“It Wasn't Luck”, Who Is Gary Vaynerchuk?

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Keila Keto : Found you from Gary! Amazing work! Keep it up!

El Economista Youtuber : Coming from Gary Vee's channel! Congrats!!!!!! Great channel!

Alexander Sandalis : While YouTube is super over saturated with animation content now, I got a feeling you'll rise through all that with this style. You ever need anything let me know. Would be happy to collab .

Rasmus Flensborg : Omg, your channel is going to blow up in the next 24 hours #CameHereFromGaryVee ... PS, and so it should, your content is amazingly well done!!

Turbo : Love the hustle! Keep up with these awesome animations :)

Uke Enun Jnr : wow! love this guys, wonderful animations, especially where they were immigrating... Gary's the G.O.A.T for real

Curious Pavel : saw your video on Gary's channel. Nice animation. Keep going:)

John Basedow : This is an awesome video. The amount of effort you put into researching, producing & editing it is beyond impressive. I’m sure Gary appreciates that a lot. 💪🏼💯

Tommy Bo : I CAME FROM GARY VEE! *and I'm so glad I did!*

Akira Okihu : Great video, mate! I'm here from Gary Vee himself. You've got a new subscriber.

MJ ILLUSTRATES : Great job! :)

abrayan makonde : Coming from Gary's channel, good work, I love your animations, adobe after effects i guess, i work a lot with that too, to do lyrics of course, check my channel , oh and this is my first commercial work...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehuTp3JGNTY

John Byun : nice video mate

Mikey Bee : Awesome video and great channel!

Shamindra De Zylva : This channel is about to blow up.

TechieBro : Am the 2000nd subscriber, Good work guys

Tapan Kamath : GaryV sent me here. Just Subscribed!

The Torrens Family : Great video!

JonnySel Productions : #CameHereFromGaryVee Gary sent me. You guys did a great job with this. Keep it up! :D

Kosher. : Here from Gary's channel, love the videos!

Nicole Randall : This is great! This is an awesome summary of what Gary Vee is all about.

Laukik Udpikar : 👌

Nahush J : Me Likey😁

JASMINE V. SMITH : Please keep putting out more content like this! Especially since so many well known Social Media Giants have information out there. You could own the market on doing one similiar to this on all the major Social Media Giants of today. Either way, great work!

Jeevan immanuel : gary the goat no doubt

Saman Shariati : Loved it!

InModiasWeTrust : How in the HELL does this video have only 432 views!? You guys are amazing! My soapbox is currently quite small, but if there's anything I can do to promote your work, hit me up on Instagram @inmodiaswetrust

The Real Nogues : From Gary's channel well done guys :-) from Brisbane Australia

Kilo Gram : Just binged watched all your videos, great content man, Kepp it up XD

S nim : I was expecting more science video rather than more biography .

Ara : Guys you need more advertisement, because content is amazing, just no one knows about you

Lucille Kate Natura : very nice video!

Jesse Estrada : Hey coming from Gary V. I liked your animation style. Any chance I could email/contact whoever was in charge or assisted with it? I'd love some pointers and might be interested in hiring. I can be reached at 321.crusty@gmail.com. thanks for your time!

Chaitanya Singh : I love that this don't have any dislikes

Jasmeet Kaur : The rhyme of the title, though.

Luny & Milky : Congratulations on reaching to Gary! x') |m/

Junia Findlay : Gary V brought me here. Good video! 👏👍🛫🤓

Josh Antolin : Such a great channel! 😊👌 - a gary follower haha