What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?

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Joseph Mallillin : when you realize that phonetically correct english is just a mixture of french, german, and runforthecube

Edward .Gamble : Fun fact, this is actually pretty close to old English pronunciation. Chaucerian English sounds a lot like this.

Mia Doris : When he started changing it I was really confused and thought he had a weird accent... but then I realised what was happening and I think I had some kind of stroke 😂

Smoku NoPico : He sounds Scottish Dutch and French by the end to me

x360 GlazeIt : I couldn't get over how I've gone all my life without seeing the word hiccoughed spelled out. How is that even pronounced like that? I had to rewind to make sure what he said was correct lol. Wow.

ShaneTheBrownWolf : Now the question to cover next: what if English was spelt the way we normally pronounce it?

SYSTEM_EDITOR.1995 : Slowly becomes sounding more like a speech synthesizer with different phonetic rules.

Mark Anca : Wow, that was hilarious! Sounds so Middle English to me, haha! =) xD

Justin Y. : Technically, if we always spoke like this, it would've been normal to begin with.

Nope TotalyNotGeneric : He hit run for the cube at some point early on I think.

Joel Haggis : Sounds like a mix Irish and French to me.

Professor Clout : How was this only four minutes, I feel like i had a stroke.

SnookerWither : "Leets consideer the voweel I" I found this hilarious for some reason 😂

Adarcus : What the hell. It was like some drunk dude who somehow got stuck speaking Shakespearean English and then moved between several different countries picking up new smatterings of accents.

Genesareth : 3:24 [In posh Scottish accent] Ay, There is lube

10,000 subscribers without any videos : It starts to sound like Germanic Old English.

Atmos Glitch : Stop speaking backwards sounding forward speaking ancient kinda English. Or something...

cio 1612 : *This has to be the most creative and ingenious video I have seen in a while. 10 out of 10*

Shu'aib Shu'aib : Besicelli the problem is the spelling, Thets why inglish spellings nid tu bi stenderdaisd so thet wan vowel only mek wan saund.

N199ACUN769 : So old English? Also some in some ways quite close to Jamaican pronunciation of English words

Max Bufton : It's like the drunken love child of Swedish and Jamaican

Cindy Mellen : Is it just me or does he sound exactly like runforthecube

Dair : First off I don't think I can speak english anymore now Also Mad respect to everyone learning or who have learned english

Frederic Schlueter : You need to try more combinations. I am quite certain that some consistent combinations will result in accents from non native speakers.

Oscar : 2:08 it's sounds like a sim talking

SøuL : Thank you for teaching me how to speak like Run From The Cube

Crisperz : Burger King foot lettuce meets run for the cube

Julia Wildflower : It's really interesting how the passage from Shakespeare was much easier on the ears with these pronunciations than the modern English in the rest of the video.

Ties de Jong : This just sounds like the language they speak in Magicka 2. Yebebakkur.


Twiggster : Dude I have APD and I feel like I'm on acid while listening to this.

Matt Fritz : At least for me, a non-native speaker, sometimes it sounds a lot like French and sometimes it sounds like German xD

Maren Finan : *who took a shet wifout flooshing the toilet? DISGOOSTING*

Mystic Messenger : It sounds like an celtic person with a very thick accent.

Ice Guardian : The Shakespeare passages sounded a bit like elvish from LotR

The WIERD Kidz : It took me like two minutes to realize he was speaking differently.

Supple Specimen : Sounds like nature lady from shadow of war

durianhead : hahahahahhaha holy shit the end result is amazing, congratulations on achieving a new level of tongue twisters for english speakers

TheDarthDader v2 : Idk if I can trust this video considering the title isn’t grammatically correct

Soviet Ball : This just plain sounds way cooler than actual English.

James Rumsey : Sounds like Simlish at times

Zach Liddle : Wait who tf spells hiccup as hiccough?

崔莱 : New video title: Unlearning English in 4 minutes or should I say.... Oonleeahrnaing Eeglaish ain fohoor mainootees Sep. 7 update: Hohly Shaitee!

Ela : Omg this sounds like Runforthecube lol!

Decrypted : Near the end it sounds like he’s speaking gaelic

アズールリキ : Practiclly a hispanic person learning english

Claudia Bazzali : I guess this is how they created Simlish

Victoria Smith : I almost peed my pants listening to this. Because this is how I talk to annoy my sister

Benjamin Tan : If wee speld wurds in Inglish thuh wey that they saondid meybi it wood bee eezier for peeple too lurn it.