The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

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Great Big Story : If you're totally creeped out by what you just learned, soothe your soul by growing a terrarium—fun for kids of all ages. (If you purchase this product, Great Big Story receives revenue. Everybody wins!)

Cosmicstar1 : The invisible gold fish... *clap *clap *clap

Kara with gun : I always wondered why my sea monkeys kept calling me spic and raising their right hand in the air whenever I approached. Thank you for clearing that up.

Ali V : Are you happy YouTube? After seeing this for the longest time I clicked it, are you happy now? -,-

DarianFisher : You win Youtube. You kept showing this damn video in my recommended list and I finally watched it even though it's almost a 2 year old video.

65 Million Cringe In The Making : How America stopped being great... People started buying pet rocks and invisible goldfish.

Johnnie Watts : Why did this feel like Archer was teaching me about sea monkeys?

theresa42213 : This is really funny!    Nazis under every rock,  around every corner!  And now your aquarium tank ???

Blue : I still remember the day he ripped me off....i waited for what seemed like forever to get sea monkeys, and when they finally came, i stared at a damn bowl of water for 2 days only to see.......water

JMS7 : I'm surprised there's never been a Sea Monkey movie.

marie-hélène martel : the two paquets trick is kind of genius...

roxo166 : Sea monkeys are really secret nazis ? I wasn’t ready for these twist lmao

Eric Lurio : Harold Von Brounhut's last name didn''t have a "von" in it. He added that after he became a Nazi. His father was a rabbi and his mother was my great aunt. When we found out that was doing that in the New York Times and my entire extended family freaked out.

Parzival : Oh wow the guy who made them was a racist, huh? Well that sucks. I’m still gonna go buy some new ones for nostalgic purposes. I don’t care who made them, they’re still fun.

Bill Brennan : Everyone has skeletons in their closet, there are no exceptions. His racism doesn't cast a dark shadow on sea monkeys. People are capable of both good and evil.

Halpin2006 : I almost bought these Sea Monkeys too when i was 7 yrs old, but my super-smart mother said "Those are just tiny shrimp eggs. They don't look anything like the picture. " She was so right. She also told me not to buy the toy soldiers that also were advertised in the comics. If their foot locker was only 4 in long, then the toy soldiers were only 1 cm tall. My mom was way before her time. Even knowing about sexual harassment back in the 1970s when nobody else really cared. You see? Joseph Goebbels was right! Even in America, most people only read or listen to the mass media! And those who read books and know better know that the status quo will never listen to the smart maverick, but always listen to the charasmatic celebrity on TV! Thank you for proving this, Mr Ted Turner!

markatl84 : That was interesting, who knew!

Laika Thunder Child : I always wondered where I was going to get the tiny bows from so I could tell the boys and girls apart 😆

Maryam - Master of Movement : This wouldn't leave my recommended

Sirpumpkinalot : Moral of the story, never get on CNN’s bad side

Matt Lloyd : Yeah the invisible goldfish was pure evil genius but the question is did anyone purchase it? As for him being so called Jewish and being a philanthropic member of the kkk who knows? As for this idea of it the ADL would term him as a self hater but what they won't tell you is why antisemitism exists to begin with and my journey into faith I don't agree with but I understand why. The reason it exists is in the Talmud which can be interpreted as a threat to other non Jewish people plus a reference to Jesus that I won't reference here. They claim it's a different Jesus that defied Judaism but opinions vary. With all that said there's good and bad in all types of human you judge each other on character only!

Crimsons Edge : I personally don’t think it’s that complicated. There are many historical “heroes” we look up to because of the great things they did; Christopher Columbus discovered new land, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, and so on. What some people don’t know is that Christopher Columbus discovered land that was already occupied by others who had lived there for generations, yet he gave them a new name and raped them. Thomas Jefferson was one of the largest slaveowners of his time and was also a pedophile. Just because these people did something good or what would greatly influence the world we live in today, that doesn’t mean they were perfect or even good people. The inventor of the Sea Monkeys is no different from these “heroes”. This just shows that we don’t live in a black-and-white world and no human is your version of perfect. All of the glorified historical figures did what they believed was right, whether the majority of people believed so or not. This is just the balance of life, to do good and bad. But also, this shows how society is unaware of and even undermines the evil parts of the people we want to believe are worthy of looking up to.

Marshy_Okami x3 : question: why is this in my recomendation? this was made in 2016. IT IS 2018.

Graphomite : Interesting video, though I find it a little misleading that the narrators speak as though we're supposed to be astonished by this story about a rippoff artist being a bad guy all along. The dude was a snake oil salesman. The fact he was also a nazi sympathizer just makes him an even worse person.

Jaime Lynd : Robert Byrd was a Democrat Congressman who was once a KKK Grand Cyclops. Hillary Clinton loved him. Hmmmm..... the Dark Past of the Democratic Party.

