Shrek's Day Out

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Ani's Trash Can : Do you work for Dreamworks? If not, you should work for dreamworks.

Ani's Trash Can : 1k people don’t have a soul.

hmm yes interesting. : This is why Shrek rarely leaves his swamp.

Decaticon Lord : legit best editing ever

Андрей Гриценко : WHAT I JUST CONSIDER???

Number #1 : Watch this video at 2x Speed for More Madness!!

Cuphead : That's... that's beautiful😯

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : I’m pretty late for the party. What’s coo- Oh.... Nevermind I’ll just....

Zero The Furry! : It's heavily uncomfortable that he's always looking at the camera

WOW_EDGY_MEME_CHILD : I wish my day was as exciting as shreks

The Zesty Potato. : What did I just watch? I would say that I didn't like it and just leave, but that truly was a price of art.

Foxyazul2 Gta Y Mas :D : 0,5 omg

Gamer 26 : 1:10 When my teamates wont stop following me.

Case Kirby : "So, Shrek-" *BYEBYE*

Iconic Face : My favourite Dreamworks's film

Maria Bonachini : WTF ! 😂😏😂😂😂😏

William Campbell : BYE BYE

Dodge it all : Underrated meme of the year goes to....

SuperPool : This is why I love the internet.

Nightlife 9 : *S H R O N K E Y*

Jnyr :D : *O N I O N S*

coffee : I've rewatched this video way too many times.

dragon dude : 0:00 when you wake up and you realise your late for school

Luke Fraczek : *ONIONS*

jamesisawesome 1 : *Dreamworks*: YOUR HIRED

Avenger32853 : Slow it down by 0.5

Rick Roll : Shrek 5 leaked footage

Zachary Gratschmayr : Honestly really good animation

AnonyMorshu : 2,002,604th View. Shrek came out in 2001. Huh.

Pb fox : It's so high quality

WOW_EDGY_MEME_CHILD : I love the description for this video! 😃

Christme Productions : All this for a door.

Silentzypher 2 : BYE BYE

RadicalOne95 : Turn on the captions. You can thank me later...

Jorel Cruzate : You are shrek.

JuniperFur : When you notice you procrastinated basically your whole life

Play Plav : WTF?!

- forgot : 1:10 Best Part

Δ CedGaming Δ : Watch in 0.5x

Vikke Mapper : Those onions looks like Shreks hands😂

Solid Brix Studios : Yes.

Eslaf di Emanon : That was beautiful.

Lalo Báez Carreño : If you want to hear the normal speed of "All Star" from Smash Mouth on this funny Shrek video, go to the options of speed & at 0.5

Luke Burns : Sir Shrek- Bye Bye!

lol garcia : 0:03 i ate the shop?????

lol garcia : Bye Bye

Honest John : Shrekway or subway

None of your fucking business : Shrek 5, leaked test reel

INACTIVE : Shrek is my religion

Insert unfunny Joke here : *BYE BYE* ~words of a genius