Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Mayonnaise IS an instrument

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Song made from only mayonnaise. I hope that the quality of this channel is evened out now from all the yeah boy videos. IG: @therealflamp @philipoftheneff Animated footage belongs to Nickelodeon/Viacom but is used within fair use. Everything else was produced by me. Tags- is mayonnaise an instrument is mayonnaise an instrument remix is mayonnaise an instrument song is mayonnaise an instrument patrick is mayonnaise an instrument spongebob is mayo an instrument is mayonnaise is mayonnaise an instrument patrick star funniest moment spongebob squarepants partick quote spongebob quote best top spongebob remix youtube poop #Flamp #Spongebob


Cloud9 Snood : Squidwards just jealous because Patrick is a star

Gaurav G. : Sometimes I applaud YouTube's recommendation system. This is one of those times.

Dragoneclipse : Patrick: is mayonnaise an instrument? Squidward: no mayonnaise is not an instrument. You: Is that a challenge?

Cathy Obrien : my mom walked in on me watching this i switched to porn to make it easier to explain

Ava Templeton : Squidward: No Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument. Mayonnaise: hold my beer.

ellie m : my mom walked in on me watching this she was really proud of me

Sticky Glue : Reminds me of the beats I made in the Club Penguin mixer.

IdioCracy Official : Patrick: is Mayonaise an instrument? Squidward: No, Patrick. Mayonaise is NOT an instrument. Flamp: Hold my beer

DESCANT : Squidward: No, mayonnaise isn’t an instrument! Mayonnaise: Hold my beer

SophiaLikes Cats : Friend: So what is one of your talents? Me: *I slap Mayonnaise with a spoon for a living.*

HALA HAMMAD : Squidward : mayonnaise isn't an instrument Mayonnaise : am I a joke to you

eva owings : Let's give mayonnaise a round of aplause 👏👏👏👏👏👏

5tr0n9 r080t man : Squidward: Mayonnaise is not an instrument Mayonnaise: *Bich what did you say?*

Nina Carmela : *Patrick* : Is Mayonnaise An Instrument? *Squidward* : No. *Flamp* : *-Hold My Beer.-*

Not a Nintendo Fanboy : Mayonnaise is an instrument it is a percussion because a percussion is anything you hit and shake that makes sound!

Pepperminto : Imagine Squidward’s face if Patrick starting doing this in front of him.

Cutie Pie Sarah : Patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument? Squidward: No *Patrick shows squidward this video* Patrick: Now, tell me again, *IS MAYONNAISE AN INSTRUMENT?!*

Doodle Noodle : Squidward: Mayonnaise is not an instrument. Mayonnaise: Hold my beer.

Exstactic : 1 like: one jar of mayonnaise saved from abuse 😢

Slazerr : Nobody Youtube recommendations: Did you know mayonaise is an instrument?

Mason Zerwas : Nobody: Recommended: is mayo an instrument?

Son of maximillamus : 2017: no 2018: no 2019: Is MAyoNaIse An InsTrumEnt

M A R I리안 : squidward : no patrick, mayonnaise is not at instrument mayonnaise: hold my beer

Jadoy the Skadoy : Me: Mom, can we get mayonnaise? Mom: we have mayonnaise at home Mayonnaise At home:

Winter Pheonix : My phones legit on 1% and this if what I'm watching..

SoloBeans : "So, what instrument do you play?"

kollerm : Squidward: Mayonnaise is not an instrument Flamp: I am about to ruin this mans whole career

Millie _Bella : Squidward: mAYoNaIsE iS nOT aN INsTrUmeNt Flamp: *hold my ketchup*

Joe Matta : Friend: so what instrument do you play?? Me: well, it's complicated...

OpticalBacon 337 : Squidward: Mayonnaise isn’t an instrument Flamp: Observe

Josué Valdivia : / ( • ) ( • ) \ Patrick is watching you .....

Snow is the World : Take that, Squidward!!! *wHo PuT yOu On ThE pLaNeT?*

EzraMVP : Music teacher: so you guys told me you all play instruments Also music teacher: hmm lets start with you, what do you play Me: mayo Music teacher: ummm... Me: lemme try to *EXPLAIN*

SuperGalaxia YT : Randomy dood: What instrument do you play? Me o-oh.. uhh Random dood: well..? Me again: *shows this video* *1:16** later...* *both playing the horse radish instrument and the mayonnaise instrument*

Adrienne Moco : My friends on a Saturday: partying and having a fun time Me:

Leon Amann : Is Mayonnaise an instrument?

🌟Sydney Young! : Professor: what instrument do you play? Chick: a flute Student: the trombone! Bro: the ukulele Kid: the piano Me: MAYONNAISE

Shine Är en gud : Patrick:Is mayonaise an intrsument? Squidward:No Patrick,Mayonaise isn’t an instrument Flamp:Observe

Kirsten H : Mayonaise is an instroment, confirmed I cant spell, confirmed

Toasty Bread : Patrick: is mayonnaise an instrument Squidward: no it’s not an instrument Patrick: Hold my mayonnaise Patrick: *raises hand* Squidward: Horse radish is not an instrument either Creator of this video: HmMmMm Is ThAt A cHaLlEnGe??!?!?

senseikath : Nobody: YouTube Recommends: You want music made from mayonnaise?

Pump Too Brazy : Mom:what are you doing with my China and mayonnaise? Me:uhhh....,

Bastianlervik : Patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument? Squidward: No, mayonnaise is not an instrument? Flamp: You dare challenge me mortal?!

AbbiCat : Squidward: Mayonnaise is not an instrument You: *I'm about to end this man's whole career*

allygator06 _ : Squidward: mayonnaise is not an instru- Me: WE ALL KNOW YOU’RE WRONG! Also me: it’s ok Patric, you can play the mayonnaise.

FISH : Person: So what instrument do you play? Me: It's hard to explain

Nᥲdιᥒᥱ Nᥱᥙtᥱᥣ : Teacher: What instrument do you play? Me: The *mayonnaise.*

It's just Becca : Squidward: No Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument Me: That is not correct

Narwhal Planet : *Patrick:*Is mayonaise an instrument? *Squidward:*No patrick, mayonaise is not an instrument... *Flamp:*Hold my beer.. *Me:*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)