Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Hobo Johnson : thanks for listening. go to our shows if you like it. love ya bob.

Ronnie Myrick : 15sec: what the heck is this 30sec: this guy sucks 2 minutes: ah, i'm kinda feelin it. 12 minutes: what... [sob] an... [snort]... arrrrrtiiiiist!! [blows nose]

Thomas K : This is like screamo for hipsters

Thomas Bohlen : Hobo is just one of those singers that just doesn’t sound right if you listen to the more perfected recordings. His style needs to have the raw, unedited feelings to sound really complete, and I love it so much. It’s so beautiful to hear these completely unmuted, open emotions, and hobo is the only singer I’ve really heard who knew how to use his extreme emotion to make his songs sound complete.

Maddie Pieropan : thinking hobo is cringey is the reason men dont think they can express raw pure emotion without being ridiculed... let him make his music as spoken poetry. its cathartic. its for him. and its beautiful

John Hanson : For you hobo, you’ve got not your happy ending but your happy beginning. Congratulations.

netzerish : These live versions sound better than the non live versions

Codemeleon : If emotions are a drug, this is a pharmacy.

Chloe Keene : He’s giving me twenty-one pilots delivery. He’s giving me angsty Tank and the Bangas storytelling. He’s giving me raw and real and vulnerable, and I freaking LOVE it.

kamran Mukherjee : I watch this video at least 3 times a day because its so much better than the studio version. Thank you tiny desk, and than you Hobo Johnson

Shock : I hate but like this, I can’t explain it... it’s good but, is it good? 🤔

sedan styles : I dont care what people say...this is so off from the shit thats out there this day and age. Its crazy refreshing. And his lyrics are crazy deep and sound so real

Hankenstein : Romeo & Juliet- 0:00 Sex in the City- 3:40 Peach Scone- 8:05 Creve Coeur 1- 12:01

spracketskooch : There's real music that isn't good, and there's good music that isn't real. Sometimes the realness overpowers the bad music, and transcends to a place where you actually enjoy it.

daniel sprague : Are you sure you want to read the comments?

Jeremiah Fernandez : but that's the sound of people falling out of love

Sarah Amanda Phillips : I love how depending on how you feel when listening to Romeo and Juliet can either sound like he's desperately hoping that his relationship will have a better ending than his parents or as if he knows he's doomed to repeat their story so he's lost hope.

Kalabhiti Misuki : These comments are either one of 4 things. "Wow. I really fuking love this. Soo much." "I came thinking I would hate this. I can't help but fall for it." "I came to see if he was good. But he seems so disingenuous." "This was ducking terrible. Tiny Desk dun fucked up." And all I can think is, that last song made my eyes sweat. Its how you listen to it. All I can hear is pain. And when I listen I can hear the things people didnt wanna say. And the things I couldnt. All I can do is relate.

cookinggleeful : First time I ever heard of hobo Johnson I didn't like him, it didn't fit into my narrow minded veiw that I had of music. But over those next few days I kept coming back, there was something THERE I can't explain it more than that. It just hit me. This is art, maybe not exactly what you picture it is going to be, but amazing, wonderful. Something about this breathes.

Cabby Cabby : La Dispute, The Front Bottoms and Chance had a baby.

Trey Jorgenson : Post Malone for kids who didn't get invited to parties

Baylee Dill : Protect this man.

Joshua Hsu : So many comments about how people shouldn’t think he’s cringey.. but no comments about how he’s cringey.. what

dizzy pleasure : he’s not my little secret anymore :’) he’s gotten so big and I’m so proud

Jarod Hennessey : Romeo and juliet lyrics: I'm too emotional Good luck to my future wives And their future lives without me You guys will do great! I'm sure that I've prepared you for every guy you'll date And every guy you'll marry And every guy you'll hate It's the lullabies I sang out of tune, that's probably what did it Or my twin size mattress that I had since I was 7 That we have to sleep on whenever she spends the night And if she falls off again, she'll find another guy to like We're just Romeo & Juliet But getting drunk and eating Percocets But just to ease the stress But soft what light, thru yonder window breaks It is the east, but Juliet just puked off the balcony How romantic Nothing like getting drunk and getting manic On a motherfucking Monday, I I brush the bangs behind her lovely little ear As she describes in detail how the end is truly near Wow, and I'm sure that we can do this for forever Or until we drink the poison, 'cause she sees some cloudy weather As Rosaline, lies in bed, seething, wide awake Because a burning love for Juliet only took a day And if Romeo & Juliet continued to be married Then there's half of a chance That their kids would get embarrassed When all the kids at school all talk about their parents And Romeo Jr. has to say they're not together And Junior will dream of the day when he's a man And what he'll do to avoid that 50% chance Of his kids feeling the way he feels He'll probably just stick with Netflix and Chill Dear Shakespeare Could you write a happy ending please? Could you write a happy ending please? We just deserve a happy ending please, please And every sting from every teardrop From every ring at every pawn shop I'm not missing both my Christmas' Though family would be nice In my dreams, my kids are happy And I know that they won't mind One Christmas Just one Christmas Just one Christmas Just one Christmas But dear mom Conversations from a couch haven't ever felt the same Since you looked Dad in the eye And you told him that things are about to change My mom was made from Adam's rib And the marriage went south When the snake came back and asked my mother out to dinner And my dad found out, and asked my mom what that's about And she said "Oh, it's nothing", but dad loves to shout really loud Loud enough to knock the lamps and dressers to the ground In my memory, I can hear Chopin's nocturnes playing in the background A slow trainwreck, you'll close your eyes But forever hear the sound, and boy, it's tough 'Cause thats the sound of people falling out of Love

