What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?

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Zaxor Von Skyler : Your accent went from Canadian to asian to irish!

Not your grandma : OMG! That at times sounded german, irish, scottish, jamaican, wow! incredible video.


Sun Li : Just use Latin if you can't get rid of the Latin vocabs.

Eric Turner : I can't pinpoint exactly when, but at some point I had to rely on the subtitles.

Josh : We got bananies and avocadies

Petteri Ollila : whot if inglish weer speld konsistent?

Thomas Duke 2003 : Rip auto generated captions lol.

Scott Raynor : Sounds like a cross between sims and Gaelic.

Josh Foulkes : Sounds like a SIMS character

Elzeta : I tried to copy him and I ended hurting myself

Eva Garcia : And that's why Spanish pronunciation is easier to learn *Consistency*

Pim : It sounds like the guy that was dissecting the gummy rat.

KaiserXionTV : You went from regular English to sounding like "runforthecube"

David Shlenskiy : Mercedes has 3 letter “e”s, which all sound different.

Awkward : Sounds like a whole different language. Wow

Benjamin Robledo : *Next video: What if people texted with proper grammar.*

Michael Dodd : My neighbour is Chinese and about 2 minutes in you sounded exactly like him. Without wanting to paint all English speaking asians with the same brush, this helps me understand how their English accent sounds the way it does. It must be the way they are taught the language. With the European languages they obviously take their own ways of speaking vowels which gives them their distinct ways of speaking English.

YUCHEN YANG : It must be interesting to practise reading this script with a consistent pronunciation for every letter. hahahaha😂😂😂

Luigi Noto : The Roman alphabet applied to English does not lead to phonetic but spelling inconsistencies. The way you put it and your entire video is completely misleading. You said English when you should have said the alphabet used by English. Of course English is "phonetically consistent" if it weren't, it wouldn't be a language. The Roman alphabet was invented by people who spoke Latin, which is phonetically extremely different from English. It was adopted by the English speaking people because they did not have an alphabet of their own and that is why we have this ridiculously spelled language today and "Spelling Bees" and spelling are so important in English speaking countries. Look up George Bernard Shaw and what he has to say about how the English write their language.

CobaltLobo : he just ended up sounding like a drunk Frenchman lol

xKuukkelix : My language is phonetically consistent and when english speakers try to speak it they sound like they are drunk and having a stroke at the same time

DanielOhstapit : Thee bist thaing I'vi seen ain my lify

deltoid 77 : I was hoping that he would modify the spelling of words, not modify his pronunciation

Kahliimah : So basically we all turn into runforthecube in his gummy candy rat video

Tamuril Goldleaf : My slow ass didn't realize it wasn't a strong accent until like halfway through

Jaguer91 : English grammar rules and spelling in general are freaking easy, but mastering the pronunciation is hell for a lot of us non-native speakers. Curse you english language!

Amos Mattsson : R U N F O R T H E C U B E

Allan Dsouza : From English to Latin to Asian and finally Irish

TuhFakin Fwauk : Me: sounds like i just learned English but still speaking French and sounded like German.

durianhead : hahahahahhaha holy shit the end result is amazing, congratulations on achieving a new level of tongue twisters for english speakers

Gavin Mendonza : This sounds like English from the world mixed together

rei : _Toby or not Toby: that is the quest ion: Whether ties no bull ear eye in the mind toes of fear..._

Puting Pinoy : Hehe it sounds like a combination of Irish and German accent!

karmansah : Fyuck thais shait

Marnige : Coincidentally, you sound very similar to a person who is learning English...

SmileAnime : that would be easier to read and learn!!

Wig Snatcher : It's true that English spelling is extremely inconsistent... but it ISN'T that hard to learn, it's actually quite easy for most L2 speakers. In fact, native speakers are the ones who make big spelling mistakes (trust me, only native speakers would mistake "they're" with "there" 😂)

Danny Peacock : Grade A Under A's video on this is the best

Christian Hess : Is the title of the video supposed to be What if English *were* Phonetically Consistent ? or What if English *was* Phonetically Consistent?

Do;jk sesdfjibjs figduhv bfd bj dgsiub ndfunijfol : oh that’s how you speak french

Nicholas Schaeffer : Why did you remove your older videos?! They were great!

Benjamin Robledo : *"I'm sorry, can you repeat that again?"*

Savannah Burgess : Com bi ni ti on sounds

Elombe Kisala : Didn’t know this was a thing, but I love it.

CJUGames : Man, I don't know how you got through some of those sentences without cracking up.

The Director * : I had a stroke.

Andrew Swanson Films : what language where you speaking at the end

Kurt Rozentaun : Basically, french :D

B ml : Is that really how hiccuped is spelt?