : Rip R. Lee Ermy


devon falk : Rip gunnery Sgt ermy

Jacob Alred : Holy Jesus, WHO IS THAT??!?! WHO DAFUQ IS THAT!!!?!?!? I honestly didn't know he was in the show. RIP, Lee.

Tony Sexton : RIP R. Lee Ermy

Hispanic!AtTheDisco : RIP Gunny.

catdogs king : Did they have him when they where 8

CeeKay Le cuck : .

Pumpkin : That Australian dude is so hot. :D

Michael Johnston : SGT Hartman is House's Dad! Great.

JamesUnchained : R.I.P.

Chase : Rip Gunny.

GazubaGames : RIP Gunny

Linc maladink : Who else misses House

david ramos : Oh Shit GUNNY is House’s Dad!!!!!!!! R.I.P

jake kiene : Rip the gunnery :(

mocha zocha : Rip r lee ermery

Handsome Man : @6:40 since when doctors wear heels 👠 lol..its like the writers of this show never been to a hospital

Orestis Constantinou : Why does House remind me of Dr Strange?

sonnetto : R.I.P R. Lee Ermy.

Dimitroz96 : I miss this show so much..