Where in the world is it easiest to get rich? | Harald Eia | TEDxOslo
Where in the world is it easiest to get rich TEDxOslo Its not in the US

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In which society is it easiest to get rich? Contrary to common belief, it is not countries like the US or the UK that create the highest number of rich people per capita, but Nordic social democracies like Norway and Sweden. Counter intuitive as it may sound, high taxes, generous welfare states and strong unions makes a better environment for the people who wants to earn huge amounts of money, than free markets, low taxes, and minimal government intervention. Harald Eia is a trained sociologist who works in television with comedy and documentaries. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


Dave 2D : camera man perving out at 10:36

Lucas Rodmo : He forgot the government efficiency. Brazilian government huge taxes and nothing comes back to population in terms of education, Health or anything else

Skeptic2006 : Joe Rogan should invite this guy and Peter Schiff on his podcast, smoke a blunt and just watch them go at it

radiogaga24 : I am not sure the cause and effect follow...it might be interesting to think about the impact immigration might have on Scandinavian societies...I doubt if the system would survive high immigration from Asia / Africa

Sandroinorge : Norway's national oil savings is at : 1 117 125 264 319 USD No kidding. Norway is saving 96% of its yearly profit from the oil. The rest goes to the national budget.

Rokas S : I'd say it's "Here in my garage"

Thumbs Cramp Gaming : Just invest in wakanda’s vibranium.

ZigZagPower : Im danish, i got kinda sad in the beginning, until he revealed that we're top 5 xD

liopleurodon 155 : 5:00 Well, how can I know if I have a chance if I'm born in one of the countries he excluded...

David Whyham : Norway people are the nicest, respectful people in the entire world. Extremely well educated, peace loving people, polite, ...... Scandinavians equals top list of very civilized people. And they rank the top of Cyber security moving over there :) love to live surrounded by good very civilized people

Fred LPunkt : Can someone tell me what the famous bird of Immanuel Kant is he is talking about?

Eric Roye : Small homogeneous countries are different than large counties?!!!! We can cherry pick parts the United States that are better than Scandinavia this unhelpful. It does prove that sociology is not a real science.

sexy squidward : Where tf did this guy go. I've been using chips cards for ever and no body works in bathrooms unless its fantasy

AFRICA MUST BE SAVED : Africa has failed to develop, because Africans are not united among other reasons. Africans are good at admiring other continents or countries and not learn from them. Africans are comfortably living the shadow of life, because reality is just too hard a challenge to them, self pity makes Africa lose its value. Africa is so much afraid of the truth. Africa is not convinced that her education standard as failed her, or may be Africa is the one that as failed to apply correctly her education. Africa is not economically independent and will remain so as long as she thinks that their is nothing within her but their is something out side her. Africa increases her chances to be used because she loves to beg for anything and anyhow. Africa dies fast than its sore called development. maclenny ( youth representative)

WestRoxburyGuy : It's a good talk and I understand your points, but the conclusions you draw don't necessarily follow from the data. The fact that the Scandinavian countries have more rich people per capita than the U.S. doesn't tell us that it's because of their governments' policies. There may be other factors. Maybe people in Scandinavia are, on average, more motivated, more industrious, smarter, more cooperative, or have other advantages. I'm not saying we know that for sure, but it's unclear from your talk whether you can really attribute the wealth of these countries to government policies.

Philip Buckley : you have to hit the ground..running..this is too slow...

Paul Makinson : "Because of the social net, people are lazy and I cannot get rich!". Kinda shows that you get rich by making other people work.

Focux : Scandinavian countries aren't welfare states...

red watch : set speed to 1.5

Reezy : I'm curious to know the proportion of people that went from "riches to rags" in various countries, think that would also be an interesting indicator of social mobility.

Pendar Shahbazi : Amazing. Thank you so much

AeroMatter : To be a billionaire in Scandinavia is to do business in the US, bank in the Cayman islands, and lobby in protectionist Europe. It doesn't matter where they live or where they come from.

Razeranton : so i should basically stay and finish my degree here in sweden and then move to america and get a job there?

Alexander N : This talk is what happens when you have data but don't have the logical thinking necessary to interpret it soundly.

Aaron Silver-Pell : my sympathies are not always with the rich because sometimes they get rich through scummy means, but the ones who are industrious really do have to work much, much harder.

Cristal Hsin Yee Kua : Thank you. U speak well.

David Mayer : Brilliant (and hilarious)! Wish every politician would heed its message.

UGSETH2 : 13:43 "Men(but) they had it all wrong" haha

pink lake. : Great speech. Funny, understandable, informative. Thanks

Haneywood : Winter in Scandinavia should be factored in to the calculations. Sunshine and warmth have to be worth something.

xl : on Youtube, breaking plates or something

smallbluemachine : Investing in people! This is outrageous and I'm not paying for it! If my servants can't read, they can't overthrow my authority.

Nivesh Proag : 10:35 made me feel I was caught staring

Anza Borrego : Serious topic, presented with a good touch of humor = a classic !! ...still good to watch two years later

G dubb : Well said. super presentation

Space Catboy : scandinavia is getting rich off the oil from the sea,

meygaag kabacalaf : Amazing Amazing Guy with a lot of sense of humour and very informative.Thanks you Scandinavian Man.

particle1988 : So as an engineer, I should move to the US.

Mister M : Luxembourg and Norway

Vana Papagianni : Excellent! Scandinavia, the place to be. I can see why America holds itself back economically. It is a must to watch

Oboy Phan : Visited Norway STATE holmen brygge

Anurt Ashmeda : No muricas arer allowed here in scandinavia!

IR FAN : Well go to 🇵🇰 and get the skills of corruption u ll be rich soon.

Richard Smith : I gave him a like for having a good sense of humor.

Red Cherry : Artificial intelligence is moving fast. Everybody's is in the market to Get a slice of the pie. Old jobs are being phased out. 😀🐕

Christoffer Engström : Hehe, when the camera man is stalking someone in the audience and his kamera goes live... 10:39

Jeph Daniel Mendiola : Nice video very educational But I think you forgot to factor out the relative cost of living on country per country basis you may have the same net worth in $ but its purchasing power would have mean more or differently in various countries

menelik michael : i love wisdom wrapped in humor. Nice presentation and thanks for sharing

Xocoyotzin Vázquez : I know in the pics there's a "source" quote, but, does some one know where to look for a mor un depth interpretation and data itself?