Old Hickory : That's why each life needs our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

TurtleKing777 : It’s fine, I didn’t need to enjoy my childhood at all it’s fine.

Aickavon the Techpriest : It's like, and figure this out. It's like... nazis aren't one dimensional people. The more you underestimate villianous capacities of seemingly good people, the more they will trick you and fool you. Every demonstrably terrible person can and will seem like a classic wholesome family man. Even people with psychotic or sociopathic tendencies can and probably have fooled you. The difference between a sociopath/psychopath and a lot of horrible people such as the Nazi party? Nazis weren't sociopaths or psychos, they were men filled with a lot of misguided hatred for fellow human beings based on a few minor appearance differences. That's what's so scary about people like that, they could literally be you or me, they don't need to be deranged to do such cruel and horrific acts.

Xios505 : Oh no, White Nationalism, so evil! What a pathetic load of millennial tripe

Crude Wildfire : SOME ONE SPOKE THE TRUTH: "Was there any ACTUAL evidence that Harold was the speaker? The video says there's 'overwhelming evidence'... And then it presents none of it. I'm not asking if he had affiliation with the Nazi party, or made donations, or had racist beliefs, I'm asking if he was specifically the speaker in that video. You LITERALLY just said you have all this proof that hints to it being him... And then you simply play some music over a clip of some old white guy talking racist nonsense and quote someone without listing the source where that quote was taken from. If anyone has proof that the man is REALLY Harold, I'd like to see it presented. Not even for lack of belief, but I'm getting fucking sick of these Youtubers claiming something and then having nothing to back it up, not sourcing anything in their videos, not even putting links in the description... And then influencing people with manipulative tactics. Proof. Present it in your argument. And goddamn it all, similar names with eerie music in the background DO NOT mean EVIDENCE. Remember the Casey Anthony case? Some poor sod who lived in Florida kept getting phone calls from angry old white idiots who thought the man was the woman on trial. Could have played some creepy violin behind that news clip, wouldn't make him guilty of anything"-Caitlin Beavers (making sure this is spreaded)

ThisIsTheEndPt2 : Wow so much research into vilifiying one man a KKK member, except you did no research. SHAME ON YOU.

Miss J : I had sea monkeys when I was a teenager, I got them from Toys R Us, and mine lived for years, they even grew kinda big, they mated and had babies. It was

Herman Munster : Why is it that only "WHITE" hate groups are vilified, when there are hate groups from EVERY racial background? Why does the MSM hate the white race so much? So much so, that white people are the only race who are forced to be accepting of other races and cultures. Yet are routinely terrorised, ostracized, racially abused and attacked with impunity, by other people from other races and cultures who seem to have a free pass, so long as it is white people on the receiving end? This is the sickness of leftism folks. A sick political agenda to wipe out the white race through race mixing, sterilisation via food, ostracization , and "white guilt" no other race, even those with a far more unsavoury past has to endure this, monumental attack on their being,, just so the Left can control YOU, and the Entire World. No wonder they are STILL pissed that Trump WON, and Killary LOST!

kcinderella danum : WOW.....People in the 19s.. were dumb....BUYING A INVISIBLE GOLDFISH?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

Majin Buu : Wtf did m. night shamalama direct this the fawking twist

Persephone Black : My mom never let me buy sea monkeys because she told me that they're tiny little shrimp lol I love little shrimp, they're so cute but she still said no. 🤣

rachael : well that escalated quickly

cloudanimal : Reading comments before watching to make sure it isn’t going to ruin my life but I can’t understand any of the comments

Miss Basma : Did NOT see that coming for sure.

pwalker : Wonder how many people nowadays still purchase Hugo Boss, unaware of who he used to make uniforms for...

Russell K. Bonney : Little kids get conned by sea monkeys and invisible fish while big kids get conned by Jews playing both sides against each other. That's what they are taught to do... decieve. Purim. Yes they do hate Christians and especially Jesus. No we shouldn't hate them but be aware. "Wise as serpents but gentle as doves." They are not good bedfellows for Christuians. 'Saved by grace and saved by race' is false doctrine. These are the bolshviks now trying to take over America. The kind Christians let them in. Nice of them huh?

yubraj gurung : The voice actor sounds like iroh.....from avatar the last air bender

JAffacakeSON BLAHA : Wow so dramatic!! Load of horseshit. Thanks for wasting 10 minutes because I'm *smart* enough to watch at 1.5 speed

metalsabatico : he was a genius scam artist. how is that marvelous?

Kamandi : A Jew funding a neo-Nazi group? Hmm! Well fancy that!

BlackWing : 5:15 - 5:27 i love that part so much! xD

Queen Molly : "He put the eggs in packet number one, and blue dye in packet number two." "Haha, that sneaky bastard!" "He was also a racist nazi" "...Oh..."

Jundreems Kirse : Oy vey! Such a bad goy!

Joanne Soh : In Singapore we call them aqua dragons

CringeGuy 87 : Like if this video was in your recommended for more than a month