What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?
What if English Were Phonetically Consistent

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Marissa Hultman : This sounds like sim characters talking to themselves

Amélie Castle : So basically, he's slowly starting to speak French. Right ?

please stop : Me, at the beginning of this video: what’s with the captions? Me, halfway through the video: oh okay, I see

Trusfrated lovely army : The Shakespeare part sounded like casting a spell to revive John Snow

Goldmegaman1000 : This sounds like an irishman who speaks French trying to learn German

Ben Blassingame : Half the time, it just sounds like he’s speaking in a Scottish accent.

Aleqs Gecko : Me: Speaks English Friend: WoW wHat lanGuAge is thAT? Me: *evily smiles*

Devanshi Balodi : I'm crying what is this why was it in my recommended omg this is the best thing ever 🤣🤣🤣

Ellie Gilmour : I’m Scottish and this honestly sounds what i sound like butchering a Jamaican accent 😂

Beautiful leaves : I got confused midway through, I was like wait what happened to his voice...ohhhhh

Skrillz_ 14th : I tried covering the captions That was a bad idea

Zninja 1162 : For a second I thought you had an accent that I didn't notice at first, then j realized what you were doing 😆 Also, mad respect. I can barely speak English as it is. You basically learned a new language just for this video.

Keeping Up With Core 3 : "this vow-eel can produce-ee these-ee sounds"

Mel Rose : My ancestors rang and asked what the problem was and that the way he was speaking was very normal 🤷🏻‍♀️

Luise Naa : There's a Scott, a German and a Frenchman. Who do you want to be? Aaron: *YES*

koopaflower : Imagine listening to this while high or on drugs in general QUICK SOMEONE TRY IT IM NOT A SMOKER

Peri Butland : There are 5 letters that make the world go round, without them words sound like gibbereish

Anton Renfors : I want to see the script for this video. The spelling towards the end must be an absolute brain meltdown

Rebecca Alderstorm : He sounds like if an Italian and a French tried to have a conversation in English, both not knowing the language

Colin Hirschberg : This video sounded surreal. It felt like I was suffering from a stroke that distorted my perception of the sounds of words.

Maddie Siegmund : A lot of confusion would be eliminated if English just used ACCENT MARKS.

*Frnkn shw : Actually this is kinda what at least three of my English teachers sounded like in Mexico

Fantasic Fables : Teach me how to talk like this so I can confuse people. 👌👍😂

kabenitezguy : Sounds like a Scottish person speaking Germ-glish who has lived in Jamica for the last couple of years

Mar : Welcome back to another episode of " Why is this in my recommendations? "

White mage : right when i was getting use to understanding spoken english i found your video and respawned at the beginning of the level

sarah lynn : this makes me appreciate everyone who learned english as a second language round of applause to you all

TheAngelic Emerald : Omfg I got so confused halfway through like WHWHHSHSHSHS

Bam Bam : U just accidentally summoned a dragon with that Shakespeare's quote

fitria ahsani : At first i was like "oh, so 'vowel' is read that way?" and then as time goes on i realized how stupid i was 😂

M. Jazzmin : Germanic: all Germanic languages will sound somewhat similar, no matter where they're spoken The Great-Vowel-Shift: Hold my a-e-i-o-u

Abdul-Wahaab Barday : Man tries to give a lecture while slowly having a stroke

Tommy Hardiman : It sounds like Jamaican, South Walian, and poor Chinese mashed together😂

LK : Sounds like a Germanic French Pirate attempting an Irish accent but ends up doing an English accent that half way gives up and turns into a Swedish accent.

Leo L.J. : 1:26 ''Likey“... me likey likey likey, me likey likey likey, dugeun dugeun dugeun... heart heart😅😂👍

pandicornia kawaii.3 : I'm not a native english speaker but GOD THIS IS SO STRESSING Hate him now

Scoups RiAh Choi : I will start reading things like this... Thank you for opening my eyes. 😎

Yamel Camel : I feel bad for those learning English. I know your struggle, I’m half fluent in French but I still have horrible pronunciation

Joshua Franklin : How was this only four minutes, I feel like i had a stroke.

sexyloser : While changing pronunciation to match spelling is amusing, the more practical approach would be to change spelling to match pronunciation.

María Argüelles : i was like: oh cool .. at first until i continued watching.. my head hurts

Rikki : This is so good, absolutely hilarious and intriguing. Great work! I liked the music too. (Am now reading everything I'm writing in the phonetically consistent voice.)

SSFandomLove : Oh god I had to pause when it started getting really weird because I was laughing so hard lol thanks 🤣🤣🤣

William Koh : You sound like a french guy going into a poetic seizure.

Chaya E. : He just gradually changed his pronounciation and I noticed too late

Conny Spiess : i wish this guy had more videos this is great😂

Dagsschiller : I would have used the "e" from Elk and the "i" from Igloo, since that how they sound in most other languages xD

Annoying Ginger : The first good minute just sound Canadain 😂😂 Canadian pride tho 👊😂

cio 1612 : *This has to be the most creative and ingenious video I have seen in a while. 10 out of 10* ok ...thats a lot of likes.