The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

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Cosmicstar1 : The invisible gold fish... *clap *clap *clap

rachael : well that escalated quickly

slzzpwalker : I did not expect that plot twist lmao wtf. I was sincerely thinking of buying sea monkeys.

Dancing Spiderman : I'll be sure to dunk my newborn into a tub of blue dye when The Baby Momma delivers next week

Li : i always wondered what that blue was inside packet two! i loved sea monkeys so much as a kid, damn...

formerly 987946216430 : are you sure this guy wasn't the original Clayton Bigsby - the Black White-Supremacist... Harold the Jewish Nazi?

Vintage Seinfeld DVD : Wow, I had no idea Mr. New Vegas invented Sea Monkeys! Too bad the whole project had to Fall Out of relevance.

Ryan Williams : That turned very dark.

Richard Barbaros : >Jew gets rich off clever business trickery >pretends to not be Jewish >donates mass amount of funds to Neo-Nazis, more than likely bolstering the movement THE GOYIM KNOW, SHUT IT DOWN!

amen : Dark stuff starts at 11:04 Thank me later

Madeline Gutierrez : This is incredibly well written and conceived. Plus, I never succumbed to the comic book ads far enough to send for them -though I did collect Kool-aid packets to get the Mr. Koolaid pitcher and the set of cups - so it was like an "unbox in video" for me as well as just culturally intriguing. How you handled his obvious dark side was perfect - hit it on the head without taking away the fun of being a kid getting sea monkeys. Of course, it makes you wonder, did he think he was just getting money from another guilable group of society? Who were those kids buying/reading comic books? Were they all Ayran families? Or was he genuinely trying to reach out to some lonely child whose family was, what, too poor, too depressed, too overburdened to allow for a larger pet? Perhaps a family made cynical by the Holocaust? Or ones who just thought of pets are just something else you love that dies or gets taken away from you? I knew a woman in NYC who grew up with relatives tattooed with a number in concentration camps. She had a habit she said was ingrained in her by these survivors. She carried a pair of underwear in her multipocked coat or handbag, usually the coat(s) worn most of the year. Because she was told you must always be prepared anything could happen. Who knew when you would get home again? Perhaps, the mobile Sea Monkeys spoke to that.. P.S. I didn't know it came with a cool aquarium. ;)

Janet Estherina : Heil Sea Monkeys!

Teddy Bonkers : Is Meg Griffin narrating this? Shut-up Meg...

Tristan bar Avraham : I'M 53 and as a kid read comic books, etc. Remember in "A Christmas Story" how Ralphie felt after the Ovaltine debacle? That was how I felt after I got my Sea Monkeys. It was also the 1st time I was directly f*cked by marketing. BTW GREAT voice acting.

Ringkun Mori : This seems less like a dark past of sea monkeys and more of a case where people are just heavily flawed and not at all good people.

An0nym0us9001 : The guy was a genius.

Nathaniel Chapman : Top ten anime plot twists.

Phoenix Rosen : Fuckin love brine shrimp

Black Market : No one ever expected the Fuhrer of Brine Shrimp.

Don Lebo : Funny how Neo-Nazis are the ULTIMATE EVIL but if this guy was a member of the American Communist Party, it'd be a different story.


dugwoj : There's no nazi like an Ashkenazi...

Nebu Chan : 2018, straight white male... Nazi!

Slainedsoldier : Oh sheit Nazi brine shrimp plot twist

David Ching : >Jewish >Sold invisible goldfish >Also Nazi. Coincidence?

oof : holy shit i was yawning when the spacey music started playing at the beginning and I thought i was making that sound oml

Sebastian Pasillas : Wow this absolutely blew my mind and it is really sad the thing that made kids happy could have a very dark back story

Adam V : So a Jew scammed a bunch of goyim and then decided to subvert a pro-white organization? What exactly is so unusual about this? It's typical Jewish behavior....

Mang Crow : Harold did nothing wrong he just got bad press.

THE BATeman : "Hitler wasn't a bad guy - history is just fake news."

World of Random : I'm a Mexican and most of my life I've taken my classes in english (and i've taken english classes too, of course) but when I was really really young, my mom bought some of these. She does not know english, so of course, she asked us what "after 24 hours meant" (as in, does it mean before or after... imagine we had this conversation in a different language). I was super young and had really limited knowledge regarding english, so using my logic (Spanish for before is antes) I assumed after meant before. So we never got them to "come to life" we were really sad...

jim james : So which part do we believe CNN? You had to make up some of it.....the part we all know can't be wrong....maybe the part that's so shocking is the made up one? "The Washington Post stated in a report that, despite his Jewish ethnicity, he had a close association with white supremacist groups, buying firearms for a Ku Klux Klan faction and regularly attending the Aryan Nations annual conference. In a 1988 interview with The Seattle Times, he referred to the "inscrutable, slanty Korean eyes" of Korean shop owners and was quoted as saying, "You know what side I'm on. I don't make any bones about it." Washington Post, CNN....real great journalistic bastions there.....Liberals are known for rewriting history, so again what should we believe?

markatl84 : That was interesting, who knew!

Cheski : Heil Sea Monkeys! Superior To Pet Rocks.

Bluegreener : What a roller coaster ride.

lokirocks25 : Mah boy harold!

maaskeimorgen : This narrative bugs me. And the dramatic music! Can't we disapprove of nazism while acknowledging that nazis and nazi sympathisers can be functional people on many levels? If we look at people's religious and political and over all fundamental beliefs, A LOT of people will seem batshit; but if you look at the real world, it turns out that most of them are actually highly functional regardless of having beliefs that differ from our own. We'll be the fools if we act shocked and ostracise him.

Sasaki Umiquema : So...illuminati?

Dieter Goris : I didn't know this was a political video

DWatchRazgriz : So if he had supported a Black supremacist movement, like BLM, then he woulda been okay according to CNN...

eleven loves waffles : I had sea monkeys when i was little....yea they where dead when i opened the package

Simon Thornton - Short Documentaries : This one was brilliant. Very well done!

Ice Bear : So once on my birthday i got seamonkeys. I was so excited but um. Nothing happened. I did everything but they um.. Cri


The normal guy : This just made him a 100 times better

Chloe Young : Never knew about sea monkeys until now haha

Javachup : At the end they called it a tiny story yet the title says it is a great big story. Who should I trust?

Raven Estrella : Wow! They weren't kidding when they said dark! I had sea monkeys as a kid, too! Makes me shudder when I think about what I, as an innocent child, was helping to fund! Jesus!

Kitt Matt : That explains why I could never grow sea moneys !!! I used to be on well water so I never put in the “ water purification “ stuff so i never got sea monkeys

UnknownContact1 : This guy is so smart about the products he made