Is mayonnaise an instrument?

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Miller Riddell : I've been using Mayo incorrectly all these years

ClimaxClaw123 . : “Humanity has now reached its peak.” -Some guy I’ll never know about.

Levko : Mozart wants to know your location

Ana die kuhleee : he lied :( squidward why u lied :(

Edward Jung : Squidward: “No Patrick, Mayonaise is not an instrum-“ John Cena: “Are you sure about that?”

Dan1 yal : In my band I play the mayonnaise

#1 Mario Fan 2.0 : *Patrick wants to know your location*

[] • luck • [] : / \ 》》》》》 / \ / ( • ) ( •) \ / ~ \ Patrick needs help getting his top head on the proper way. 1 like is one adjustment.

GD Forks : *Squidward wants to know your location*

Dinesh Sooknanan : Im sure horse radish is an instrument too

ʏᴛᴅᴏᴛᴛツ : *squidward has left the chat*

C A : *I'm so proud of this community*

GalecticAJ : *1900 - I bet we would have flying cars and new gadgets in the future!* *2016:* This is not mine hue

lasagna dinner : Eh, it was okay. Little too much cholesterol if you ask me

Mystic Wolf Academy : "Mayonnaise isn't an instrument* Squidward said.... *BOI YOU MORE THAN WRONG*

Trap Music Now. : You know nothing Squidward.

Frozere : This video is sponsored by *HELLMANNS*

Pikachu Petra : Is mayonase an instrument!?!?! This guy has some *PROOF!!*

Ariadna Neko chan : vengo de el video de Un Poco De Todo... TU IGUAL!!! no lo niegues!!!

shaggy ultra instinto : Vienen por un poco de todo :V

someoneinred : I just watch someone makes music with mayo... *slams laptop* and that's enough internet for me today

Loner Dude : this is the only reason i use mayonnaise

Cheshiretes Official : Welcome to Episode 254 of why is this in my recommended

Gacha Sarah : I think this is sponsored by *mayonnaise* clearly and thanks to Patrick :)

Game Knight : *I was born in the right generation*

Loxi : *nice to watch someone playing mayonaise*

sabas sauceda martinez sabas : Alguien viene de parte de un poco de todo

Lemons : 10pm: I'll just watch a few more videos.. 3am: Is mayonnaise an instrument?

U Get rekt by SpuderMan : 2.4k people thinks mayonnaise is not an instrument

Luckyleri : This proves that Squidward is wrong! xD

HoboJoe2016 : This should be a mayonnaise commercial.

HumanBillCipher : Please make a XD

Lemon Chan : This is content I subscribe for

Diebrothersgames 1 : *squiadward* *has* *left* *the* *chat*

AlctrZ : The mayonnaise sounds wrong tbh

La vie de Samy : You should do a collab with *ketchup*

Suga Kookies : So mayonnaise *IS* an instrument!

S' ybel : Omfg the mayonnaise is an real instrument !?

Toby Juan Kenobe : It may be an instrument, but can It floss?

123 Piemcsauce : You proved squidward wrong, you are a true god

T2G * : Youtube in a nutshell

zane the h bomb 2 : "You learn something every day kids"

Dasha Panigrahi : Horseradish has left the chat

Toby Juan Kenobe : Other people: what music do you listen to? Me:

Rockylol : Tht moment when u can play music on mayonnaise better than on the guitar

Josué Valdivia : / ( • ) ( • ) \ Patrick is watching you .....

Daisy 105 : Mayo is an instrument

x Rhenum x : I'm deaf and can't enjoy this masterpiece, o good captions are on...

No Name : you can't use a spoon. that doesn't count

Random Fortnite Stuff : Squidward But mayonnaise is a instrument