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Knights Armament : Well, that's a shadow ban if I've ever seen one. Yikes...

PSA Sitch : Not surprising. I don't know why Farrakhan gets this special treatment. My video on him got struck down for hate speech because I dared to play clips of him saying bigoted stuff... that I found on Youtube. Google needs some more (((CONTROL))) I guess.

Andrewik : What was the saying? "First they came for Alex Jones"?

Uncle Omurice : YouTube allows a black man to be racist to Jews but criticizing said black man warrants a shadow ban? And the left calls us antisemitic.

Spazzboy911 : "Anti-semitism is bad" "Sure!" "Even when it's a black man wh-" *shadowbanned*

Aberrant Pegasus : I have a sneaking suspicion that when YouTube went down for a little while, that they added a few nefarious features. I'm calling it now.

JNC WrathOfTheTorva : i wouldn't have known this video existed wow

Orphan Red : This explains whey YouTube went "down" the other day. Everything was there but the videos themselves. They were clearly implementing this new video-hiding feature, but it chose all videos to hide, rather than just the ones the oppressors-of-the-free-thinkers wanted hidden.

Name McNamey : When this doesn't work they will start full shadow bans on whole accounts

Morgoth Penguin : As an individualist you're being censored by a collective who you can't even name. This is why individualism fails. The very platform upon which you're promoting individualism is censored according the wishes of the ADL. Cast the net further, include central banks, Hollywood and the entire media, politics law and the intellectual life of the West and you'll see the same collective behaving the same way.

David Cartland : Oddly enough, That video was first on my recommended list, complete with no thumbnail, But I didnt get a notification for it... Havent checked if it shows on the thinkery page, but just adding to the info pile... Youtube is even terrible at shadow banning it seems... Ill go back and share it to the other silicon valley megoliths though , maybe thatll help /S ....(It wont its a collusive monopoly)

18kss 2.0 : Yup I can't see it either... let the censorship begin

uummmnocoolnames : I'm so sorry Sargon, it had to be your video on anti-Semitic black people. That video topic had a very low survival probability. Elegant proof of Artificial Intelligence algorithms isn't it. You don't approve? Well too bad, we're in this for the freedom of speech boys and girls. It's simple infrastructure, and they have more.

JZ Squared : The left loves Louis Farrakhan and his hateful bigotry

Meteor Johnson : New algorithms are kicking in man. Just need to adapt to combat the new AI.

Pig Benis : Termite implies that they do the work themselves and not using subversion, nepotism, debt, bribery, corruption, feminism, brainwashing and infiltrations to steal taxpayers money to build their desert ethnostate while simultaneously trying to genocide/multiculturize said taxpayers in their own country.

France Jones-Smith : *Libertarians cannot have a problem with this type of behaviour where it is engaged in by private firms and stay intellectually consistent with their ideology.*

Struggle Bus : Holy shit, he's right. I can search the video and find it, just not through the thinkery

Abdul Alhaz : Condemning antisemitism is now a shadow bannable offense. Thanks Youtube.

Zerimor 6ren : This is why YouTube was down a few days ago, new algorithms to stop the wrong think.

Onepicbanana : I guess I'll start checking the community section for your videos now.

Haartiee TRUE : IDEA TO COMBAT THIS Step 1: Post the video Step 2: If shadowbanned post a new video of 5-10 seconds, with a link to the original in the description, and tell people to go to the link Step 3: ??? Step 4: profit

Xalxitz : How is this just "soft" censorship?

Hunter : I'm not sure if this is shadow banning, I think this is a bug. Delete the video from the creator studio then re-upload it.

Das Carlin : So should we start doing something about this? Other than hit their wallets what can we do? What's the progress on that YouTube alternative?

PatchCornAdams723 : Lois Farrakhan sounds BASED and REDPILLED and I guess I am a black nationalists now! Wtf!!

Tsitzel : “The good censor”

Ruddy Relent : After checking this vid, went back to YT home page, and the banned video was on in recommended... without a thumbnail.

TURTLE HIMSELF : We need to destroy silicon valley,before they will destroy us.

Minarchist1973 : You must channel your inner Super Saiyan like one Alex Emerick Jones did 6 yrs in order to beat the algorithm

Unzahlige : Its a bug, I've seen this shit on several (unrelated) videos before.

SoMuchFacepalm : The beginning of the end... of YouTube being privately owned.😈🙄😒

Thomas Holleman : It doesn't even show up in the RSS feed! I thought I was being clever by going around YouTube's subscription feed and using a RSS reader instead.

Sir Wojak IV : That's not 'soft' censorship, it's straight-up Soviet Union/China type censorship.

Hirato Kirata : And this is why I've been downloading every single one of your videos, just in case we lose an entire treasure trove like we did when they took down The New Memedia...

Buncy The Frog : For completeness of information, it's also not showing up on the RSS feed of your channel.

Stewart Mcleod : You tube know best! They decide what we can watch because they are wise and good!

GOOGLE TAQIYYA : "...only the Shadow knows..." . Shadow Bands play their best gigs in cloudless bright daylight. Sharper edge.

Luis Alvarez : We need to create an AI that shoots NPCs on sight.

Barrow Run : You know your notifications bell doesn’t work either right?

Talus Tanat : How long until it gets smart enough to shadowban the word shadowbanned?

Jonas_Ravenholt : Huh, I see what you mean. I got no notification about this video

Gaz Matic : YouTube autobans chats and auto donates superchats. Also autodelete comments. Their censorship is Goebbels level

righthere27 : Just saw it in my notifications after 32 min and about 7.2K views.

Bigslam1993 : "We have to be a bit more careful about the title of our videos" again? Whats the "we have to be more careful" counter now?

Mobius : Change the title and reupload?

L Fitzpal : Your video showed up on my notifications list. I'm in Canada.

Aurex : "We are the NPCs. Lower your self-esteem and surrender your identity. We will not add your intellectual and social distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance might be futile.

Frank Lugo : Erased..... from existence......

NoRace : My whole channel was shadow banned