Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
This is so different and weird Hobo Johnson NPR Tiny Desk

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Sept. 12, 2018 | Bob Boilen -- Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers accomplished something remarkable this year with their Tiny Desk Contest entry. They made a simple backyard video - a single camera shoot - that's now been seen almost 10 million times on YouTube. And the song they played, "Peach Scone," has unlocked a door to a dream - to play a Tiny Desk Concert and be heard. The song is a tale of one-sided love - a tale of kindness in the face of loneliness and depression. Now, "a couple of kids - five I guess" as its lyrics go, get to bring their creative, urgent and somewhat nervous energy from Sacramento, Calif. to play "Peach Scone" and more to millions of other listeners. This is a band always on the verge of emotional explosions, all while Frank Lopes, aka Hobo Johnson, is quoting Shakespeare and making references to Jay-Z, The Front Bottoms song "Twin Size Mattress" and so much more. The directness in their music, with its chorus shouts ("Damn I love those sandwiches!") and the little asides ("I got a duvet the other day - how do you wash a blanket? In a washer? That's what I found out") make for a remarkably personal performance. At times it's as much a storytelling session or personal confession than a musical performance, and for me it conjures feelings of empathy and understanding and compassion. Set List "Romeo & Juliet" "Sex in the City" "Peach Scone" "Creve Coeur 1" Credits Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Bronson Arcuri, CJ Riculan; Editor: Production Assistant: Ema Sagner; Photo: John Poole


Hood Memes : who else is watching this for the 40th time

Juan Morales : If my anxiety could make music

Kendra Geitner : He’s an artist my dudes. He isn’t a singer, nor a rapper, but a poet, and I feel people don’t understand that.

Joey Trombino : It's as if he took truth pills and is trying to get every thought out before his head explodes. Love this dude.

póg mo thóin : He looks like he's on the verge of tears with every lyric

stickshiftt : I'm a fan of this kid. You don't see many men elaborating on emotions and insecurities. I find some truth about his emotion and awkwardness. It's real. Society pretends that there's only 1 type of guy. We are all elaborately complex.

Coltron5000 : Dad: Why you crying so damn loud? Me: MAYBE IT’S THE THOUGHT OF NOT BEING SO ALONEEEE

Matt Chu : I just can't stop watching this. The passion and emotion that comes from this is so engaging!

Ja Ac : Never heard of them but the honest awkwardness is refreshing and revealing. I dig it!

elorn : "she holds her breath all day and f_cking grasps for air at night" woah

shanna eiland : Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers are very talented. I come back to this vid often to indulge in my teenage angst that I should probably go to therapy for. I simply love their work.


Valid Victorian The Band : its a form of poetry at its most raw form. so personal and meaningful. i can feel his pain through his contact and his lyrics. underrated. beautiful

Bernadette Dalcour : Brilliant!!!! I'm obsessed. The lyrics and performance are so organic....he's sharing his soul and unprocessed thoughts and they are soooooo relatable.

Adam Edwards : He looks like Bernard the Elf from Santa Clause

Chantel Dor : (face face face) (girth girth girth) 😂😂😂😂 Those dudes are giving me life

Esteban Orantes : i feel bad for people that don’t like their music. especially when it comes to their live performances since they’re always different. i especially love the performance for “Creve Cœur 1.” i find it phenomenal. i really wish they would drop a live album like this where it’s just mainly live instrumentals

Reese Jacoby : My favorite part is the band screaming in the background

Lillie 🌼 : it’s so refreshing to see this level of passion and vulnerability. i felt their energy and lyrics in my soul.

kegan thomas : Watched this shit on acid and i swear every item in the background was so perfect

Ronnie Myrick : 15sec: what the heck is this 30sec: this guy sucks 2 minutes: ah, i'm kinda feelin it. 12 minutes: what... [sob] an... [snort]... arrrrrtiiiiist!! [blows nose]

