Shrek's Day Out

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Christme Productions : All this for a door.

Armando The Fox : Watch at 0.5 for the original all star

ʝαcƙ ωooժheαɗ : I think you've achieved a higher plane of existence

Lord Wallace : 0.5x for the normal song.

VidEffects HD : How you do it?

Ani's Trash Can : Do you work for Dreamworks? If not, you should work for dreamworks.

Kitty : Doctor:You have 1 minute and 37 seconds to live Me:

Olivia From Mars : I fuckin lost it when the whale went flying into the sky

A person lol : *BYE BYE*

Disapproval Squidward : This is basically shrek

hmm yes interesting. : This is why Shrek rarely leaves his swamp.

victorzvyagin360 : 2m views, not bad........ wait, why's it only counting MY Views?

KiainJohnxx : Shrek 5 leaked.

Lalo Báez Carreño : If you want to hear the normal speed of "All Star" from Smash Mouth on this funny Shrek video, go to the options of speed & at 0.5

Robert Booth : 1:25

Андрей Гриценко : WHAT I JUST CONSIDER???

Stephanie Hudson : 1:14 when I won't stop bothering my brother.

Mittens : All the little details are great, like 0:45 "FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR SHREK"

PoptartLover2007 : Shronky?!?

Candy Weep : i come here when im at my lowest

Xycron : ONION

Tyler Featherlan : ...why is this so well rendered?

jadbuilder : Shrek has no time for thots

Piotrunio : Sir Shrek...

Hank K : I unlike this video just to re-like it again and again

Ani's Trash Can : 1k people don’t have a soul.

Freddy and Funtime Foxy : How is this animated???? Or so how are their shadows does the same movement to shrek??

Jakub Zagrabski : *1:13** [*] DONKEY*

Kermit Does Everything : ONIONS? ¡WAFFLES!

Tenshin Time : hes staring you right in the eyes the whole vid holy shît

Decaticon Lord : legit best editing ever

Snow eml : Танец 0:17,0:18 А немец

Alex Haywood : I like how his body moved but his face didn't change

ll Interlude ll : What did I just watch.

PlantedFat Cat : 0.25X that intro thou

Number #1 : Watch this video at 2x Speed for More Madness!!

Dougcraft_47 : I lose it everytime at the car crash

Yariel Liriano : Can't Stop Laughing 😂😂😂

Ева :3 : SOME

Sonic Teh Hedgehog : Speedruns in a nutshell.

coffee : I've rewatched this video way too many times.

Layla. gaming TV. fun Caba : BYE BYE OINOS

Illuminati Bendy Best Friend 228 : Shronkey

NadiXD YT : :V:

Krajčis : What the shr*k?

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : I’m pretty late for the party. What’s coo- Oh.... Nevermind I’ll just....

John: Mundo Videojuegos : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ay que risa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

xxxgameboyxxx boygamexxx : this is art

famaroj _35 : B Y E B Y E

TheRealGamingYT Roblox and more!!! : Shronkeys ???