Everyone's favorite Basketcase : Theres something about him i cant explain it i started crying well watching this and it made me really happy

conocuts : creve coeur gets me every time

Aberinkulas : NPR, why are you not putting these songs up on spotify? you crazy brah?

patrick soler : This dude is just exploding with emotion and talent. I hope I see more

Chantz Moore : Whether you hate this guy or not. His raw emotions and expressiveness is absolutely captivating. Anyone can relate and feel what he’s saying. I personally really enjoy it, quite refreshing from the mumble rap about hoes, money, and drugs these days. A human actually just being.... human. Keep doing you man, people appreciate it.

Nolan Wright : Broke: Johnny Hobo Woke: Hobo Johnson

Erin Nadas : I am in awe. These guys have changed my entire perception of music. Amazing, absolutely amazing.

Hendrixxx : everyone says he gets a lot of hate? you guys just assume things I just scrolled down and every1 is respectful

Delta Code : Creve Coeur captivates and pulls my soul apart every damn time.

Jordan Andrews : "HOBO IS CRINGEY" A grown man experiencing the full intensity of all his emotions every time he sings his songs is pretty cringey, its also beautiful. To enjoy this type of music you need to have basic human empathy and the open mindedness to understand that all music doesn't sound the same.

Audrey Burkett : Creve Couer 1 12:03 Hi, says the girl with the right eyes That pairs pretty well when she hits you with the soft smile You can kind of tell that something's going on But she's like a Skrillex song that never drops She'll never talk, she'll never talk about the feelings that she felt today Better kept it inside of a fence inside of cage inside of a safe That's safe for her Cause they, they just hurt And she don't know why that god's on dirt I hope he's trying She said she said she said she said She said i hope he's trying "Frank do you think he's trying?" Then I said "I don't know" But I asked her "What's wrong?" She just nods her head And then i asked her "What's wrong" And she said He was the picture perfect person, loved my mother oh so dearly You could feel the love reverberate whenever in our building If it feel the same today I wish I know Sometimes you drive a car and lose control, and it pulls Hold me closely I don't think you should love me Always feel so lonely Knowing that nothing forever lasts forever Sorry Frank you're much too late, much too late Sorry Frank, you're, you're much too late Much too late Hi, says the girl who doesn't have time for relationship advice Rather relationships at all She holds her breath all day and fucking gasps for air every night She promised she would love me for only till the morning time The more that I engage in it the more that I am mortified That I am just like every other shitty guy And then bye Says the girl who doesn't have time for relationship advice rather relationships at all I asked her "What's wrong?" I asked her "What's wrong?" And she said And she said She said He's such a bummy crusty cruddy father fucking every girl he takes to coffee He lied to mom in holy matrimony Hold me closely I don't think you should love me Always feel so lonely knowing that nothing forever lasts forever, Sorry Frank, you're, you're much too late Much too late Sorry Frank, you're, you're much too late You're much too late, you're much too Sorry Frank, you're much too late Much too...

AdamoVibes : At first this was so weird for my ears. Now i absolutely love it. So beautiful and so much emotion. I am shocked, respect from Sweden.

Yulma Rodriguez : I love how emotional he sounds when performing. When watching videos of him performing live I like to watch his face his expressions it's very raw and captivating. I can relate to his music and he seems so human and relate able. He seems like someone who's awkward a lot which I like to see because it makes him seem more human and someone that I can really relate to.

Jervillian Swike : Something about this is fucking magical. I can't stop watching.

KylieKat : I love this mopey, poetic bastard. You can't fake the rawness of his lyrics and emotion. Peach Scone has been my ringtone since I saw the backyard video.

Reaper X Tribe : He’s great, hes original, has a unique cadence, and the instrumentals are phenomenal... you don’t have to like it, but how can you not??

Malcolm Schick : I don’t really like this as music??? But definitely respect it as art? Maybe performance art?? I’m so confused. Does anyone agree with me though???

Michael Kennedy : Low key Loki. Who needs a hammer when you've got this degree of emotional weight. Jesus he's good.

tauau : Please do a live album, i just love hearing the raw emotion in these

webgirl : Wow who lit this fire inside my cosmic soul

fattiecane : You're like the bright eyes of rap

Guillermo Vera : @npr_music is there a way for you to negotiate with these artists to share these versions on all streaming services. And that way another stream of revenue for you?

Jeff Brock : If bright eyes had enthusiasm

Rfarrell : Who cares if hes talented or not, hes making music thats audibly pleasing to some people. Music is subjective so if you dont like it why you gotta hate on it.