Homophobic Heckler Hits Comedian in the Nuts - Jeremiah Watkins - Comedy Juice

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Homophobic Heckler Hits Comedian in the Nuts - Jeremiah Watkins - Comedy Juice While performing at the Comedy Store, Jeremiah Watkins encountered a Green Beret who had an odd obsession with nuts.

Comments from Youtube

The Angry Dudeist : If you're gay, just be gay... Repressed gay feelings are responsible for so much hate and violence... And if you're a Green Beret, *DEFINITELY* don't let anyone tell you that you cant be gay...

waalex11 : Steve sent me here. Great video.

Nigel Liotta : 👊Jeremiah takes it like a champ. I like a comedian who's as difficult to offend as the audience should be. The animation of the loud laugher cracked me up.👊

cabby26 : Weirdest interaction I've experienced in long time.

letsPlayGames : I appreciate how he just keeps putting out jokes even though he's just become infertile.

Adam J Smith : I appreciate the animation!

owenbrau63 : I seriously doubt he was a "full bird Green Beret".

William Cortelyou : This guy is obviously a fan of the Rick and Morty show, Ball Fondlers.

joeno MRC : My grandfather was in the service, and most vets would probably be pretty ticked off at that "Green Beret"s actions

jonnyjoker01 : He was definitely gay haha It's so bad that some people hide behind homophobia. The world would be so much better if we (as humans) were more accepting.

Maor Ohana : Who's the animator? That clip was great!

Alex palmer : Haha I’m at the comedy store a ton I can’t believe I missed this. Haha 😂

Rigor_Mortis : The chances of him being an actual green beret are slight. Most special ops I've met dont behave like this, or at least dont broadcast their status. And does he mean full bird Colonel? Someone please clarify for me.

Julian Smarts : Gotta love that he’s wearing the Bill’s Hat

Alpaca Two Niner : If that dude is a GB then I'm a multispectral rhinoceros

waalex11 : WTF lol. Too bad this wasn't recorded.

Jack My-Ears : More animation lol

Ms.MonicaPyle : This was the most awkward exchange. The animation was perfect though

S : Nothing quite like a person doing an incredibly brave and selfless thing for their country and then ruining it by cashing in on it for the rest of their lives by using it against the people they claimed to be sacrificing themselves for. I’ll never forgot a ride on a bus with my Mum, when I was a kid in the late 70’s... the bus was mostly empty and it was quite stuffy and hot. So my Mum opens a window and then this drunk belligerent old man aggressively yells at her to shut the window and goes on a tirade about how everyone owes him a due because he’s a vet. Frankly, f*ck him. He’s not worthy to have served in our nations name. And thankfully by now he would be well and truely dead. Was a pitty my paternal Grandfather was not present there and then. Because he was as humble as can be and yet fought in WW2 as a Spitfire pilot and would have set that fool straight.

Blu Daizee : Who'd have thought you'd need to wear a cup to do stand up? Lol

Tommy Wilson : This is not a Green Beret.

spoot : Why was his voice so clear though? Was it dubbed over to make it more audible?

srs13 : I’d love to see the actual vid 😂

LeilaniPunani Mania : Lmao I wish this was caught on camera but honestly the animation is hilarious.

Jeremiah Watkins : Thanks for watching everyone!

Lotrnerd 503 : Ouch

Jm4n : In the Navy they play Gay Chicken. It takes many forms. One of them is two guys go in for a kiss. The first to back out looses.

Sean Haynie : Need to work on your homophobe countering. Just keep encouraging him to finally come out of the closet.

humanix : The animation is funnier than the content itself.

patio87 : "Homophobic" stfu sjw.

Vernon Nichols : comedian???? so bad

X Million : So-called green beret thought he was a comedian delivering a punch line.

Aslan T Vorlon : A full bird colonel in the green berets should have his entire body registered as a lethal weapon... special forces... could kill with a single finger!!! He should be up on charges for attempted murder!

James O'Blivion : #hetoldmetoplay

Farken Mayhem : This is gay

Fracas As-needed : Where was the "homophobic" part?

Ruudy and Munkey : What's a green beret ? Forces ?

Blaire : This seems fake...

ReddFoxx1562 : Aside from having no jokes in a clip from a comedy show, this sounds very staged and not authentic.

Gianni Alfred Escobia : OOF

klcvas45 : That was assault. The cops needed to be called and the "Green Beret" needed to be processed and booked.

Mason james : Didn't laugh. Sorry bud

Brian b : way to live up to a stereotype.... go burn another cig loser!

Hot-Headed Gladiator : Did he cum though?!

waalex11 : I wish you made a joke that he's a fag cause he touched your balls damn it. Haha.

Brandon Rankin : He just wanted to touch his penis that badly I guess