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LIFTWITHUS : You guys should make a 🎤 with bluetooth or wireless speaker, hide the speaker some where and start eating.

Angelia's Adventure : My Favorite Part: 1:53 Why do you have that ? This Yea Why do you have the book ? That's a good question

ToasterThatFlies : *ASMR has left the chat*

OnePunch Man : 1:44 damn these white girls getting thiccer by the day....

Uzi The Goat : 4:07 for some reason he reminds me of those disney characters

Nima Nowbakht Ghalati : I wonder why they didn't ban you from library yet

Mima VX._ : 4:18 Okay.. i was eating chips And i Saw this face then i choked of laughter XD

CherrieTheUnicorn : Dude: why do you have that? The Guy making this vid: what, this? Dude: ya! The Guy making this vid: we- I don't know, why do you have a book? Dude: I don't know, that's a good question The Guy making this vid: seeeee *shares the banana* Edit: lmao

Uzi The Goat : 4:07 OMG okay he is kinda cute

Adam Downes : 1:30 The legs on her!! :O

Dan : Guy at 1:50 is chill af lol

Lazyjulio 20 : "Why are you using the megaphone" "IDK" "Ok" one of the funniest parts of this video

Zedric Ogalesco : The dislikes are from the people in the library who has to deal with this kind of stuff

Savage Girl 123 : 3:48 Right when I saw the blur on her face I knew right away she was going to be the one that was going to be upset😆👌

swagger99 : Pause at 4:18

DubStepZz : Just when you thought eating loudly couldn't get any better

FuryPlayZ GT : The girl in the right in 2:08 was like "WHAT THE F IS THAT SOUND?!?!?!?!?"😂😂😂😂😂

RN Ecleo : 4:13 my fav guy lmao😂😭😭

WitnessedFlea : 4:14 my friend in a few years

Allison Fields : Everyone in the comments is throaty for guy @4:15 lmmaooo Edit: Um. I meant thirsty, but still got 8 likes lmaaooo. Glad that "throaty" made sense to those 8 people 😂

Jackwn - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale : This is exactly what I susbscribed for

nelson mandela : This is a real asmr

pyromancer !!!! : Mom: " EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!" Me: (Gets microphone,gets vegetables and fruits, then goes to library.) "Chomps nonstop".

Savage Girl 123 : 3:15 Is the thumbnail

Anime Dino13 : *asmr is that you?*

D u F i X : 1:21 how to undress girls

psycho bird -H- : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCsSLyMs15zVLc_aoaZvCo5g

100 Subscriber with no videos : What did the librarian say to his son? Read more

Oli Miah : nice vare fane

Teodoro Cano : ASMR


Faizan Khan : Came to Pakistan I'm so happy my brother

Oliver Steinwall : Cringe level 1000

Halid topalja : I fram syria

Snap: wkw50 : يموت ضحك. 😂😂😂👍

Timi Meduteni : I would have loved that if I was in the library!! That’s ASMR live😂😂

Unicorn Lover : I got a new video idea Eating slow in the libary

Sxvage Gaming : That was soo crazy and wierd! 😂😅

Angel 7 : Anyone in 2019 👍🏻like

Ervan Cahyono : 2019?! Anyone??

GoldPranks TV : Finally you guys return YouTube needed you

Meme's 4dayz : I saw u guys when u did ur 24 hour challenge in skyzone trampolines I was to scared to see u guys because there was a crowd of boys and I'm the only girl :/ I rly wanted to see you then you left to go get food :'(

ravi kumar : Owsome bro

Ronish Maharjan : more eating with megaphone prank guys.

jacob sinajon : oddly satisfying.

Jessica Lee : i would've peed my pants if every time you guys ate something you said "mmm" LMAO

BlueShock Gamer : Lv.100000 bosss That's how mafia works.

Savage Girl 123 : This is like watching asmr of people eating 😂👍❤👌

ItzCreep 175 : asmr... :) my favorite kind!

Maydayy : Lmao they just tryna study