Shrek's Day Out

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ChrisTehMii Productions : All this for a door.

PowWow Animations : Mondays

PowWow Animations : I am confusion.

Lxndsi : I’m laughing too hard.

TCRebMeeker : 1:13 R.I.P. Donkey :(

Ani's Trash Can : Do you work for Dreamworks? If not, you should work for dreamworks.

Patricio Tijerina : The perfect religion does not exi-

og Diss : I watched this ogre and ogre again

jiren :v : In 0.5x is normal :V

GroovyDominoes52 : i dont know why im laughing but i love it

hmm yes interesting. : This is why Shrek rarely leaves his swamp.

Twinkle Ninjago : The Shrek 5 trailer looks great

Skerdoosh : *ONIONS*

Thomas Hall : This is Art.

Unconscious mind : *Just your average trip to the grocery store and back.*

Xycron : ONION

Jack foster : 2X

NotTheDankestMeme : leaked footage of shrek wr speedrun

SPOOKY : *_-S H R E K T A S T I C-_*

The Melon Man : *Yes*

Андрей Гриценко : WHAT I JUST CONSIDER???

landis terrell : Play this at 0.5 x to hear song better

MLGJan : Enough internet for today.

Roof the Hipster : This is Beautiful

Mary Knst : why am I crying

Granton8ter05!!! : *SHREK 5 CONFIRMED!!!*

Studio J : running from the storm in Fortnite like

Fox Tails 1241 : I LOVE IT BRAVO BRAVO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Chihuahua Kawaii : 0:35 when you bypass a ban

Justin Y. Jr. : -Sir shrek, I prey that you take this fav... -B y e B y e

Ani's Trash Can : 1k people don’t have a soul.

cocomations : SHRONKEY

Pusheen lover 16 : Shronkey shronk you lol

FriskyFox : *bye bye*

Kevin Vazquez : Rip donkey

ʝαcƙ ωooժheαɗ : I think you've achieved a higher plane of existence

Rildo Alves : Very Crazy more mass of like

erucae : help

BaronvonPiano : This has always been my favorite Shrek meme.

Suicidal Kanna : *onions*

Decaticon : legit best editing ever

The Rising Spartan : Yes. Just, yes

star the angel dragon : So cringy LOL

Danklus Jeffrey : Top 10 best anime

PotaJoe : I think we found the true form of god.

Armando The Turtle : Watch at 0.5 for the original all star

bush did 9/11 : An artist classic


Isaac land : 1:11 rip swhek 1:12 rip dunkey

Pelicansea : 50 likes equals this video but with sponge bob music in the background on my channel