Josh Blue is Killing it and Destroy's Hecklers at Comedy Works!

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Killer set at Comedy Works. Check out and subscribe to this channel.

Comments from Youtube

Jeff Koehn : The "HA" guy is named Dave....he's a great supporter of Denver comedy and yes, he really does laugh that way. I always love it when he's in the audience!

Lil Sokz : I laughed more at the "HA" than the actual joke! LOL

bradlbe : Read the comments to soon. All I heard was the HA guy.

Bearded Forever : HA! Ha! HA! HA!

Taimir Gore : I shouldn't be laughing so hard at that dude goin "HA" but I just can't help it. It's so dumb but it kills me everytime.

and4money4 : I like that one guy going "HA!" as if he's trying to out-laugh everyone else.

Moonrock_Fall : 5:10 the ultimate "HAH"

TheoBrixtonTheKid : I liked the part when the guy said HA.

wwjudasdo : 4:01 That "ha" is the best. Didn't hear any heckler. Maybe it's the "ha-ckler".

Jake : 53 HAs...

Raun Smith : What's up with the guy who laughs with just one "HA!"? Is that really how he laughs, or is that tourette syndrome?

Arcien : HAH! ... HAH!! .... 5 minutes later ... HAAAAARH!!!

Hey! Listen! : am i the only one picturing the guy going HA! HA!....HA! as a really fat guy sitting in the back?

Ada Lovelace : Why is that guy with with the mic talking over the guy going HA!? Doesn't he know that's rude?

Retro_Zombie79 : LMAO!! The HA guy had me rolling..

John Hall : Josh, how did you not destroy that fool that kept yelling "Ha" the entire set? Sounded like somebody brought a dog to the show.

johnnyzom73 :  OMG! My uncle Tom must have been at this show because he makes the same obnoxiously loud HA laugh. I always want to slap him.

whitedevil2 : i missed the hecklers. did i blink?

Kris Hammer : That wasn't a heckler, that was Pee Wee Herman.  HA        HA HA

b24harman : That dude in the crowd had some Class 1 tourette's syndrome. 

Shawty C : "you just witnessed a christmas miracle" made me HA

Sergio Scudieri : The HA guy in the audience soon went on to be the hype man in the song Panda.

Porglit : I've never laughed so hard at someone laughing at someone telling stories

garrett W : i havent laughed this hard in so long.. HAH.....HAH! XD

Justin Belliveau : i love how the "HA"s got more and more aggressive as the show went on.

Bryce White : the "HAH" guy is probably deaf and he laughs when his signer catches up. Or just really, really... REALLY slow.

jeaniebird : What hecklers? On another note; YOU ROCK JOSH BLUE! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL LAUGHS!

SHACA LACA : i'm laughing like that from now on. 

ashton ballou : why's peter griffon going HA! every 5 seconds

Bashenga.X : Hilarious, this dude needs to blow up.

LaLiLuLeLo : Jesus Christ that HAH guy

EB : Everything gets quiet... HA!

P V : OMFG lol that single HA! guy.....WAS EPIC...MADE ME LOL HARDER EVERY SINGLE TIME.... btw this guy shows us that disorientation can beat the orientation

P V : i completed watching just now and i think it was funny HAh!

Imagineth : I can't watch this guy! I have to keep stopping the video to catch my breath! I'm watching his special and I'm bawling! No stand up has ever made me laugh to tears. This guy is nuts!

Affliction0707 : i thought the "HA" guy is a heckler....rofl XD .......LOL'ing on that the whole time XD

mnj331 : That one guys laugh "HA!" Hahaha!

Leverenz : At 4:00 the HA-Dude really gives everything he has. HA

jazzboneplyr3 : Screech ain't doin so well these days

Andrew Vasquez : There was no heckling at all..

Eli Dockins : Jesus it seemed like me listening for the "HA!" guy was funnier at one point than the commedian

Marco Arsenault : HA!

DukeFan1971 : (blahblahblah) HA! (blahblahblahblah) HA! HA-HA! (blahblahblahblah) HA! ...... HA!

Aaron Smith : LMFAO OMG!!!! I didnt even catch one bit of what the comedian was saying because the fucking "HAH" guy is so god damn funny im in tears dude.

TheGDOTPRODUCTIONS : Such an annoying laugh lol

jerrbear5478 : Is someone honking a giant clown nose in the audience!!? 

Eledhwen Mare : Josh Blue is one of the bravest people I’ve seen.

Asalieri2 : Man, that "HA" guy really needs to have his vocal cords slit.

Matt Vee : That HA guy laughing had to be special needs, only explanation.