The Nintendo character with zero Google results
The Nintendo character with zero Google results

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Dexxus : Creepypasta? Nah. Wholesomepasta.

Speengbill Scorpants : Damn it, NOW akinator knows everyone.

JacobTheMoo : You started a giant fanbase from a character who previously had no search results and for that I say: 👏

Newby Ton : Pappy Van Poodle is like a super secret DLC that was too secret, nobody knew he existed

Science Alliance : Me: googles "Pappy Van Poodle" literally just 4 days after this video was made Google: About 167 000 results (0,33 seconds) Also enjoyed the vid. All the results looked like they were only 1-4 days old, so 11/10

Ryan Andersen : Pappy Van Poodle now has a subreddit you should be very proud

cc12_ : I swear i felt this whole video like it was a creepypasta _and now i'm crying._

Some random lonely dweeb : you literally caused the results tp increase to over 65k atm if thats not a milestone then idk what is lmao

MicManGuy : 4 days later: "15,300 results" Wow. That was fast!

SoupaJaggah : You found a Nintendo character before anyone, congratz!

Damalycus : Your tombstone will say "He discovered pappy van poodle" You'll never outdo it, why even live?

Sam Miller : Dude, because of YOUR video, in 4 days, there's 16,500 results. THE WORLD NOW KNOWS ABOUT PAPPY

GloomyWolf LTU : Yay it worked i tiped in "papp" and the FIRST result was HIM!😀😀😀😀😀

Maple Man 69 : Just saying there's over 80,600 search results since the making of this video. Nick you have just made history can't wait to learn about you in class

Kyal Patel : Now this is what's known as a "game before EA"

Dav Edward : It's May 18, 2019 and there is already 10,600 Google results now and counting. I do believe you were successful.

FUCK T-SERIES! : Pappy van Poodle is now searchable because of your epic video

IceSage : Thank you so much for spreading the word!

FZone96 : Google literally blew up in the last couple of days/hours with results for Pappy Van Poodle

Rebtorias The Great : *May 20 now since May 15* *search him up, see results* He exist now congrats Nick Robinson you made someone exist

Game 0ver Girl : now all the game news sites are saying "WE FOUND THE SECRET DOG"

Avery Nelson : Wow, clickbaity title 100% delivers, absolutely no bamboozle, excellent video, 5 stars

Xx DanTheMan16 : When I got this video it was like 75k now it's almost 1mil. Awesome community guys. We saved Pappy Van Poodle.

Hidbid : **searches up pappy van poodle** **sees article with this video on it** GODDAMMIT!

Soapy Foten : >4 days later you get plenty of google results for him thank you for saving Pappy Van Poodle form being forgotten to time.

Harrison Lane : Pappy Van Poodle is now a GoogleWhack, a search with only one result on Google. Congratulations on this achievement.

Wes The Gamer : This is so cool. Thank you for finding this completely undocumented Nintendo character and sharing him with the world.

KamuiLyn : Man, you single-handedly brought this character back from the void

Seamus Emery : I subbed when I saw the community you started

Sorenmine : it's so fun to go through the google image search that EVERY single image has that little bar where it say [6-1 days ago]

Siddhayak Goyal : Nick: *finds a character who's been hidden for years* News Outlets: *SO WE DISCOVERED A SECRET NINTENDO CHARACTER*

Winter Duhlphin : Me: **Searches Pappy Van Poodle** Also me: **Gets thousands of results**

Frowoppy : I really want to play this game now. Aye! Pappy Van Poodle finally has his own Wiki!

Handsomenala : Congrats! there's now 7 pages of "pappy van poodle" on google! Would you like to pay to see them? - Reconsider - Buy now 2019-05-20

TheSBoi 520 : Damn, this deserves way more views, this is a really interesting topic!

Ghost RC : pappy van poodle was added on Nintendo Life just 30 minutes ago

Mark bros : I think that this character needs even more love than wahlugina

Travis Smith : 2019 Pappy Van Poodle About 76,200 results (0.68 seconds) You have put him on Google Nick thank you

That Weird Kid : Nick: Pappy Van Poodle is a thing! Ronald Raegen: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got ‘em!

SkyTangerine :D : You made people consider Pappy Van Poodle for Smash 🤐

Alphon YT : Me: searches pappy van poodle Google: shows results Me: I am so proud of this community

Kwiiten :/ : This video: **exists** Rule 34:its free real state

AlexPlayz : Nick: "Defibulators please" *Makes a video about Van poodle* Nick: "CLEAR!"

Zanybandz : I have seen pappy before. The design looks really familiar to me.

tryhard 007 : This seems like a small game But the story I guess you can say is kinda dark *I Like It*

MidnightReala : It's Official. May 15th of every year from this point onward will be national pappy van poodle recognition day

ᴏᴀᴋᴡᴏᴏᴅᴘɪɴᴇ : This video actually inspired people to make wikis and fandom entries!! Great work!

Shining Silvally : Thankfully, he's been revived online. Welcome to the mainstream, Pappy Van Poodle.

Bob The Bone Boy : Don't Starve Together's generous skin system also has light patterns, humble af, well done Klei.