Melody Siordia : lyrics for romeo and juliet It feels so good Oh that's my shit right there That's the ticket Give me the ticket Give it to me, baby I'm too emotional Good luck to my future wives And their future lives without me You guys will do great! I'm sure that I've prepared you for every guy you'll date And every guy you'll marry And every guy you'll hate It's the lullabies I sang out of tune That's probably what did it Or my twin size mattress that I had since I was seven That we have to sleep on whenever she spends the night And if she falls off again, she'll find another guy to like We're just Romeo & Juliet But getting drunk and eating Percocets But just to ease the stress But soft what light, through yonder window breaks It is the east, but Juliet just puked off the balcony How romantic Nothing like getting drunk and getting manic On a motherfucking Monday, I I brush the bangs behind her lovely little ear As she describes in detail how the end is truly near Wow, and I'm sure that we can do this for forever Or until we drink the poison, 'cause she sees some cloudy weather As Rosaline, lies in bed, seething, wide awake Because a burning love for Juliet only took a day And if Romeo and Juliet continued to be married Then there's half of a chance That their kids would get embarrassed When all the kids at school all talk about their parents And Romeo Jr. has to say they're not together And Junior will dream of the day when he's a man And what he'll do to avoid that fifty percent chance Of his kids feeling the way he feels He'll probably just stick with the Netflix and chill Dear Shakespeare Could you write a happy ending please? Could you write a happy ending please? We just deserve a happy ending please, please And every sting from every teardrop From every ring at every pawn shop I'm not missing both my Christmas' Though family would be nice In my dreams, my kids are happy And I know that they won't mind One Christmas Just one Christmas Just one Christmas Just one Christmas But dear mom Conversations from a couch haven't ever felt the same Since you looked Dad in the eye And you told him that things are about to change My mom was made from Adam's rib And the marriage went south When the snake came back and asked my mother out to dinner And my dad found out, and asked my mom what that's about And she said "Oh, it's nothing" For dad loves to shout really loud Loud enough to knock the lamps and dressers to the ground In my memory, I can hear Chopin's nocturnes playing in the background A slow trainwreck, you'll close your eyes But forever hear the sound, and boy, it's tough 'Cause that's the sound of people falling out of love

Loreanna Aray : Creve Coeur 1 "Hi," says the girl with the right eyes That pairs pretty well when she hits you with the soft smile You can kind of tell that something's going on But she's like a Skrillex song that never drops She'll never talk, she'll never talk about the feelings that she felt today Better kept it inside of a fence, inside of cage, inside of a safe That's safe for her 'Cause they, they just hurt And she don't know why that God's sauntered I hope he's trying She said, she said, she said, she said She said, "I hope he's trying Frank, do you think he's trying?" Then I said, "I don't know" But I asked her "What's wrong?" She just nods her head And then I asked her "What's wrong" And she said "He was the picture perfect person, loved my mother oh so dearly You could feel the love reverberate whenever in our building If it feel the same today I wish I know, but Sometimes you drive a car and lose control, into poles Hold me closely I don't think you should love me Always feel so lonely Knowing that nothing forever lasts forever Sorry, Frank You're much too late, much too late Sorry, Frank You're, you're much too late Much too late (You are so late) "Hi," says the girl who doesn't have time for relationship advice Rather relationships at all She holds her breath all day and fucking gasps for air at night She promised she would love me for only 'til the morning time The more that I engage in it the more that I am mortified That I am just like every other shitty guy And then "bye," Says the girl who doesn't have time for relationship advice rather relationships at all I asked her, "What's wrong?" I asked her, "What's wrong?" And she said And she said She said "He's such a bummy crusty cruddy father, fucking every girl he takes to coffee He lied to Mom in holy matrimony Hold me closely I don't think you should love me Always feel so lonely knowing that nothing forever lasts forever Sorry, Frank You're, you're much too late Much too late Sorry Frank, you're, you're much too late You're much too late, you're much too Sorry, Frank, you're much too late Much too..."

Thomas Ewert : Anybody listen to these tiny desks and then try to go listen to the studio version and just be disappointed because the tiny desk version was so good :/

Adam Wright : I'm obsessed with this band. The lyrics are so rich and beautiful.

netzerish : These live versions sound better than the non live versions

Erik Miles : "I feel so lonely knowing nothing will last forever". I feel ya!!!!!

Suli Alma : His voice makes me feel some kind of way. I’m so love with him

firstname lastname : Guitar player straight up look like Pedro from Napoleon dynamite. #voteforpedro

Riella rae : When the guy brought the peach scones😭😭 so sweet.

fernandez : but that's the sound of people falling out of love


Andy M : If you're reading comments thinking: This is so good but why is it good? Here is why Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers are using elements of Hip-hop, jazz, and spoken word poetry. Most people probably wouldn't be able to find how to combine the 3 but they did, and it comes together with the concept of naive art. Which means I doubt they're trying to make unique and artsy music, instead just following their instincts. What makes it sound weird is their lead...member... Is rhyming on time, but it almost random intervals. Meaning it flows more like how internal thought rambles. Skipping around a bit. The other thing that makes them feel creative is how raw his voice gets. He's not exactly trying to be a good rapper, or trying to sing exactly on key. He's more just performing then emotions of his art. This gives it a feel more akin to a chant than an actual song. It's a style that is rare today because everyone is trying to get on all the radio stations and be played at all the parties across the world. And these guys are just trying to make their art, even if they're the only ones to appreciate it. Which thankfully isn't true.

