Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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fernandez : but that's the sound of people falling out of love

Joey Kidney : first time listening and woah this guy is wild

Kendra Geitner : He’s an artist my dudes. He isn’t a singer, nor a rapper, but a poet, and I feel people don’t understand that.

SchemaDoughboy : Not enough people understand how creative you have to be to write shit like that

Marissa Moody : He's a poet.. there just happens to be music

michael carter : I’ve tried explaining this band’s brilliance to people who don’t get it. It’s frustrating. These guys are simply incredible

MrSlyFox 007 : Nobody told me Steven Universe started a band.

Erick lopez : i really like these more than the actual release

press here for likes : One of the dopest performances on Tiny Desk. The imperfect delivery and signature cracking voice is on point with the anxiety and nervous lyrics. Every song has a meaningful clip of a poor guy's life. Thank you Tiny Desk... once again.

John Hanson : For you hobo, you’ve got not your happy ending but your happy beginning. Congratulations.

Hood Memes : who else is watching this for the 40th time

Eduardo Navarro : First few seconds of this video I was like wtf is this? I miraculously stuck around & I'm glad I did.

Yarin Bochian : Romeo & Juliet 0:00 Sex in the City 3:41 Peach Scone 8:11 Creve Coeur 1 12:04

Mikayla Diane : this is the first time i’ve ever listened to hobo johnson and his music reminds me a lot of broadway. that might sound weird but it reminds me of it because it’s poetry with instrumental in the background. the lyrics mean more than the catchy music. i appreciate that greatly and love them for making these important songs

louvigne : this is the poem scene from 22 jump street



kaitlyn : he's so cuuuute his little mess ups gosh

Jamie y : is this softcore La Dispute

Shock : I hate but like this, I can’t explain it... it’s good but, is it good? 🤔

Caleb Anderson : I’ve watched this video 18 times in the last three days

Maya A : Got off work last week, immediately frantically drove 4 hours to see these amazing people lol. I'm a super anxious, shy introvert but I was yelling all his songs out with everyone else. Met some wonderful people too! His music made me come out and into my inner self. Def my favorite living artist right now and best night of my life.

Kevin McIntyre : I love how he squares up to the mic before every song

Emma Marie : Honestly teared up listening to this the emotion is just so raw I’ve never had music make me this emotional

webgirl : Wow who lit this fire inside my cosmic soul

Mac Balcueva : God the first song made me cry

Phoenix Thomas : Creve coeur is a sad but beautiful song. Thank you for this tiny desk concert.

Ryan Bailey : No idea how so much emotion bleeds into every song.

916 neighborhood watch : This guy is proof that hip hop continues to evolve.

Trey Jorgenson : Post Malone for kids who didn't get invited to parties

Bernadette Dalcour : Brilliant!!!! I'm obsessed. The lyrics and performance are so organic....he's sharing his soul and unprocessed thoughts and they are soooooo relatable.

Lucas Berndt : Hey brother. Your guys' YouTube ad worked. It started playing on one of my visits (and I HATE YouTube ads) but you caught my attention and now I'm a huge fan. I love your work. You guys are talented.

Ja Ac : Never heard of them but the honest awkwardness is refreshing and revealing. I dig it!

Vinicius Raphael : Damn, how can someone start with the energy at that level?

Jordan Andrews : "HOBO IS CRINGEY" A grown man experiencing the full intensity of all his emotions every time he sings his songs is pretty cringey, its also beautiful. To enjoy this type of music you need to have basic human empathy and the open mindedness to understand that all music doesn't sound the same.


Edward : this guys giving me a lot of Lin-Manuel Miranda singing Hamilton in the White House vibes

Matt Lorentz : I just can't stop watching this. The passion and emotion that comes from this is so engaging!

squeese tater : creve coeur 1 breaks my hearttttttt

Dan Wood : Who agrees he needs to do a "live & unplugged" album. Anyone who likes this and votes it up gets first dibs to buy tickets. That's my rule... lol. I Love this.


Gosh Danish : Is he really that awkward or is it a stage thing....either way he is adorable❤😊

winoza : I appreciate the stories he paints with his lyrics and how raw he is with his performances. But it still bothers me how awkward and off his delivery and tone is. It’s like he’s both simultaneously trash and good at the same time. I don’t know how to feel about Hobo Johnson. Wish him the best tho.

Joey Trombino : It's as if he took truth pills and is trying to get every thought out before his head explodes. Love this dude.

Ronnie Myrick : 15sec: what the heck is this 30sec: this guy sucks 2 minutes: ah, i'm kinda feelin it. 12 minutes: what... [sob] an... [snort]... arrrrrtiiiiist!! [blows nose]

alyx hassain : Im stoned so bare with me, i think youre such a poet like its beautiful, when you were singing romeo and juliet and the music just stops and its just you talking, that is a beautiful technique that rlly captivated me, the way you perform these song is brilliant too, youre doing really well and i love you so much, i now realise this sounds like a rlly mature person said that but no im just an 18 yr old girl whos listening to you stoned n loving the music youve created

Brooklyn Browne : At first I didn’t get hobo Johnson but after watching this whole this I LOVE HIM I LOVE THIS

Adam Sarnovsky : Came here skeptically thinking i'd only watch a short bit, ended up watching the whole thing. What an awesome twist on music.

Simon Håkansson : when he said percocet, I felt that

Thomas K : This is like screamo for hipsters