[VRChat] - Wait.. wait.... wait...

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Justin Y. : But... what is deep? *Vsauce music plays*

Not A Prophet : I showed this to my brother because he actually did it once c:

ーグレ : *wait wait wait....like how D E E P*

Meavy Hetal : Mickey Mouse killed it 😂

PhyKoha : “Wait ok wait wait- so how- are we- wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait like how— like how deep?” -Sans the Skeleton, 2018

Justin Y. : *Top ten most confused anime characters of all time*

Lurker Numbers : Mickey mouse yelling at sans in pure horror as a Morgan Freeman and a bunch of anime characters laugh at him is what describes the internet and this video in unnecessarily long details

The Flapper : Why Does his laugh sound like a starting car

ArctixXx : Sounds like a eraser 0:09

MyselfTheThird : It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... On days like this, kids like you... *Should be milking their prostate.*

SkyDragonex : Roses are red, Billy has a strange jeep, Sans stuck his finger up his bum, It doesn't matter how deep

Mutahar Farooq : Stop giving people fanfic ideas lol

Achy ka : god bless VRchat

Maxy max : Sans:wait...wait....wait.....wait.... Me:*DIES* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sans:like how deep XD HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

connor Alarcon : Mickey Mouse coming from the side killed it

Smoothie Face : 0:10 In which way?

Seth The Twisted : This doesn’t help the undertale fandom AT ALL!

Chxra_Playz1 /Roblox : Wait was that Pewdiepie I heard?

Sombra : there were like 3 other people on his line and like 10 other in the back that also didnt move, so why is everyone going to the Sans guy?

scaf : Does it have to be MY finger?

Monika : Wait... wait... *HOW DEEP?*

Shooken Sis : Legend says it that sans is still saying wait

Vanessa The Skeleton : Sans nooo

pinepapple :3 : when frisk is not around.

juan2004623 : In VR Chat: * does or says something absolutely not funny * People: *Wheezing and laughs* why, just why

Mokey : Ok wait wait wait


Blinky's Creator : 0:21 Mickey lol XD

Babylon : dont worry sans.... so have i

Queenie Queenie : And it's from *SANS*

TheSkeletonKid : I would like to know how deep please.

Frick Frack : *W A I T... W A I T... W A I T....*

Samantha Gonzales : I dont get it like why is everyone losing their shit over him specifically?

Mikytone Chu : нσω ∂єєρ?!

Ed SkyNight : Damn it I wish I could play this game.

Trixlem : isnt that dyrus?

Izzy Hutton : Morgan Freeman playing VR Chat now?

Sprite Master : At this point, the fact that it's Sans doesn't make it worse....just WTF

Taylor Twilight : Niga said how deep wtf

Azumarill_TF2 : Uhh...context? *CONTEXT!?*

Darkness Rang : Well I mean everyone wipes there ass with toilet paper soo....

sad boy : Lastima que no se inglés pero parece divertido lo que dijo :'v que sad

NotARussianSpy : the sans fanboys and fangirls had dirty thoughts about this, and deleted their history shortly after🤨

ThisdudeisStuckOnPS3 : *L I K E H O W D E E P*

AbyssWarrior : What’s happening here I’m confused

Jacob Gacha : How deep tho? HEY VSAUCE MICHAL HERE

kelo the fox : The dudes laughter sounds like a dolphin😭😭😂😂😂

Fire dragon128v : God damnit sans! Why did you have to be so kinky! You are making us undertale fans look bad! 😂

pamdada : What makes it even better is that he has a Sans skin lmao