Fruits&Veggies : Sometimes you drive a car and lose control into poles and hold me closely I don't think that you should love me because it always feels so lonely knowing that nothing will ever last forever. 😪

I am Keezp : His music just changes ur perspective on these little situations that most people take for granted while others struggle and worry constantly

Thomas K : This is like screamo for hipsters

Charmaine Selwood : Jesus, I have listened to this over a hundred time and it still gives me fricking goosebumps. God I love you guys xxxxx

nele awc : you can literally hear the pain in his voice i‘m crying in the club rn

reese : creve coeur 1 breaks my hearttttttt

kiara : can we shout out the band for keeping up considering how much of this was improvised

patrick soler : This dude is just exploding with emotion and talent. I hope I see more


Xxtra Regular : These guys are so DOPE!!!!! Thank you for your content

xCRUCiOx : tbh i can't listen to him, i have to watch him to enjoy his music. idk why.

colby looney : Beautifully genuine stuff. Reminds me of mewithoutyou

KylieKat : I love this mopey, poetic bastard. You can't fake the rawness of his lyrics and emotion. Peach Scone has been my ringtone since I saw the backyard video.

Edward : this guys giving me a lot of Lin-Manuel Miranda singing Hamilton in the White House vibes

Jessica Miller : This legit made me cry. Thank you.

ely : Peach scones : (from genius so not 100% accurate but hey) [Verse 1] Hi, what's your name? How are you? How’s your life? Oh, you got a man? Are you in love? If so, what type? Is it just platonic, strictly just as friends Or the type that ties you two together 'til tomorrow’s end? If it is, disregard every time I call you pretty Though it’s meant sincerely, it’s just my imagination drifting Brush me off like the dirt on Jay-Z’s shoulders So I fall to ground, collect myself and get ready to take over your heart Or at least your spare time [Chorus] And I love the thought of being with you Or maybe it’s the thought of not being so alone! Hey, the second one’s way sadder than the first one But I don’t know I love the thought of being with you Or maybe it’s the thought of not being so alone! The second one’s way sadder than the first one But I don’t know [Verse 2] We should go and get a friggin' cup of coffee And I’ll act friendly and I won’t pull any stunts But I’m a little stunt puller from birth So I don’t know what to tell you If I try to confess my love for... scones I just wanna say something real quick, please shh, listen I love... these scones Just the diversity between the selection they have here The blueberry, the raspberry, strawberry, pumpkin Even which is basically a friggin' squash How they gonna make a scone out of a freaking squash? Oh, wow, wow That shit blows my mind That's Elon Musk just in his little lab cooking up, baby But what were you talking about? Oh yeah, your boyfriend made you mad the other day? What was he saying? Oh, what do I think? Hm... He was being mean at that part—point? But I'm sure he's gonna turn around at some... point, as well And [Chorus] I love the thought of being with you Or maybe it’s the thought of not being so alone! The second one’s way sadder than the first one But I don’t know I love the thought of being with you, whoa, whoa, whoa Or maybe it’s the thought of not being so alone! Shit, I love being—I love being loved, but Don't like crying on the phone [Verse 3] Hi, wassup? Yeah, what’s going on? Oh yeah, she told me a lot about you, yeah, uh-huh It’s so great you’re doing all of those things You should keep doing all of them I think Oh yeah, my name’s Hobo Johnson People like to say I'm a rapper, I'm actually not I produced this myself, I'm hella fucking proud of it But yeah, she like—she's so nice She was so nice and cared about me, no one else did Literally, I don't think I've ever felt love before that She's a peach... scone She's a peach scone, yes And [Outro] I love the thought of being with her I just really hope that she doesn't get hurt, y'know? They say it takes two years to come back down to Earth From that lovely place that you’ve been, I heard it’s so nice Good for you guys, I'm—I'm glad (Being so alone!) And if you find someone who loves you for who you are Keep being with 'em, 'Cause it's really special