Is mayonnaise an instrument?

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Minefan48 : I just watch someone makes music with mayo... *slams laptop* and that's enough internet for me today

Kïng_Øf_Hëartz : I always knew Patrick was right...

*SLAYED* *QUEEN* : _iS DeAtH aN iNsTrUmEnT?_

Burning Ass : Teacher: are you a musician? Me: yes Teacher: what do you play? Me: mayonnaise

乇爪乇尺卂ㄥᗪ丨ㄩ乂ㄚ : *Top ten instruments you never knew were an instrument*

Trap Music Now. : You know nothing Squidward.

Cloud9 Snood : Squidwards just jealous because Patrick is a star

Rafid otong : Patrick: "is mayonaise an istrument?" Squidward: "no patrick" Me: "hold my beer"

Unicorniii ii : *Patrick should go for president*

Kid Kahula : Nothing like the sound of a good jar of mayonaise

T2G * : Youtube in a nutshell

DRRE : Is editing an instrument?

GaminGui RANDOM PRODUCTIONS : Is bicth lasagna an instrument?

Kurt : *Brought to you by Hellmann's*

danie 035 : Legends say that Squidward still doesn't believe that it is an instrument

Loxi : *nice to watch someone playing mayonaise*

Dont Sub Or Else : Tony Stark : *GET LOST SQUIDWARD!*

Neonorange135 : Is this the Krusty Krab?

Tiger TV : How to Basic wants to know your location

Wonderland : So this was on my recommended.. I have a chemistry test tomorrow..

Morgan Lemons : Yes it is

This is Argus : When you thought mayonaise only for sandwich Mayonaise: *THIS ISN'T MY FINAL FORM*

Jemal Suleiman : 1988: In 2018 we will have flying cars! 2018:

hello there : play it at 1.5 speed and its rapid

Enzo Lenzi : *SQUIDWARD* *HAS* *LEFT* *THE* *CHAT*

Allyza de Lara : that's mayonnaise abuse lol

♡Addie Grac3♡ : mom: what instrument do u wanna play when your older me: mayonnaise mom: 😐

Sugar Bird : Well that proved squidword wrong 🙂👍🏼

Sprite Zero : Squidward: No Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument. Patrick: *BET*

J and A Pics : And today on “why is this in my recommendations”

HoboJoe2016 : This should be a mayonnaise commercial.

Cupcake Sprinkle : Is the internet an instrument?


Eniola Olasehinde : iS lIGMA aN iNSTRUMENT!!!

UrRegular FortniteBeast : Patrick would be the perfect president


Josh Flowers : This sound like fapping

Potato - Kun : Apparently squidward doesn’t know his instruments

Skylin Phanelson : -but is a tomato an instrument-

ZachAttack : Yes Patrick, mayonnaise is an instrument. Horseradish is an instrument too.

Denisa Alexandra : Yes Patrick, mayonnaise is an instrument.

Little Club : *squidward has left the chat*

The Boss Wrecker : Yes Patrick mayonnaise is an instrument.

tiresome_oof : Squidward: "Mayonnaise is not an instrument." Flamp: "Hold my beer."

Mark McCulfor : What about horse radish?

Meme aholic : In my band I play the mayonnaise

Miller Riddell : I've been using Mayo incorrectly all these years

1,000 SUBS WITH 2 VIDEOS : Part 2: Horse Radish instrument

verdel Balana : This is the prove that mayonnaise is a instrument😃👍

IsThisTheKrustyKrab? : Do you play the mayonnaise?