Queen - Live at LIVE AID 1985/07/13

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Simon Christensen : *My friend Chief Mouse has restored the Live Aid video. That is now the best version to watch* https://youtube.com/watch?v=HktW217yGTw

Jenn Blue : Well, I feel bad for whoever had to go on next.

Shadow : *Who Loves Freddie?* 👇🏻

Vegas Martino : *We're not here because of the Movie.* *We're here because we're a bunch of longtime Queen fans.* *Welcome to the club.* *Enjoy the opera, Darling.*

Felpaw Gaming : Just watch the BBC documentary on Queen and it says that his doctor at the time actually advised him against doing live aid because of a throat issue..when you think about that and the fact that he was able deliver this much power even with his throat having issues is a testament to his skill and vocal mastery as well as his showmanship and devotion to his fans there never will be another Freddie Mercury

Marie Healy : Why would someone dislike? Gee, some people are weird as hell

Raphael Angelo Bumatay : *Who has a Queen Fever after watching the movie?* 🙋

Raghu Seetharaman : I'd sacrifice Justin Bieber for just one more day with Freddie Mercury.

CHORIZERO : A graphic designer, an astrophysicist, a dentist and an electrical engineer on stage

Daniel Arias : 0:36 Bohemian Rhapsody 2:42 Radio GaGa 6:53 Ah Oh! 7:34 Hammer To Fall 12:01 Crazy Little Thing Called Love 16:03 We Will Rock You 17:21 We Are The Champions

Lizzie Bye : I was eighteen and I remember Queen at Live Aid as if it was yesterday. Anyway, Queen came out on stage, whom we (young Americans) had once loved (but it had honestly been several years and the love had unfortunately lapsed - sorry!). Queen had been off the American radar for awhile, so we did not know what to expect from them, unlike some of the more contemporary acts we had tuned in to watch. Well... Freddie Mercury absolutely and completely stole the entire event! His stage presence and live vocals were so utterly amazing that you knew you were witnessing history!!! I still feel sorry for anyone who had to play after him. (His dominance in the movie was not embellished in any way!). Actually, Freddie was even better than the movie. BTW, I can tell you as a straight mid-western man, that Freddie Mercury opened more minds about gay rights with his decency, attitude and demeanor, than anyone else at that time. Watch the crowd. Do you really think anyone cared about his sexuality during that 'puritanical' time? He was truly an icon and was an accidental, but nevertheless a fearless, and respected warrior for his life choice. However meaningful that part of his life was, it is unfair to limit his influence to just that singular aspect. He was a true and fully human artist. A transcendental and timeless talent. Best I personally ever saw. Who possibly compares?

Reis World : ok who came here after watching the movie ? Really spot on idc what the critics say . Love the movie and will be seeing it again this time with my kids :D

xpoltas satlop : Freddy was the type of man who would steal your boyfriend.. girlfriend..cat...dog..and you become sad because he didn't pick you

Michael Campanozzi : Damn imagine being there..that was music history being made.

killa766 : *I cant believe people actully left dislikes on this video I just don't get it ... this is the most outstanding performance...*

nik dousthagh : I would literally give my life to bring him back to life ... People need to understad what actual talent is ,not just effects on voices and things like that...No.

The 1flym : "You have 25 minutes to live" Me:

AFunDad : Not gonna lie, i was asleep on queen, after watching the movie, it has opened my eyes to the genius mind of freddie mercury

aahasnain : Just imagine being there. Just imagine ... oh my god I wish I was there, history being made

Yash Jain : *45K liked this vedio With their PHONES UPSIDE DOWN*...

Squidster Seas : Imagine these audience are subscribed to pewdiepie

Angelo Kaska : Wish I had a time machine and travel to 1985 to attend this concert!

Gubba Bump : 40 year old American here...We joke with the brits on royalty, the revolution, WWII and such. But they absolutely kicked our asses in rock music.

Cristal Foals herd : one words AMAZING

Regine Hujer : If you're watching a younger generation of this video, I can tell you that it's the only true music! (I'm 14 years old.) My English teacher (I'm German) recently asked me about the latest music trends and I said: Not at all, because the best music has it in the 1980s and 1990s" You will never again experience such good rock music or such good music in general! 😭😍😍😍 😅😊

Pinkie Pie : There won't ever be any legends again like Queen and Freddie Mercury.

BitterBosh : THE definition of having the audience "in the palm of your hand." Nobody did it better.

silvercrow : Wow what a performer Freddie was. Amazing energy!

Claudio Soto : El mejor concierto de la historia. Así de simple.

Pol Char : Where is a time machine when you need it.

Affle Falafel : Back when music was actual talent

Heathen : I’ll never forget this, July 13th 1985, my 8th birthday. My father brought me down to JFK Stadiums parking lot and got to hear most of Live Aid Live. My father died 3 years later. This still sits as my favorite memory of all time.(yes I know this performance took place in London. However Live Aid was a concert that took place in 2 countries at the same time. Phil Collins actually performed in both on the same day. My memory takes place in the US portion as I’m from Philly)

Carlos Arias : His vocal chords were taking a hell of a punishment, but he managed to sing almost every note to perfection.

Fauzan Akbar : *Don't stop me now* would be great performance if he was putted the song on dis concert

Mehdi Affes : 1:58 Freddie's Neck arteries about to explose ! That proves the power he has in his voice

Tee’s Life : Thanks dad for playing queen every single second of the day! 😂 im definitely a fan 😋

Universal Television Фильмы : Who is here after the premiere of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody?

Gilberth Carrizo : Dame me gusta si vienes despues de ver la pelicula.. jaja

ej_ soul_jah : Its February 2019 and this Kind of Magic still continues! The Legendary Queen of hearts & souls in rock & roll! Long live the QUEEN! its now 3am & still listening with their songs! $h!ţë!

Mörkö : Youtube made a mistake putting the dislike button

GalacticGamer72 : Oh what I would give to go back and see this performance...

Kore : "We are the Champions" was so emotinal during the movie that I legitimately almost cried... what an amazing preformance!

Erikazinea : Who is watching after Rami Malek win Best Actor Oscar?

Michael gunslinger Harrison : i am not a queen fan what so ever.... im a slayer sabbath person.. but ill straight punch someone in the face if they say these guys werent just amazing live..

Kevinator 03 : Nací tarde :"v

Adriana Dominguez Dominguez : freddy putas Mercury el hombre mas perfecto del mundo.. guapo, talentoso, sexy ... todo en uno

코치케이CoachK : I'm crying and I know there are lots of people watching this are crying, too

Shivraj Gohil : Please get the Oscar Mr Malek

αlιєи fяøм ʝυριтєя : Why is there even a dislike a button? Freddie should only have a like button

Shadow Strike : Still can't believe he's gone Rip Freddie