Lady Gaga Performing At Hurricane Relief Concert

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Monserrat Bartels : I love u mommy monster

TheBigHase : She's a miracle. USA u gotta be proud she's one of you...

M * : We need her, so beautiful 🌹 and articulate 🌸 ⚘

yes no : She looks absolutely stunning as always.

Vyron Harrison : Some of you saying the "old Gaga" needs to come back. SHE NEVER FUCKING LEFT she still has a heart of gold.

Leon Shen : Both her speaking and singing voice is powerful here.

andres caicedo : She is the best!!!

Megan Fox : I have goosebumps and two wet cheeks 🍒 I love you GAGA

Wendy S. : Million Reasons sounded like the Superbowl version which is my favorite

Tadeáš Stehlík : 3 times Standing Ovation in one performance!!!! She is a Legend!!! I love her so much!!! #BravoLadyGaga #PawsUpLittleMonsters

Imagine Raptr : She’s our president

Chris Fabro : The most incredible performance. Just wow ❤❤❤❤❤

Michael Jenard Ligan : The Greatest Artist of All Time! #POWER 🔥

Tyler Manifesto : Amazing perfomance !!!! Gaga is the BEST 👌 Her voice 😍😍

Al Mo : Lady Gaga is better than Beyonce

Daniel Taylor : What a class act

athenascurse : Its so amazing to see all of them together. My entire life is sitn in that front row. I was born in 1979. I didnt realize this until now. Wow.

Steve Williams : Gaga is so much more than a ''pop star '' .... A beautiful person , inside and out . A great entertainer ... going through her own troubles and still trying to make the world a better place for all ! .... Her music and amazing voice are second to none . Something very different about her ... her sincerity , honesty ... she truly cares . A very special lady with a lot to give ... and she's givin' it .

Sam Arora : Doctor: you have 23 mins to live Me:

j jane : fabulous gaga

Adrian Isaac : She changed a lot since her Joanne album came, we miss the old Gaga but we still love you Mother monster 😘😘 thank you for uploading this video cause I'm seeing this on faceboom but can't watch em 💚

Deborah Viele : Each time I have the opportunity to see these former Presidents together I remain mindful of what a precious moment that really is. I've lived long enough to witness some of the greatest voices of our times. You, Lady Gaga belongs in those ranks, standing shoulder to shoulder with the best. Thank you for your many, many contributions towards a better world. #oneamerica

Martinemil Ramos : Gaga is god 💓

FameMonster : She changes so much with each album. I miss the old crazy Gaga who gave no fucks and spoke her mind but I also love this Gaga, whose goal is to spread love. I can’t wait to see her in Austin, TX in December!

Martilhando : QUEEN❤❤❤

Öykü Gaga : She's the Real Queen !!!

julie 0708 : She's a real legend

Fizzle's Life : I love Gaga so much! 😻🌏xx

John Bee Records : Nothing but respect for MY president

Wendy S. : Yoü and I😍😍😍

winehousedrunk : She's a major sweetheart. Talking about true leadership. I think she led the ship well.

Born To Survive : #LadyGagaforPresident !

Sam Arora : I can't stop smiling...oh my god

germanottass : I am so proud to call her my role model.

meshaal _o : She’s so amazing

Kart W : Just amazing

SGDevotee : You should run for office Gaga!

Ruby Ruby : She looks and talks so classy!! I’ve been a fan since that beautiful National Anthem she sang. I am also a fan of American Horror which she was amazing in.... i was honestly worried about her singing the Anthem... But she showed her classy side then and I’ve been a fan since😄🇺🇸

Kart W : So glad she sang You and I😍

朱仔 : Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

athenascurse : Tyvm for helping those who have lost so much. Yet havent lost their souls.

jessica Kay : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Michael Jenard Ligan : You could really feel the overflowing pain, the passion igniting from her heart, the POWER through her vulnerability, the resilience beside her failures. From the ashes, she rises like a Phoenix. 🔥

Miss Behave : That's it. I'm having goosebumps for the rest of the year

Janet Harold : Lady Gaga is such a phenomenal force and does so much good!

daniel mejia : She should go for president.

Giovanni Rana : she's monumental.

Born To Survive : Those vocals❤👑👒

Cry Baby : SHE DID THAT!

Noble Wolf : 3 standing ovations wow....