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360 TrollScope : A happy little raid

Tarek ayk : Ah habbo...Memories

Your local milk man : Do IMVU raid

Lilly Pineapple : Do a raid in vr chat

Nunu Rats : Habbo should just spam ads during raids.

StickMaster500 : *We’re all happy little accidents*

Geert Wilders : This was exactly what i wanted to watch on my saturday evening

Gl!tchii : Now raid Animal Jam lmao

FearlessDreamer : 2:10 DIIIOOOOOOO

froster127 : *We Don't Make Mistakes*

WuT : I never seen a nation united like this.

Legend : Bob Ross would be proud.

Sir Krigeon : 2:10 What was Dio doing amongst the crowd of Bobs?

Rocket snail : RAID ANIMAL JAM original commenter coldnight 89

NonsensicalVids : the only time habbo has the most players is when quackity is playing lol

Chloe Patterson : Animal jam. Raid it's apparently popular

BlOoDy Goat : We need to do this on July 12, like if your agree ✅

The fuck a bird : Please raid bin wevils

Mememachine : I don’t think them banning you for raiding is doing a “bad thing”

Cousin Comics : *UN-HUMAN SCREAM*

CharaZX : Gotta love those midis

XxImmaDeadxX : this video should be banned. it shows how to become god which is not good help us

Mr. Lenny : Can someone tell me the name of the song at 5:15

zoutig. : When is the next raid?

RGN 707 : Next live stream raid idea, so Musicly is trying to come back is that so we must 1 star rate it in the google play store and apple store they shall not return!

MagmaParkHD : I love learning about my country’s history and the amazing war leaders like quackity

Bryce H : 0:40 instead of a "DISCONNECTED" it should say "Pool's closed due to raids"

Bob Billy : Grandpa, can you tell me about the Habbo Raid Of 18? *grandpa convulses and has ptsd attack*

Eleazar BEAST529 : Habbo looks like you had an happy accident

TheRealBowenBishop : I am so glad I perticipated

EliteSkaterBoii 23 : Young leafy a.k.a Quakity

Im dead and gay : pools closed. edit: holy shit I didn't know he was gonna even mention that. I commented before watching. Hell yeah.

Im DaMug : i was apart of pools closed sry i couldnt have been in this fight with u

turret mafioso : *Quackistan*

Kale Stars : I wish I was there but I was sadly to late for the registrations had got disconnected

• InsightAbe05 • : 1:04 I cant remember what the song is called

A woman with a penis : Raid bin weevils plz

Matt : Roblox Sucks Part 7 Plz.

FlixxyYT : H a p p y R a i d s

Zetagundamastley1219 : This was the first raid I participated in, and it was awesome! I even got blocked by Scarlet, and I hope to participate in more of your raids! Too bad I couldn’t make an account.

Jade : Truly beautiful. I cried.

Sawyer Jones : #RaidFortnite

ProGamer 711 : Do more raids plz

Meme Man160 : What if you raid a game while doing a raid on twitch

nel prro : *Just what I needed! My dose of quackityHQ*

Joseph Ventrone : Raid toontown

Yo Jotaro : 2:10 lol D I O

Nkb Studios : Why do every website not like you?

Wolfie Walfimations : Bob Ross