Spyro's Bad Day (Spyro Parody)

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mashed : Does this video 'reignite' your excitement for Spyro the Dragon? 🔥🔥🔥Comment below!!!

CircleToonsHD : The voice acting and animation was superb, I was sad to see this end.

Presley Hesson : 1:44 “I hate Dragons...” “I hate you more, what’s your point?”

Gam3r Tim3 : 4:30. “Two hours in a maze with snail elephants for a pencil.” This is actually a mission in the second game. It is every bit as tedious as it sounds.

SukoYote : What we all have wanted to do to Moneybags ever since we first met him all those years ago... 3:00

Slythero : 6:09 "Oh spyro! Have yo- *BOOM* I'm going to the beach. Ohkay"

Portalcuber : I cannot tell you how freaking accurate this is

Flowey Comics : “I HaVe A dIsOrDeR” He says this so proudly

Dragunlancers : "I HAVE SPENT 2 HOURS IN A MAZE WITH SNAIL-ELEPHANTS LOOKING FOR A PENCIL!" -Best quote of 2018 Edit:Thanks for all the likes! (Never got this many before...)

BlaketheBlock : Litterally video games in a nutshell. Get all the things and kill the bad guy because nobody else wants to.

Jai-M VidZ : I have been through ice! I have been through the ocean! I spent 2 hours in a maze with snail elephants looking for a pencil! ✏ *ExCUsE mE WhÅT tHÈ FUÇĶ?*

yoshi bull : *I’m just glad to see some representation and the return of Spyro.*

Skullcrusher416 : WoAh, ThAt'S rIpTo. hIs tHe BaD GuY.

Adrian Fluffbutt : “You’re so mean! G U L P! TAKE ME HOME!! i nEeD A bAnDAiD”

Slythero : 5:45 This fucking demonic laugh. Its so good.

Nin10dohgirl1 : 1:57-1:59 Sparx was giggling at Ripto's misfortune o.o"

TrueUnderDawgGaming : When you realize that Gnork never uses his hammer to hit you...

Oscar OV : Just the way he always pulled back his swear words because it's supposed to be a children's game.

Abigail : 1:38 *BOOOM!* *Lipsmack* "Ohkay." 6:13 *BOOOM!* *Lipsmack* "Ohkay." COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!

CompletelyNewguy : 4:45 not gonna lie, that was pretty epic.

james739123 : got to give credit to the guy who did Ripto in this, this was fantastic

lightsen : fantastic parody ! the animation/voices/music all perfect! Definitely cracked me up a few times haha!

Caden Hawkins : I'M THE P R O F E S S O R

Wyattearpp : “My name’s Spyro and I’m absolutely flawless!” *absolutely flawless*


Doomarang3 : 3:41 Elora: "Great job Spyro, Ripto's at the top of this RIDICULOUS STAIRCASE!" XD LOL! 😁😂 (BEST. LINE. EVER)

Rational Nonsense : Basically the game in a nutshell

Kimmy Lister : Spyro: *Throws the Professor at Ripto* Ripto: Ow!!! What the?! Did you just.........?! Spyro: I don't care, leave me alone! Ripto: You're so mean!! Me: 😄😆😅😂🤣

Soliye : 1:38 6:13 I love it

Billaxle : _"C'MON! DO I EVEN HAVE A SAY IN THIS?!?"_ (*Snrrk) *"No..."*

Gabe Saravia : We really hope article 13 doesn’t get passed

Crowne Prince : Haha, this came out after I talked to Piemations but before the episode with him in it got released. At least I can link to this wonderful animation right away!

WolfAuraMaster : 2:14 Someone make this a meme please

TheSupernaturalBeing : I can’t stop watching this. This is quite possibly one of the best animations on YouTube right now. Love it! 💙 xx

Zeldrio : Jeez if thats hard for Spyro, imagine his reaction to being shafted into a toy for money. Unrelated, Im the only person left who still likes Skylanders

TheVeR01 : "you're so mean!" Ripto's delivery really made this for me! Their expressions are a hoot! Nicely done, mate

Crash Bandicoot : This was epic We need a CRASH version

ThatPersonMemes : *No, this is extortion, This is bullcrap* lol

Kimmy Lister : Ripto: Who brought a dragon into Avalar!!! Spyro: HE DID IT!!! Professor: I'm the Professor! Me: 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

Red Pen : The spyro voice is Perfect!

shlushie plushie : At 4:06 he says five but he shows four fingers...........so I guess his disorder is to not know how to count

Sir Yeet'd : *i HavE a DiSOrDEr*

RubyTheScout BLU : I really like this version of Ripto, why can't there be more of this Ripto. :D XD <3

TDaddii YT : Everytime a portal is broken a dragon smacks and says ohkay

kimjohnsen113 : Insanely well made! Loved the voice acting!

StephaniethePenguin : -C’mon! Do I even get a say in this!? -(snicker) No. Off ya go! “chucks Spyro through portal) XD XD

Fleasheatingfurry : That is a good thing to think about. All of the bosses seem easy to conquer in the reignition and the bigger dragons could totally fix these issues in literal seconds. Why dump the kid into peril?

Jenffry Colón : I love the reference "what's wrong with his mouth?"

SZion Heart : This is exactly how I remembered it. Childhood was great.😂😂😂

nylanegronreact : idk why but my brother showed me this xavier negron gaming but i can't stop watching this XD