What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?
What if English were phonetically consistent

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please stop : Me, at the beginning of this video: what’s with the captions? Me, halfway through the video: oh okay, I see

Ben Blassingame : Half the time, it just sounds like he’s speaking in a Scottish accent.

Ellie Gilmour : I’m Scottish and this honestly sounds what i sound like butchering a Jamaican accent 😂

Aleqs Gecko : Me: Speaks English Friend: WoW wHat lanGuAge is thAT? Me: *evily smiles*

Luise Naa : There's a Scott, a German and a Frenchman. Who do you want to be? Aaron: *YES*

Zninja 1162 : For a second I thought you had an accent that I didn't notice at first, then I realized what you were doing 😆 Also, mad respect. I can barely speak English as it is. You basically learned a new language just for this video. 👍

sarah lynn : this makes me appreciate everyone who learned english as a second language round of applause to you all

Keeping Up With Core 3 : "this vow-eel can produce-ee these-ee sounds"

Anton Renfors : I want to see the script for this video. The spelling towards the end must be an absolute brain meltdown

Mauri Mendes : Sounds like a Scottish pirate lived in Jamaica for a couple of years and retired to Ireland to become a poet.

Ch1l1C0nCarnag3 : and in one video, you've learned why so many foreign speakers struggle with English. It's not the words, it's the phonetics.

koopaflower : Imagine listening to this while high or on drugs in general QUICK SOMEONE TRY IT IM NOT A SMOKER

Joe 2.0 : It gets progressively less comprehensible as it goes on and it made me laugh.

Rebecca Alderstorm : He sounds like if an Italian and a French tried to have a conversation in English, both not knowing the language

Goldmegaman1000 : This sounds like an irishman who speaks French trying to learn German

Mar : Welcome back to another episode of " Why is this in my recommendations? "

*Frnkn shw : Actually this is kinda what at least three of my English teachers sounded like in Mexico

Colin Hirschberg : This video sounded surreal. It felt like I was suffering from a stroke that distorted my perception of the sounds of words.

AlaskaM00se : my sister's name is Ayla but no one she has met has ever been able to pronounce her name except for kindergarteners who learned to sound things out

Beautiful leaves : I got confused midway through, I was like wait what happened to his voice...ohhhhh

John Wheeler : The English language is in fact WORD MAGICK , this is known by dark occultists and high satanic priests , you are actually casting mini spells every time you speak. search for 'Word Magick' and educate yourselves on your enslavement, please notify everyone else on the plantation.

Leo L.J. : 1:26 ''Likey“... me likey likey likey, me likey likey likey, dugeun dugeun dugeun... heart heart😅😂👍

Bruno Duarte : How many takes were needed to complete this video?

churcho : you know when you see a video in your recommendation and you're like "wow that seems really boring" but you regret saying it a minute into the video

Jeff Couture : “Pro-non-see-awe-shuns”. Also this hurts my brain. I feel like something broke

John Derat : Me: Speak with english accent dude: *american accent* Me: I said the real english ! dude: *english accent* Me: I SAID THE REAL ENGLISH GODDAMNIT !! dude: 2:34 Me: Perfection.


Fantasic Fables : Teach me how to talk like this so I can confuse people. 👌👍😂

MARS : I just think of the fella cutting the giant gummy rat

kabenitezguy : Sounds like a Scottish person speaking Germ-glish who has lived in Jamica for the last couple of years

TheAngelic Emerald : Omfg I got so confused halfway through like WHWHHSHSHSHS

White mage : right when i was getting use to understanding spoken english i found your video and respawned at the beginning of the level

BLACK HAT : Americans tend to do this. I was discussing the Sikh people with an American and he corrected me saying, Don't you mean the Sick-hers LOL

Jackie Wacky : He sounds like he’s trying to talk like Kermit😂😂

Marissa Hultman : This sounds like sim characters talking to themselves

jerry lim : by 2:30, I think he just gave up reading the script and decided it was time to summon satan.

infideldog13 : This is genius - must have been so hard to be consistent with the same variations of each sound. This helped explain some foreigners' accents too! And I picked up on something: does 'calamity' have a direct opposing meaning to 'calm'?

Roshan Hemrom : Open subtitles for this video to auto generated English 😂😅

Caine Alexander-McCord : You get a thumbs down for the robod, Aaron. Next time, do the voiceover yourself.

Bam Bam : U just accidentally summoned a dragon with that Shakespeare's quote

Globe Forever : Can I ask about the pronunciation of your name? I have members of my family named Aaron always pronounced Aeron as in Elvis Aaron Presleys name and yet all characters on t.v. etc named Aaron it is pronounced Aron, it just sounds wrong?

HighlandRocket : sounds like a Spanish lad, trying to speak English

Linnea Marie : I sometimes feel like im the only swede that actually speaks english like im fully american (im half swedish half Norwegian) and no teachers teach me anything, infact i teach them because they make mistakes and i correct them lol

DrDomich : You've confused pronunciation and writing. You're not supposed to change pronunciation, just writing. So this whole video, while fun, has completely missed it's mark. Edit - for example, that first sentence in the video could be written in a phonetically consistent way - kinda like this: Tho ay kofed rafly end hykapd thruaut th lekchr, ay styl thot ay kud plou thru th rest ov yt This is just a quick attempt If you'd be serious about it, you'd change the sound "th" into a completely new singular letter - like Ø for example. So: Øo ay kofed rafly end hykapd øruaut ø lekchr, ay styl øot ay kud plou øru ø rest ov yt But, also, because "th" doesn't sound always the same - you'd need to introduce one more letter. let's use this one: ț. Øo ay kofed rafly end hykapd țruaut ø lekchr, ay styl țot ay kud plou țru ø rest ov yt

Joshua Franklin : How was this only four minutes, I feel like i had a stroke.

Justin Mullinix : Holy shit. Everything I knew about english is wrong.

MyHeartOfBillie : Towards the beginning of the video i didn't realise he was already implementing the sounds... i just thought he pronounced things very weirdly haha

Yamel Camel : I feel bad for those learning English. I know your struggle, I’m half fluent in French but I still have horrible pronunciation

Dalton Cunningham : Of course, that must be how LOTR elvish was made