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funkierfawn budgie : should've got pop rocks too :P

BigMuff75 : Lip smacking puts me more off than that crunchy sound

Nuff Said : Stop offending the millennials while theyre in a safe space!

HalfVariouss HD : Make a popcorn in library

1077mikev : @4:34 that kid had one chance to say anything we would ever want to over 4 million people to hear and he passes it up like what are you doing

King Nameless : I'd have to stick that megaphone down your throat, this was annoying

Naru-Chi-Luff : i'm sure the girls loved that sound ... don't ask me why

annihilator 3 : Eat popping candy through a megaphome in a library.

X Silencer : 2:27 when the actors look into the camera

Dan7974 : Do a fart prank into the megaphone!

ZestyCraft : That one nigga who eats with a megaphone-_-

Yazen Hussein : This is so stupid

Selena The Potato : I bet they have to travel all across the state because they keep getting kicked out of all libraries

FollowerofChrist Penticostal : LOL!!!!! Pause at 4:18!!! I'm dying from laughter. That was so uninspected! 😂😂😄

MythicalStorm16 #Life : What did people at the library get mad? Would’ve been a good time to laugh lmao

Bee : I fucking hate loud eating but this cracked me up! 😂

Cody Miller : Hahahahaha! This is GREAT! Oh sorry, did you want a carrot?

Castle In The Sky : 1:16 is that Liz from Big Brother or is it just me

Miguel Maldonado : Its too annoying, not even funny

Patrick Star : You should do this at the dinner table at your moms.

aaron neeley : pop rocks in a megaphone

ttomato182 : Todays youth are an insult to society. I can't stand them.

Jake Rubnitz : I would NOT be able to do that with a straight face.

Yik Chen : you should put the sound of someone mating in the library with a megaphone

MatrixWarrior98 : Now THIS was funny. Well done

*Redhood* : Some peopel have really fucked up their lives...

Ota Dota : 3:41 yo he has a msi gaming laptop yo he came to library to play the game yo................

MJ BaLocH : If i were there around i would do two things for sure1. Take your all food and ete them or 2.punch u in the face so you could shut the faak up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

William H : It was funny until you guys talked. Then it just seemed like you were trying too hard.

Andrew Soung : Hey guys! I am a edm producer and I wanted to share my remix to you guys! Check it out i wont disappoint yall! https://soundcloud.com/asoungmusic/3lau-ft-bright-lights-how-you-love-me-asoung-remix

SpyRoi_King King : 0:36 that with yellow cap looks like john cena..

Jacob Leonard : Worst video on YouTube by far

Stormy : "Why are you using a megaphone?" "I don't know" Lmfao 💀

Ben Marlon : You can't beat asian girls, they are fckn awesome

Ashaq bhat : Why the fuck did you ignore that specs girls.

Beth Phoenix : The best channel i'd fucking watch forever

Monica Sathe : Lmao this is like asmr in real life

epoivre : at 3:55 what is the guy doing with his legs :O wtf

NightCoreCity ! : Dumb idiots please delete your channel i would hit you so hard if you did that to me so anoying to watch

dBrothersPB : 4:16 hot af. And no one have said that in the comments. Dude his hair tho.

Kr4k3n : Use a bluetooth speaker with this thing in a backpack while eating. Still loud and they wont see whos doing it

Yuri Scene : 4:08 what the heck is that..

jz2vador _ : "Why do you have a book" 💀

Jake Snake : Why do you have a book? 😂😂

Shaikh Adil : 1:55, why do you have a book? 😂😂😂😂😂

Jochim Dever : I would have to sock u dead in the mouth

Loom Geek : Idky but I chose to watch this with headphones. I'm more patient than I thought.

Jack T : That last guy was so fucking hot omgggg

Nathan Kim : 4:05. OMG It's Chris McLean from Total Drama Island! XD

HYPE-_-WILDCAT : i thought this was javascript studios