Saxophone Quartet: Mii Channel Theme

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catriona. cm : "Wow that was really impressive wonder how long it took to-" **guys dabs** "What a horrible piece and quartet honestly just garbage"

Let's eat Grandpa : This song can really make Mii sleep properly

Ben'Jammin : constructive criticism: Work on playing rhythm in sync with each other and don't be afraid to be a bit more confident in your parts as a whole. other than that, phenomenal work guys :)

Natalie Magee : *life changing*

kylie : This is the quality content I am looking for.

Barbie Girl : this is art.

Sophia Wilson : Ok but this is actually kinda catchy 😂

Emma The Dilemma : Alright, which of the four of them came up with this idea? Like seriously, I need to know, I want to give them an award. All of them actually. All the awards.

I V A N : i only listen to real music

Iris L : What are band kids Like? Me: Uhm. Well...

Pikapetey Animations : Noce

Grimm Ghost : *Mii* likey.

Hila H : *ya like jazz?*

FunglyOfTheMushrooms : You can tell that the guy who was wiggling his eyebrows the whole time was the one to come up with this idea. 😂😂

Snakeeyes Ethanolus : Top 10 Anime Theme Songs

Justin Adams : This makes mii smile I expected atleast 10 likes lmao

Deleted : No joke the band director showed this in class lol

Ricky Gonzalez : Better than Gucci gang

koopa12345678910 : Did I just smoke wiid?

Elise Bourgoignie : Aaaand in the playlist it goes

Danny C : I came here from daily dose of Internet who else?

Rusty Shackleford : 0:35 sounds like this song that goes “Me importas tu y solamente tu”

Reap WILLhistory : Who came from Daily Dose of Internet? :D

3itch Lasagna : This gave mii a new reason to live.

yeeyee : You better use your wii strap on your controller

G-Money : Holding back tears...

Brooklyn Chaz : Me: yo pass the aux cord Friend: you better not play trash Me:

MaxK2 : All of this makes mii happy!

NOV Thoric : Your On Daily Dose Of Internet 👏👌

Kn : Kool kids *Oof*

Rennify : kill *mii*

Lindsey T. : Can wii buy it on iTunes?

Jordan Guy : It really do be like that sometimes

Ahmani Jordan : It's Acually the Wii Theme not the Mii Theme

EggsAreHuge _ RllyHuge : Me: Yo pass the aux cord Friend: U better not play trash Me: *Satoru jumps out of his grave and whips the living shit out of him*

Nanaya Fox : *God has joined the match*

îtš.løñdøñ düh : This video needs more Attention

The Mushy Potato : Name your child Mimi, but spell it MiiMii This will secure their future

SarahCillo : This is music to mii ears.

The Fox Shepard : Sheet music???

Sun Dude : Hey, that's pretty good

YourAverageWeaboo •-• : I’m very disappointed I didn't watch this earlier

23bigtimerush : This is amazing. :D

Tyler Potucek : I can’t wait to Miit these guys.... I’m sorry

Nate Thomas : Mii gusta!

Arod9571 : These men are gods

_Bob McCoy : *This is my Daily Dose of Internet*

LauraJune : Marry me

Spindan : It ain't mii right? But if you Lisa-n closely, you get a pretty nice song!

Yju99 : Somebody once told mii the world was gonna roll mii