What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?
What If English Were Phonetically Consistent

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kabenitezguy : Sounds like a Scottish person speaking Germ-glish who has lived in Jamica for the last couple of years

Catherine : This sounds exactly like Middle English. Some Chaucer ish

cat : Video: "to be or not to be, that is the question" YouTube subtitles: "toby or not toby, lot I stick we stay on"

cat : me at minute 0:25 : *_why need subtitles his voice is clear._* also me at minute 2:29 : *_oh._*

cio 1612 : *This has to be the most creative and ingenious video I have seen in a while. 10 out of 10*

Glenn Mejorada : I clicked this video expecting to watch something educational. Well, it is... but it's hilarious as well! Very well done.🤣👍

ANIMEBEAST27 : Wow i always wondered why foreigners talked like that. Thanks, it all makes sense now.

Cam Askinoskovich : i think we’ve discovered the identity of runforthecube

Zavy : I thought you were gaining a weird accent but you were just voicing the vowels 😂 GREAT VIDEO!

Vidhi Basu : English: how many accents do you want? Him: YES.

Alaska Hunters : so basically sims only have one consistent vowel pronunciation

FzzLe : Now, that's why the Internet was invented. Thanks YouTube for this recommendation! 😂

Vok250 : When a Russian and an Irishman get wasted together and try to mock each other's accents while speaking English.

Fiveinaline : Bwahahaha Great video! By the time he got to letter O it was already sounding like an Italian dude doing his best Schwarzenegger impression in Afrikaans hahaha

LK : Sounds like a Germanic French Pirate attempting an Irish accent but ends up doing an English accent that half way gives up and turns into a Swedish accent.

Cradmogam Nflak : As an hispanic native speaker, I have to say that I got the whole point. Congratulations! Greetings from Uruguay.

Jamal Amir : How YouTube algorithm decides your future: U-TU-BE OR U-NOT-TU-BE

Rox Gamer : English: German: Hold my beer

Shane Hanson : After just a couple vows it started sounding like some other European languages were being thrown in. Of course that makes sense once you know the origins of some these words. Now the real question is how many takes were involved to pull this off?

im_ mia : When he started changing it I was really confused and thought he had a weird accent... but then I realised what was happening and I think I had some kind of stroke 😂

Hapmaplapflap gap : run for the cube was actually just self taught in english with only books

Droitzel Glaedr : This is incredible... how on earth did this guy pull this off? I couldn't even pull off one full sentence in this manner, and he steadily progressed through it in one video! Yes, I know he could have used different takes, but I tell ya, the gradual change is amazing lol.

Slimebelly's House of Fun : Been curious about this since im not a native, now there is a video of this *NICE*

Stephan LyricsMassiah : That's how you spell hiccup...i mean hiccoughed

Amelia Rose : This explains so literally every nonnative speaker accent that exists

danablett : i always thought you spelt hiccough as hiccup.

Ajinkya Tarodekar : I was confused. Then it hit me.

Its_ Anthony : I would like to see a bloopers video xD

Justin Saephan : Didn't know you were fluent in Drunk.

ShaneTheBrownWolf : Now the question to cover next: what if English was spelt the way we normally pronounce it?

Omidion : So this sounds like when a Serbian (who doesn't know english) reads English. Vuk Karadzic linguist who was the major reformer of the Serbian language. He said/wrote "Write as you speak and read as it is written. " — The essence of modern Serbian spelling

AndreasNV : First half of the video could be called "What if everyone spoke with an Irish accent?"

Someone called : Toby, or not Toby, dat is Toby Fox

Xiutie : I love how we all just experienced a conjoined stroke

Joseph Mallillin : when you realize that phonetically correct english is just a mixture of french, german, and runforthecube

RaptorFella : now say: *jelly belly pet rat gummi candy*

MexiFryStains : So basically, u get a Viking accent

Erwin Roosjen : Haha, I lol’ed so hard, this is beautiful! I love that you tried this at all, let alone so well, bravo!!

Alexander Box : It got so much worse the more it went into the video I dont like it But damn if my man wasn't consistent!

Jiren chillin in the comment section : This sound like a French person trying to attempt the Jamaican accent

theL81Again : I just had an SNL Decabet flashback.

yar dg : Eh? Sure I heard 'poontang' in there somewhere. Dunno about the rest.

tacosHELLYEAH : The end just sent me on heavy flashbacks to pre 2000s Canadia

ファクシFakushi : This guy went to college. *Say this phonetically consistently*


vasco de gama : Excellent example of the inconsistency of english

Easy Piano Tutorials : Damn, such a creative video! Thanks for something i didn't know i needed. 👍🏽

Bill Bo Haggins : Did we just listen to a dude go through a major stroke?

Cyril Gigee : Well now we know how iDubbz came up with it.