Shrek's Day Out

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Xycron : ONION

Андрей Гриценко : WHAT I JUST CONSIDER???

Ani's Trash Can : Do you work for Dreamworks? If not, you should work for dreamworks.

Dragøn productiøns : *BYE BYE*

Mario Reality Shows : 1:26 Shronkey?

Decaticon Lord : legit best editing ever

Lucas Vargas : When you work even on Sundays and you got 1 day of vacations... What will you do? Shrek-0:10

Luigi Marinus 3 : Does that means shrek 5

C.B.R studio : *SOME*- Just joking

Christme Productions : All this for a door.

stephanie kawaii1616 : At 0:02. Is when i died of laughter because he started walking fast and the music got faster lmaooo

Sander Nilsen : 0:31-0:42-when my senpai See me

Diego Gar : Put this video in 2x speed

Five nights at Miraculous Zygarde's : 1:10 what are you do...💥

Slimi Le Slime : I've rewatched this video way too many times.

Ani's Trash Can : 1k people don’t have a soul.

Who did you expect? Sportaflop?! Lol : If you put it to 0.5 speed it's almost like normal speed

Taxmaster G.A.G : At the beginning I thought that the music and shrek were rolling so fast 'cause Shrek had forgotten to buy Toilet Paper...😂😂 Love you Shrek😉

Bopo6yIIIek : 1:12 rip donkey **mlg sad violin**

Shy : i like to think this took you exactly 3 years to make

Smol Gay Cat : shronk you for visiting

SlashXLegend ! : omg this is funny as hell

Plub 64 : Why is always facing you?

lucian baciu : The most useful button in this moment:LOOP

Rick Roll : Shrek 5 leaked footage

NebelNacho I ChelMaster04 : what tools is this made with <3

Captain Jackass : Running an errand like 0:00

Alex Trap : how's your life g- 1:13

Duck man :D : Shrek in a Nutshell

Solid Brix Studios : Yes.

Tb the mad Potato : I was meant to be doing my homework for tomorrow... Oh well

Toska Winiarska : Fuck it's 2 am wtf I'm doing with my life.. Geezus

Peliha .ip : This should be the real Shrek, not the Pointless Characters Paradise.

Molly Kemp : Turn this onto 0.5 speed for the original song, but with 100% more awkwardness.

Insert unfunny Joke here : *BYE BYE* ~words of a genius

lucian baciu : Wanna hear the song?speed 0.5

Jakeb Ripley : what are u doing in my swamp

Nerdlore : So what is the average day in the life of the shrek? OH HELLO THEAIR! THIS VIDEO WILL EXPLAIN IT!

Gavin Films : Why do I think 1:13 is so funny???

Nabbit's Youtube : "Sir Shrek--" *"BYE BYE"*

Drunk thomas studios : *O N I O N S*

Martino Bunny : 0:11 me at the bank

Jason Gaming : This cured my cancer

Hooba Dooba : Shronkey

głupi idiota : hmmm that very good

Danek Radwanski : This needs a sequel XD

Risto Anchez : If I put 0.5x it's normal song

Martino Bunny : When you have 1:38 to live 😂😂

The Zesty Potato. : What did I just watch? I would say that I didn't like it and just leave, but that truly was a price of art.

The Name of a Broken Man : I lost it when Shrek hit Donkey with the time machine