Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Trix Malone : I'm Hobosexual.

ah00362 : Tell everyone at corporate that they're a$$***** for not letting the album sound like this.

Andy Johns : This man is trash haha

Mitch Wallace : Sounds alot like Atmosphere but way more frantic.

blue _ a. coture : 2:12 *

916 neighborhood watch : This guy is proof that hip hop continues to evolve.

Gojioto Harutsaki : Damn I love this song! I've heard it over 30x and i cry every time!

Blunt : This ain’t it chief..

Matt Lorentz : I just can't stop watching this. The passion and emotion that comes from this is so engaging!

Paul Crabtree : Vote for Pedro

Katie : I've listened to this so many times.... Really helped me.

caitlyn : I love him so much

Ja Ac : Never heard of them but the honest awkwardness is refreshing and revealing. I dig it!

Alex Taubin : I super don't like this, but i can't look away

kyle Nunya : Hobo is the man

MrSlyFox 007 : Nobody told me Steven Universe started a band.

Bernadette Dalcour : Brilliant!!!! I'm obsessed. The lyrics and performance are so organic....he's sharing his soul and unprocessed thoughts and they are soooooo relatable.

Erian Michael : Pabst-core

Bartek Jagniątkowski : I wish I could like a video more than once. I must've watched this performance in whole a dozen or more times already. Hits on so many levels, from every side of the stories told.

CRAN THE DESTROYER : The 2nd songs piano sounds like the minecraft song

Mikayla Diane : this is the first time i’ve ever listened to hobo johnson and his music reminds me a lot of broadway. that might sound weird but it reminds me of it because it’s poetry with instrumental in the background. the lyrics mean more than the catchy music. i appreciate that greatly and love them for making these important songs

Will : i love hearing his music bc i always die laughing

harrisdawg69 : These guys are gonna take off in 2019 you heard it here first

Iiii iiiI : anyone who likes this is white

Chris Beam : https://youtu.be/S-woKBNeYZw

Phoenix Thomas : Creve coeur is a sad but beautiful song. Thank you for this tiny desk concert.

L M Quintana : i don’t know how he isn’t constantly breaking out by how much he rubs his face

Joey Kidney : first time listening and woah this guy is wild

Nickolas Ross : What an amazing talent. All of them

Jeramunki : 1x Speed = depressy boi 2x Speed = caffeinated boi you're welcome

Maya A : Got off work last week, immediately frantically drove 4 hours to see these amazing people lol. I'm a super anxious, shy introvert but I was yelling all his songs out with everyone else. Met some wonderful people too! His music made me come out and into my inner self. Def my favorite living artist right now and best night of my life.

Herc130 : I already like it because you took it serious.

Ethan Smith : I wash my sheets more often now. Thanks HOBO

leno laorange : just from this group <3 how he gets into it, it reminds me of my daughter who has her own little ticks and personalisms its crazy but you guys for sure have a new sub love it

Jax Marx : Is twin size mattress a reference to The Front Bottoms? @0:46

Brooklyn Browne : At first I didn’t get hobo Johnson but after watching this whole this I LOVE HIM I LOVE THIS

winkydinky toodlesnoot : aw when he messed up in romeo and juliet cute

Happy Place : The beginning give me so much life

squeese tater : creve coeur 1 breaks my hearttttttt

Hey Now : He references twin sized mattress so you know he listens to the front bottoms. He jacked their style so bad haha

Andrew Mikula : I’m so addicted to this.

Kristen Satterlee : Hobo Johnson is beautiful

Jennifer Hagan : He has to be a Scorpio

Dean Smith : "songs"

drippy31 : Looks like the Josh piñata that Meghan's friends hit cuz they didn't like him as a student teacher.

Ryan Bailey : No idea how so much emotion bleeds into every song.

Jojo Dunn : I found them due to a Phoebe Bridgers and thought they were La Dispute. Found a new band to like.

Elias S : This isn't music, it's poetry.

Rehctelf : i like this dudes music but i hate all his fans they all are fake depressed wierdos

Tyler Langill : You can tell these guys r homies