What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?

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Zaxor Von Skyler : Your accent went from Canadian to asian to irish!


Hailee Rödberg : why do i like this kind of humor omg

Anhedonia ** : The ending sounded like some evil german incantations

This Yellow Face : I can see this happen, like *an alternate universe* where English is phonetically consistent and they watch a video about "What if English Were Phonetically Inconsistent?"

Do;jk sesdfjibjs figduhv bfd bj dgsiub ndfunijfol : oh that’s how you speak french

Lox World : So phonetically consistent English is someone who grew up in Canada but migrated to Ireland at the age of 11 and only held onto some of their Canadian accent, mostly adopting an Irish accent. Phonetically consistent English is that person, 8 shots deep trying to convince a mate that they're sober.

Teurastaja : As a non native speaker I must say that the hardest thing about English is the way words are pronounced when compared to how they are written.

Dr. Phil : So it's like that guy with the gummy rat. I forget his channel name.

Mickael Frimann : Canadian > Irish > Jamaican > Icelandic > Welsh > Finnish > Japanese

Josh : We got bananies and avocadies

Romario Lewis : Lol pronouncing English phonetically got real weird real fast

karotofel : he speaks the language of the gods

Francisco Postigo García : I showed this to my English teacher and laughed too hard

Fletcher Ricafrente : There would be no gif or jif argument

CobaltLobo : he just ended up sounding like a drunk Frenchman lol

Erica Silva : This reminds me of that video a while ago with that guy and the gummy rat

undi : *why do i understand the words without looking at the subtitles?*

Maliyah Ray : This is damn funny


Elzeta : I tried to copy him and I ended hurting myself

Pendosa Sinner : In my opinion, phonetical letters are still better than the current English spelling system. There are two ways to make English phonetical, either read as how the words are spelled currently (like in this video), or write as how the words are pronounced currently (which will vary depends on the region). The problem is if we reform the English spelling now, that means a lot of documents, which are still being used, will have to be rewritten, which will cost a lot of money. Also, the people, who have already learned the language, will also need to relearn it. It is still possible though, looking at Turkey or China or even my country, Indonesia.

TheBeaTle : What if English were phonetically consistent? Well, us English learners wouldn't have such stressing lives.

ToasterCrumbs : Does this mean that RunForTheCube was always just phonetically consistent?

magicaljully : Some of my classmates do speak English in a way that is similar to this. Bless their Italian accents

Julia Wildflower : It's really interesting how the passage from Shakespeare was much easier on the ears with these pronunciations than the modern English in the rest of the video.

Shatovisha Chakraborty : Did he pronounce 'deviate' as *"deviaatee"?!?!* 🙄🙄🙄

LilyAngel Bones : I lost it when he said "Combination"

LordBabu : This has gotta be my favorite video of all time.

GG 42 [GER] : **how to speak chinese**

Awkward : Sounds like a whole different language. Wow

livelovelearn1390 : This became physically painful towards the end, but I. Could. Not. Stop. Watching.

nevermind : geniuss

rotate85 : You just proved that English and German are cousins.

Derck E Music : Slowly turning in to german

Marnige : Coincidentally, you sound very similar to a person who is learning English...

Dr Ankit Panigrahi India : The only language which is phonetically consistent is Sanskrit and its derivatives. All pronunciation guidelines are literally placed within the word. There's a reason why you have disagreement regarding the pronunciation of the word "GIF' .

Scarlett Evans : He sounded like the jeli beli guy


Digimon’s Republic Xros Heart : I should practice this and for now on I will speak English like this it's easy master. Oh I bet you're stock speaking English like that forever.

Tamuril Goldleaf : My slow ass didn't realize it wasn't a strong accent until like halfway through

shivam tiwari : It's a very compatible combination of Russian, french, Arabian and some essence of Latin language which make a different language as similar as English that I can't understand. Hahahaha ..... Thank God there are different accent and pronunciations .

Digimon’s Republic Xros Heart : You went from modern English to 1700's English in French Accent. I can't stop laughing

Amy Ledezma : Check out the channel : runforthecube He basically talks like this in all of his videos

Memeulous’ stan account : I’ve honestly never let out a bigger laugh at 2:31

CJUGames : Man, I don't know how you got through some of those sentences without cracking up.

IBuyTacos : 1:36 (kinda German like) 1:53 (French?)

F Dannn : Sounds like a completely different language.

Ily Fulton : I've started thinking in this voice and every time I see writing I giggle to myself. My friends think I'm crazy😂

Lululipes : 0:48 Oh shoot... this is where it begins