The Preciousness of Time: A Stephen Hawking Tribute

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"Inspiring" is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but Stephen Hawking was truly that - the Einstein of our time. This is my tribute to his life and his message. melodysheep @musicalscience Help caption & translate this video:

Comments from Youtube

Taylan Kocadağ : Look at the stars and not at your feet. Stephen Hawking 1942-201∞

schmoyoho : great tribute to a legend 👏👏👏 "I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road." - the GOAT

nihonium : If only all videos on youtube could have as good quality as this one

Gekkibi : Stephen Hawking, 1942 - 2018 - ∞

Militant Pacifist : The only scientist that had auto-tune as his voice in real life. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking.

Andreea Morgenstern : This is so... Touching. Now, he is the brightest star on the earth's sky.

gryphonshire : "Our Destiny is in our Stars." Yes, we ARE Stardust, & I want to go "home" again. Thank you, Melodysheep, for this appropriate tribute to a great man.

taksh hadvani : Plz don't dislike this video for the sake of the greatest stephen hawking

Mees K : You just cant dislike this. If you do, you are not human or you missclicked

Pandá : "We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special - Stephen Hawking"

droid264 : Thanks for the memories Dr. Hawking.

Patches Hyena : My body went through WAVES of chills watching this. Thank you melodysheep and thank you Stephen 💕

Necroglobule : He is one with the universe now.

B Berry : I must say, I feel the Einstein comparison that gets thrown around a lot just isn't fair. He was who he was he was the Stephen Hawking of his time. Such individuals as those two are in their own league, and were great for what they were and accomplished. To compare lessens the respect for both I worry.

josh barton : Our destiny is among the stars... We will miss you Stephen. You are now one with the universe.

AirgiodFeochadan : Brilliant mind, brilliantly portrayed. Thank you.

Anthony : Gaaaaaaaah Symphony of Science!!! I’m so happy! How do you do it MelodySheep?! How do you make every single SoS video so amazingly perfect?! Every single one of them gives me goosebumps. You have a unique ability among humans to inspire and create awe in others, a gift I’ve never seen any other person hold. Thank you for bestowing upon humanity your artistic genius. You ironically deserve a Symphony of Science about yourself. When I watched your Origins series on National Geographic with Jason Silva, I... I had no words. It’s was like poetry.

trey jibade : I miss this man so much, it's incomprehensible. Such a great mind!

Zidders Roofurry : I have never subbed to a channel so hard.

ErK TheErK : I knew you were going to do this. Have been waiting. Thank You.

Jenny von Henkelmann : Thank you for this very special message.

LimitLyss : This is a great loss to the entire scientific community and it will be hard to continue without him. Although he is gone physically, Stephen Hawking will always be with us in our hearts and minds.

motherfkr987 : Can i know the name of the music?

D Patriot Gamer : Stephen Hawking wouldn't have want us to wonder for the next "Stephen Hawking". He would have wanted for us to wonder for the future.

Hey Im Eagle : Rest among the stars my man

Aki Ami Masen : *All the 101 dislikes are from TRUMPISTS TRUMPtards.*

- Swirl - : Man, I felt like every footstep while listening to this song was heavy and important, pushing me forward, what a weird feeling :o

OhManTFE : A great tribute, well done.

Shammi is Hero : R E M E M B E R IT Stephen Hawking is not dead yet ! That was just part of an Highly Confidential Experiment.... Now he is in 5th Dimension

Silent Seeker : Rip Hawking, one of the greatest minds

WarzoneBETA : Goodbye Prof. Hawking.... safe travels among the stars sir.

Deconverted Man : Goodbye, Hawking, Goodbye. :(

Urban Meze : Great video :) what s the music called? R.I.P. professor

michael fairfax : He was an amazing human being. Greatly missed but more, greatly remembered.

Kx14Gaming : What's the name of the song that is being played? It's so beautiful.

Clara : Thank you, I really needed this

RCJGTA360 : What music is used in the video?

brian : Stephen, we will miss you. i hope your theory of quantum gravity is true. Good travels in the universe!

Lana Grabarchuk : He was a great man...thank you for this video, that's amazing

Anonymous : This is so sad. I absolutely loved Stephen. R.I.P your mind touched millions. And changed the way we look at the Universe.

sahu akshayakumar : Love you Stephen hawking

Deeponjit Bose : Whoever dislike the video are bustards A great TRIBUTE TO SIR prof. STEPHEN HAWKING

Ramonizado : No words... just... thank you. :)

NaruGoku : "Try to make sense of what you see" I am getting goosebumps ❤ RIP Stephen Hawking

First Portion : Stephen Hawking. You are my role model, you are what I strive to be, you have inspired me, you will be missed, you are my hero

droid264 : Thanks for this...he will be missed.

Ivan H : rest in peace. u was and are THE SCIENTIST of our time.

Julio Chao : Thank you so much Mr. Boswell for this amazing gift. This is truly a special tribute to one of our greatest minds in recent history. Brilliant editing, music and film-wise... just goosebumps.

MEMES 8 : The Genius who will always be remembered in the human history.