The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

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rachael : well that escalated quickly

slzzpwalker : I did not expect that plot twist lmao wtf. I was sincerely thinking of buying sea monkeys.

Slainedsoldier : Oh sheit Nazi brine shrimp plot twist

Nicky Pearson : I really wanted these when I was a kid but my parents would refuse to buy them for me because they assumed I thought that they were like the stupid illustrations, but I'd learned something cool about them, that they always swim upside down with their bellies towards the light so if you put them in a dark tank and shine the light from below they would go upside down or to one side they would align and swim in a vertical plane or a horizontal or whatever, so I managed to get some for my science fair project, they were fun :D If you ever get to Salt Lake City, the lake has really pretty brine shrimp that range in colour from a deep reddish orange to sunflower yellow to cream colour. I wasn't able to get them to breed though

Sackhead Jones : Jesus this went sky high instantly.


Christopher OBrien : Nobody suspects the brine shrimp guy

LupaCat cat : Man, I thought this would be how sad it was of how the animals where mistreated or something, but noooooooo it just had to be nazis

Corey Burns : These great big stories are fantastic

Li : i always wondered what that blue was inside packet two! i loved sea monkeys so much as a kid, damn...

Dancing Spiderman : I'll be sure to dunk my newborn into a tub of blue dye when The Baby Momma delivers next week

Dusty Arbore : So if Harold is a Nazi, then... *looks at sea monkeys* *hears a faint heil hitler...* *pulls out M1* DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE

Vickie Lawson : 'Twas nice of Larry King to narrate!

Simon Thornton : This one was brilliant. Very well done!

Luna Rose : Someone please explain banana peals

Silver Mist : 11:05 is when it gets dark

Cory D. : watch them grow into nothing like whats depicted then throw out the stinkin brown water a week!

Poo Poo McNuggets : Who's the male voice in this? it's very nice

Jaeden The Gamer : 1. The voice in the beginning was very nostalgic. 2. This channel needs more recognition. 3. I’m glad I found this channel. Seriously the voice brings back memories.

Shawn LaGrange : Shut up Meg

MadNotAngry : Initially, as the video started, I was feeling kind of nostalgic - as a child of the 60's I missed out on the Sea Monkey craze that erupted around me. Now I'm glad I never sent that ass a cent.

ComedicCoyote : This guy was a genius

Paul Martinez : Wow that really explains a lot. - as a young boy I always wondered why - my tiny friend see monkeys would throw there little arms up ' Sigg heil me.

Sir Deus Midi : Sea monkey Viagra... yup

ssplintergirl : The world is crazy.

Rocky Bearboa : It just goes to show that we shouldnt judge someones morality by their intelligence

Kuro Heart : Why are there no sources in the description

Max Jonson : and another snowflake does their best to make a old white guy look racist and evil

COOKIE GOODNESS : That got dark real quick.

DWatchRazgriz : So if he had supported a Black supremacist movement, like BLM, then he woulda been okay according to CNN...

jim james : So which part do we believe CNN? You had to make up some of it.....the part we all know can't be wrong....maybe the part that's so shocking is the made up one? "The Washington Post stated in a report that, despite his Jewish ethnicity, he had a close association with white supremacist groups, buying firearms for a Ku Klux Klan faction and regularly attending the Aryan Nations annual conference. In a 1988 interview with The Seattle Times, he referred to the "inscrutable, slanty Korean eyes" of Korean shop owners and was quoted as saying, "You know what side I'm on. I don't make any bones about it." Washington Post, CNN....real great journalistic bastions there.....Liberals are known for rewriting history, so again what should we believe?

Teddy Bonkers : Is Meg Griffin narrating this? Shut-up Meg...

Nathan Teagan : well that nazi bitch is dead so i can still enjoy my pink aquatic friends.

kimberly miller : Wow..I really did not expect this video to take a dark turn. Keep making these amazing interesting videos. You deserve all your likes and subscribers. Coming from a person that has been watching YouTube videos for years.

Dieter Goris : I didn't know this was a political video

Vintage Seinfeld DVD : Wow, I had no idea Mr. New Vegas invented Sea Monkeys! Too bad the whole project had to Fall Out of relevance.

Ryan Williams : That turned very dark.

J Nebrasky : Holy shit. A) I didn't realize that those ads were drawn by Joe Orlando B) I saw some of those in my dad's old comic books!

hey it's vani : Honestly the best part of 2016 was when I found this channel

Phoenix Rosen : Fuckin love brine shrimp

amen : Dark stuff starts at 11:04 Thank me later

Richard Barbaros : >Jew gets rich off clever business trickery >pretends to not be Jewish >donates mass amount of funds to Neo-Nazis, more than likely bolstering the movement THE GOYIM KNOW, SHUT IT DOWN!

Backroad Junkie : I once gave Sea Monkeys as an Xmas gag gift to everyone in the office. I got more sincere thanks for them in the following weeks than for any thing else. Even more than those flying pigs. It might have disappointed kids back in the day, but they're fascinating to bored adults in offices who never raised any before... Now I want to start a tank. Again.

Zach ymous : CNN Films? Fake news

dugwoj : There's no nazi like an Ashkenazi...

Alexis Harper : F***. Watching this video while manic in the middle of the night is making me go extra psychotic. 😰

Janet Estherina : Heil Sea Monkeys!

Keewee Froot : I often find myself thinking "everyone in those old black and white films are dead. Including the dog"

Madeline Gutierrez : This is incredibly well written and conceived. Plus, I never succumbed to the comic book ads far enough to send for them -though I did collect Kool-aid packets to get the Mr. Koolaid pitcher and the set of cups - so it was like an "unbox in video" for me as well as just culturally intriguing. How you handled his obvious dark side was perfect - hit it on the head without taking away the fun of being a kid getting sea monkeys. Of course, it makes you wonder, did he think he was just getting money from another guilable group of society? Who were those kids buying/reading comic books? Were they all Ayran families? Or was he genuinely trying to reach out to some lonely child whose family was, what, too poor, too depressed, too overburdened to allow for a larger pet? Perhaps a family made cynical by the Holocaust? Or ones who just thought of pets are just something else you love that dies or gets taken away from you? I knew a woman in NYC who grew up with relatives tattooed with a number in concentration camps. She had a habit she said was ingrained in her by these survivors. She carried a pair of underwear in her multipocked coat or handbag, usually the coat(s) worn most of the year. Because she was told you must always be prepared anything could happen. Who knew when you would get home again? Perhaps, the mobile Sea Monkeys spoke to that.. P.S. I didn't know it came with a cool aquarium. ;)

Will Minifie : What is the music played from 13:51-14:04 an so on?