KDOG - Swervin N Dippen

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Kaden Haslem : The Riff Raff that didn't get famous.

kados : those iowegians are so gangsta

Bigoo Studio : A new theme song for Davenport.

Dwyer and-Michaels : This is mah jam!

Jessica Simpson : This song makes me squirt every time I listen to it. 

Wayne Lyter : Dat unicykill doe. KDOG!

Mike Day : So did Bun B jack this off you 

Kendal Saint : oh friends called me kdog cause iliked to rap

KdrickyGG : I been Kdog scince 2nd when my step dad started calling me Kdog

Kendal Saint : stole mine i been kdog since 3rd grade

KdrickyGG : Stole my name 0.0

drakelover453 : That jumpsuit tho

senior smiff : A fuckin unicycle! Now that hood!

Frrizzee : Thuglife.

peter griffiths : That's a funny vid boats and hoes spring to mind

Bullseye Bob-E : That jumpsuit though. swag.

eweese2010 : Marry me

Aaron Clark : This shit is legit. Puttin' it down for the D. Check out my shit if you get a chance.

The40ozProphet : this is fucking hilarious, kdog you inspire me to laugh harder than ever...i cant get this shit out my head

Jessica VanSlyke : Those beautiful dreads.

Delilah2685 : The dog in the sunglasses must be some kind of obedient, well-trained genius

deez jones : Dude this is legit. Do I hear a D-Lo sample?

James Wadkins : haha as long as this is a joke, then awesome

mikeymartinez1 : I wish I had a time machine because of this song so I can go back and lose my virginity to this ill ass shot KDOG

Nick S : My new anthem - this is gonna be stuck in my head for a long time.

standardbyker63 : Ha!

Joyce Godwin Grubbs : Great special effects; love the hair.