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Magne Ivar : Finally i got a like on my comment wait why is it blue 😂

Llamacorn Dreams : Give a like for da panda🐼😂 👇🏻

xXIndo RaptorXx : 2:00 a normal day for sponge bob square pants

Jol Kil : Nice trick’s dude’s have a gday and 2019 everybody.

Miguel Gimeno Sierra : Like if 2019 migvel_gimeno

MsTheAmazingJ : Your videos are great but why did you load the dishwasher with only 1 fork


Raven Sorrows : 3:33 Cody's face when Garrett got the waffles in the toaster tho

Shah Zaib Mehmood Rasheed : Coment if dude perfect is ur favourite youtuber LOL

PlushieWorld 693 : TYLER (have not watched for days) JUST BEEN HACKING!? ohh ur anonymous

Anthony Cronin : At 2:59 Ty says pow because of where the original spoon hit

Mixed Mood Will : Legend has it that the great ambassador Garrett is still administering punishments for those not using coasters to this day.

Aaron Pretty : 3:04 for all the men if it was harder you know how that would feel😱

OnesieGaming | Minecraft : These are the shots that u r very proud of when u do by accident, but no one see's

Jayden Yang : when i say that it easy: It’s easy🤣 *one second later* I think i must of failed!

Nolan Case : 3:22 comment how many times do you think Panda had to change the clock.

Shardzzz : NOOO.. rip crotch 3:03

Star Catz : My favorite part was the intro

Robin Reierson : Hey Guys! Dude Perfect are the best but.... its been a long time since they have made a stereotypes video. So if you think its time for a more stereotypes video LIKE THIS COMMENT!

Robin Calix Chew : 0:57 The towel toss is legendary I have troubled tucking the edges in ok...

Dionne Clark : Wow this doesn't have any likes yet... FIRST

Ty Roberts : favorite shot. ALL OF THEM YOU GUYS ROCK

Elinor Dargie : Did you know that all of these guys are MARRIED!!!!,, 😊

Chadderbox : Makes 4 trick shots in a row Can't turn off lights

SmartCatie Wilson : 1:29 Garret: Don’t forget to use the coaster man Me: Why is he saying that when he slides the coaster to him

Marc de haan : Like if this guys are gods

Hann. Bear : The coater thing was the best 😂April 2019 anyone?

Excalibar : 0:48 if there were bloopers 1st SHOW ME THE FOOTAGE 2nd R.I.P the yard

Durpo : How easy would life be if you nailed these trick shots every time

Keepril liane Estose : Hey dude perfect all my classmates said that your perfect shots are just editsis that true like if your classmates also said that

Nadia Messous : Real life trick shots stereotypes - coaster forgetter + my bad + the bad habit That's ty for ya Dude ImPerfect pound it, noggin'

Skirkermin : 2:00 *vegans left the chat*

Random Vlogzz : Make teaspoon trick shots 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Emily d : I wonder how many times they set the grass on fire 🤔😂

DrewTheBeast35 : My favorite one was the coster 😂

Ej Alcon : use subtitles at 2:19 😂😂😂😂😂

SinBOT Lol : Cody had tear the paper 2 times

All the Colours of the rainbow : Dude Perfect vs That's Amazing minus Owen.

Benjamin Torres : Notice how at 0:46 Cory was in the background “watering the plants” just in case Ty missed with the match. Edit: Thanks for all the comments I love you guys

Akash 80 : Who's here after overtime 8?

Life equals dance : Plz make more frequent content i love u guyss

King Nick : 4:23 everyone has tried this helping their mom bring in groceries

L TabsYT : Boss trick shots. Click 👇 how much u love dude perfect

Beautiful GURU : It would be cool to know how many takes they have to do for every trick. lol

Rayyan Azad : i love how when ty is using firing up the grill they just happen to be using a hose in the background

Hay Day Geek : Cody’s closet is bigger than my room

atomic936 : 0:46 Imagine if he *missed*

Ralsei From Deltarune : Imagine how long it takes to nail one shot Only pure luck if you guys did it on your first try 😂

Yzen Al-Marrawi : Who’s here after their new video