The Crystal Method - "Name of the Game" [Official Video]

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byFlaZeRHQ : Splinter Cell 1? Anyone?

Hooked on Chronics : Don't do coke with this dude

luckyleprichaun1981 : Crystal Method brought me here.. Screw your movies and games.. newbs

Draven, El Glorioso Ejecutor : Argentino promedio.

Narcotic Mayhem : Song comes on while you are doing something Feel like a complete boss while doing whatever you are doing

bloodstainDew : "My God, Fisher! Have you gone insane? The mission is over! "

Matt : Blade 2

High Noon : Sam Fisher brought me here

Thomas Weeden : So this is what they’re talking about in Remember the Name.

Pontius888 : Can't believe it's been 14 years already, I'm old.

zodiac909 : This music vid is clearly about the kids in school who had amazing skills, but never stood out because they were labeled as "freaks," either because of looks and/or social anxiety.

Bryan Wong : Blade 2 ass whooping scene brought me here

pontiacGXPfan : Tropic Thunder anyone?

Minichimi : Time to go to work, Sam

Super Kids : The guy in the video is jewish.

Sparang999 : Man the cops arresting him in the end is just wrong  He is just breakdancing not breaking the law or hurting anyone 

MrTaser99 : Yo! Top of the crown, Rape the queen, The fatal mistake in your cradle, Can't shake the dreams of fire inside of your phonograph, Battered with gas, And give you room to breathe, Through an adequate mask Everybody in front, Let me see ya pumpin' ya fists, If you up in the back room, When you rockin' with this. Come on, Keepin' ya speaker knockin', Jumpin', bangin', bumpin', blazin', Hot Callin' all freaks, Callin' all freaks now. Yo, yo Callin' all freaks, Callin' all freaks now.

stock9291 : You ain't gonna see this on MTV anymore

Shaders : Old splinter cell <3

MGSDude01 : The first Splinter Cell! With Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher!

DrZicnarf : Estoy confundido, no se si es Angel Di Maria o Leonel Messi.

scilver : 120% jew

Painkiller : argentino promedio : O

CptObvious : Only god nose what this video is all about :D

DeckerFI : When Splinter Cell was good

Chocolate Cumprimenta : Swifty vs 3 rogues!

Archaosthegemfish : any1 here from tropic thunder?

STEVE P : would this be good as a workout song?

Robert Pup : Old splinter cell <3

OldManMercy : Censored version is not good.

pontiacGXPfan : Blade II fight scene

tyr : When he say Nosey he ain't kiddin

Rye Hots : The video has been out for like 9 years and I just noticed his date's finger

Manh Vu : Tropic Thunder brought me here

RegularJohn53 : When I listen to this song I feel like a computer Hacker from the 90's with long leather coat and black shades

joseph boulianne : Who is here beacause of the remember the name song?

Ben noneofyourbeeswax : Thumbs up if u blade 2 brought u here

Javier Molina : Tropic Thunder

Francov2007 : weel, I think I'am the only one who comes from malcolm in the middle, right?

Jerry Watkins : That dude's got a nose for adventure.

Cenalashley : I had heard this song from Blade 2 fight scene

Dr3amTM : imagine sniffin cocaine with that nose :D asap don perignon

Fifield _kk : the music cuts out and gets choppy; please repost this video.

The Passionly Passionate Nightman : You can't really blame him for getting the condoms out. If a girl licked me I'd do the same.

Yılmaz DALKIRAN : I came here for *Tropic Thunder* movie.

rangartons : Splinter Cell :)

SWAT oO : still waiting the 2nd part. 3:34

Will Phillips : splinter cell, tropic thunder, and bo2 skin dlc trailer?

Inflatable Conan : Would make more sense if it was a black nose.

STAR LORD : Cocaine ain't no joke to this kid.