What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?

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Zaxor Von Skyler : Your accent went from Canadian to asian to irish!

Justin Goode : How come it sounds way prettier?

Mask 1O1 : This is why the word 'ghoti' exists. That word's actually pronounced 'fish'. it uses the gh from laugh, the o from women, and the ti from station.

Interdimensional : He went from being a typical youtuber speaking American English, to a viking telling a dramatic tale of his brutal battles

Raechel : Man I need to know what your script looked like

Elzeta : I tried to copy him and I ended hurting myself

Crispy Cream : Listen here, English is messed up now because of the Norman Invasion and the 100 years war. Basically ANY influence that French had messed up our language. Our language would be considerably easier to learn if it weren't for the damn Francs.

Lucien Skinner-Savallisch : It sounded like a German-French person learned English in Ireland but also learned each language at the same time in each respective country

Mia lana Cameron : I’ve always hated the word, “hiccoughed”

RewardingGrin : I wish my grades were phonetically consistent.

Do;jk sesdfjibjs figduhv bfd bj dgsiub ndfunijfol : oh that’s how you speak french

I am a disappointment to my parents : 1:53 This is when I started reading the subtitles

Rayumi : XDDD I love how every time he mentions a new thing, it applies to the rest of the video 😂😂


Lance1223 : That accent transition was really fast 😂

Awkward : Sounds like a whole different language. Wow

Jerricah S : Once a few mispronunciations kicked in I couldn't stop laughing X,D

Kalana Herath : This is pretty much how Shakespearean Early Modern English was pronounced as attested by many linguists. This version also omits the Romance borrowings of pronunciation from French and accentuates the Germanic pronunciation of English which is more correct since English is related to German and Dutch with all of them being Germanic languages. My only opposition however, was with the way you pronounced the letter "e" which would rather be pronounced as a schwa sound like the "e " in 'father' which is the most prominent way to pronounce that sound in English.

Raymond Castillio : Indonesian language is very consistent, each letter sounds exactly like they sound individually when they were put together in a word or a sentence, so we indonesian really struggle when we learn english for the first time :v

Ismael Zetina : So this is why no native speakers sound funny

Josh : We got bananies and avocadies

Joe Smith : Today we have a jelly belly pet rat gummy candy

〈Clex〉 : Wait I forgot how to speak let me just replay the first bit

Chaitanya Singh : It sounds like a mix of French, German and Russian accent

B A D V I B E S : When you’re Irish, Chinese, and German

CobaltLobo : he just ended up sounding like a drunk Frenchman lol


Give me Bacon : Basically, English start to sound like French/Portuguese

time for sunrise : ooh that's why it sounds weird 😂 i don't really understand about accents, but then i realize that you pronounce "like" as "likey" and then i lost it 😂

Ben Martineau : This makes me uncomfortable

Marnige : Coincidentally, you sound very similar to a person who is learning English...

Flower Dolphin : Bwahaha, I'm in stitches! 😂😂😂 I'm so glad English is not consistent & I say that with English being my 2nd language lol

portalmasterjake : this video is so cursed but in a good way

puddy_in_the_hall : this sounds too much like RunForTheCube

Natalie : I didn't realize what he was doing until "i" 😂

Tamuril Goldleaf : My slow ass didn't realize it wasn't a strong accent until like halfway through

Bon Bon : It's not the pronunciation that needs fixin', it's the spelling :q

Arnold Perlstein : Ok run for the cube

workhardism : By the end he sounded like a Schizophrenic who's traveled to many countries and can't male up his mind.

BobfromSydney : I thought it sounded like a combination Italian/Japanese/Scandanavian accent by the end of it. Truly well done!

CJUGames : Man, I don't know how you got through some of those sentences without cracking up.

Faaizur Rahman : There comes a time when english doesn't sound like english!

Andy [Xvixx] : sounds like the gummy pet rat person

Andrew Ferguson : So it turns out Nigerians can speak English better than the rest of us

Lucia - Acardia : I was taking this video as an educational video until I heard him pronounce "combination". *I then immediately came to check the comments-*

durianhead : hahahahahhaha holy shit the end result is amazing, congratulations on achieving a new level of tongue twisters for english speakers

Nouche : French vowels are consistent though. Do you guys think we sound weird?

MeepKat : runforthecube is that you

Ollie M : Somewhere along the way it sounded like runforthecube

One Man : Turn on the captions