The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

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Cosmicstar1 : The invisible gold fish... *clap *clap *clap

BertyFromDK : I've heard of banana peels, back in the day

Ana Nimity : Anyone remember Mexican Jumping Beans?

Robert Mitchell : Guys help I ordered sea monkeys and now they're putting my cleaner shrimp into concentration camps

Bamboo Milkshake : Why am I watching this at 1am

Tristan bar Avraham : I'M 53 and as a kid read comic books, etc. Remember in "A Christmas Story" how Ralphie felt after the Ovaltine debacle? That was how I felt after I got my Sea Monkeys. It was also the 1st time I was directly f*cked by marketing. BTW GREAT voice acting.

Cheski : Heil Sea Monkeys! Superior To Pet Rocks.

Mechanical Violator Yazan of Green Gables : I did NAZI that coming.

betoen : Next: Dark story of seamen. 8==θ💦👩

World of Random : I'm a Mexican and most of my life I've taken my classes in english (and i've taken english classes too, of course) but when I was really really young, my mom bought some of these. She does not know english, so of course, she asked us what "after 24 hours meant" (as in, does it mean before or after... imagine we had this conversation in a different language). I was super young and had really limited knowledge regarding english, so using my logic (Spanish for before is antes) I assumed after meant before. So we never got them to "come to life" we were really sad...

Dancing Spiderman : I'll be sure to dunk my newborn into a tub of blue dye when The Baby Momma delivers next week

Hentai Is GOOD : while it is weird this dude was a nazi, it really had nothing to do with sea monkeys. so is it really the dark past of sea monkeys?

H Films : WOW! Mom can I get that?! 1960s: I don’t know... it’s pretty costly 2018: I don’t care. Spend your dollar Monday on battle passes

napalm monkey : Are you Meg off family guy?

bjhodge8 : Wow! Glad someone finally broke this cruel hoax. Investigative infotainment at it's best.

Chadieboy1227 : Well that story sure made a hard right...

Bunny Boy : I feel like the title should be *Sea Monkeys Are Racist?*

TRUMP IS INCEST AND MENTALLY HANDICAPPED : explains why my sea monkeys always goose stepped and didn't get along with colored sea monkeys a mini underwater holocaust ...not cool dude

dolphincrescent54 : Does this mean if I buy a sea monkey kit, I'll be supporting Nazis in a way?

rachael : well that escalated quickly

sminthian : I always figured packet 1 was a dechlorinator. I have non-chlorinated well water, so we just used packet 2, the eggs. I guess this explains why nothing ever hatched...

Christopher Castillo : Exactly like Edison a ripoff of the real think, a.k.a. Tesla and Louis LePrince.

Jason Q : I am writing this on the same day of Bill Cosby’s guilty verdict. NPR news discussed the erosion of admiration of our idols and superstars we hold in such high regard. This man is an early forerunner of someone who has done so good, yet personally is morally questionable. My own interpolation is of an example I heard. No one cares about the personal problems of the members of the orchestra. They’re just there to hear the music. Getting caught up in the dramatic life of the members of the orchestra should not affect one’s enjoyment of the music. The Cosby show, the most successful sitcom in history, will be forgotten and ignored by history. That’s the real shame.

Crystal Love : I have them now and love them

Slainedsoldier : Oh sheit Nazi brine shrimp plot twist

betoen : Next: Dark story of Seamen.

John Di Francisco : HOLY CRAP !!!!

Jude Kane : Did I just watch a video telling me the sea monkey inventor supported Hitler. Why do I need to know this.

eleven loves waffles : I had sea monkeys when i was little....yea they where dead when i opened the package

slzzpwalker : I did not expect that plot twist lmao wtf. I was sincerely thinking of buying sea monkeys.

jac of harts : 5:20 for me that was a Kool aid I had seen a commercial where it did a whole bunch of stuff I forgot what but it had fish and skate boards and I wanted it. I looked at it and no fish or skate boards. It didn't even taste good.

fangzea : Who knew this guy was so awesome? RIP my man.

Kaarli Makela : {"WHAT WHAT WHAT?" - Kyle's Mom} That took a sick swerve to crazy-town with a quick detour though shame-city! Arg! Didn't see that coming. I remember those crazy ads, though. We had piles of comic books, back when they weren't even 25 cents yet. Heck no we never saved them! :D My brother once tried to send in for the X-Ray glasses by taping the little order form and some coins to a post-card.

Jeremy Mount : Was harold anti semetic or was he just giving the Arian brotherhood money so they don't lynch him? An anti semetic jew is a hard pill to swallow.

Black Market : No one ever expected the Fuhrer of Brine Shrimp.

Steve Serpe : white people have the right to exist =whoa hold those evil hateful ideas there goyim


david bradley : He should have invented platform shoes with goldfish in the soles

Jack is not in the box : Terrific Actor!

markatl84 : That was interesting, who knew!

QuantumRift : So Larry King sells Sea Monkeys.....ewwwww.....

Layk35 : Inventor is a funny way to say conman

Kitty Bubbles : yeah but where is the large amount of evidence may I ask?

fo rr : One mans dark side does not out shine his positive impact that is just ignorant so what he had racial, views i am multi cultural and i had sea monkeys, what he did in his private time is his business!


Astro Wolf : I actually love sea monkeys I think they are cool

Ja Boi : Instant life....... Just wait 24 hours

BanzaiBomb : was gonna watch, then realized its part of CNN

John Deaux : Hahahaha sea monkeys are just tiny stormtroopers. There must be some nazi sea monkey deviant art out there lulz

Pen Peen : 12:41 Harold was too smart for his own good