The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

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Cosmicstar1 : The invisible gold fish... *clap *clap *clap

Mastious : Honestly I was expecting a dark story on how sea monkey's where genetically modified NOT nazi money making scheme. Jesus talk about a plot twist.

Desperadox23 : Just leave a piece of meat outside the fridge for a couple of days = instant life (maggots & flies...ah...I mean magical wonder worms & air monkeys)

Robert McBride : 12:16 I did nazi that coming!

Gyayrados : Harold was a sociopath. It's not complicated at all. He scammed people, made millions and used them to fund evil.

markatl84 : That was interesting, who knew!

Chris Hammock : So, once I had a fish tank in the back of my classroom. We studied brine shrimp once in the nearby biology classes. I didn't feel like feeding fish so eventually I started buying brine shrimp and learning how to hatch them. DIRT cheap! So, I had some, left them, forgot about them. Put them in the bottom of a plant I was growing in just water. Ignored them for about 6months. Maybe even a year. I came back LONG after any reasonable amount of time to a plant that I had kept watering. Sure it had brine shrimp for a while, but I didn't expect any microbes. One day I see movement in among the roots of the plant. Upon checking it out, I found I had a MASSIVE brine shrimp about the size of a quarter. It had gossamer wings and was a tiny angel living in my plant jar. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Lasted almost another year. I would just go back and watch for it and it would glide around with these massive wings. STUNNING how large and beautiful it became.

vizthex : God level marketing skills


Kitsune91 : aaaaand *of course* he's a white supremacist. lmao

WaywardHero 117 : the voice actor makes me feel like he's either going to shoot and rob me in the mojave wasteland, or trick me into blowing up the underwater city of rapture

Enterprising Captian : If you added the blue dye to the goldfish could you see them too?!😏

veela lynne : Somebody once claimed that you could market anything. Hell, you could bottle frigging water and if you marketed it right, people would drink it up and you could make millions, even if they could get it easily for free out of drinking fountains and their own damn tap. That's brilliant marketing. Yep.

Derek LaForgia : Keep in mind that this is partnered with CNN, *EVERYONE'S A NAZI*

adrift : lol what a fool. Pledged money to a group that persecuted his own people 😂 that’s next level blissfully ignorant

rachael : well that escalated quickly

aphroditexs : only 1 dollar ? well now its 15$

radavar : ADL is without a doubt the most organized racist group in the world.

jabloko992 : Are they really painting a nazi scam artist as a complex character?

Desperadox23 : Scams like this work because there's a sucker born every minute.

Nator Noah : Wait did this guy invent clickbait?!

Nik Burton : I wanted sea monkeys when I was a kid. My Pop said he'd get me some. I came home from school and he had a gallon jar of them swimming around on my dresser with a small lamp behind them. I found out years later that he got them from the neighbors who raised brine shrimp for their tropical fish. They were cool for a week till I dropped in couple tiny minnows who ate all my monkeys. Then I got a dog, so who cared?

Alexion : At least they are alive. Remember Pet Rocks?

red fire gaming tutorials and how to’s Anime : What would would happen if you released a lot of sea monkeys into the wild

makenna conway : Considering the time, is it really so weird for people to be supporting Hitler? He just happened to be a successful man who supported Hitler 😂😂like that was probably normal back then, what I mean is him supporting them doesn't make much of a difference, people still bought the toy. Still interesting for sure, kinda like Walt Disney.

slzzpwalker : I did not expect that plot twist lmao wtf. I was sincerely thinking of buying sea monkeys.

tom jackson : I raised thousands of sea monkeys. The eggs were sold in pet shops to hatch as live food for live aquarium fish. You can also pick the eggs up where wild shrimp live is brief desert puddles that dry up in a few days. You can buy them now on Amazon. Nazi? Nazi, Shmazi. They are all dead, and their movement gone 75 years. It is just one more failed political movement. No more, no less.

TheVexCortex : Call a man a nazi because he gave money to the defense of a man charged with (and acquitted of) sedition and his name kinda resembles that of an AN member? This is why no one trusts you anymore CNN. I guess you realize this too, or you wouldn't have tried to hide behind another name.

OcEaN mAn : 10:56 M'lady

Prima Murdock : “The Dark Past of this Video” - Me, after watching this and realizing the title is more clickbait than where it’s leading the story to be. Through the entire video, with its suspenseful background music, I kept waiting to discover some horrible, mad scientist-like fact about those freaky brine shrimp...but nope. There’s no negative info about the sea monkeys themselves, but instead about its inventor. The video SHOULD be called ‘The Dark Past of Henry von whatever - Inventor of Sea Monkeys”.

Tristan bar Avraham : I'M 53 and as a kid read comic books, etc. Remember in "A Christmas Story" how Ralphie felt after the Ovaltine debacle? That was how I felt after I got my Sea Monkeys. It was also the 1st time I was directly f*cked by marketing. BTW GREAT voice acting.

jack han : I knew the person who made the sea monkey was a kkk members.

Blaster • : 11:20 You mean a Baton? Me: Smh

Anchor Bait : It's mad Men meets joseph goebbels

pennywise the dancing clown : There a two references to this in the movie frankenweenie

🦂 : I did Nazi that coming

harshita joshi : This is just dumb. Many Jews were brainwashed into believing that they needed to undergo “purification” in what they weren't aware were gas chambers. It wouldn't be surprising if Harold was convinced that he was helping Hitler build the “purification chambers”. That's how you commit mass genocide.

THE TIGER : 0:28 I felt like I was watching DBZ

Caleb Bodiford : why does his political affiliation all the sudden delegitimize him as a business man?

Insane Oyster : Why do they say this a dark past?

Keewee Froot : I often find myself thinking "everyone in those old black and white films are dead. Including the dog"

c. j. macq : I never once was so gullible as to believe or spend money on ANY add I saw at the back of a comic book. this attitude has served me well as an adult too. commercials, advertisements and corporate and political promises are ALL lies! i'm not easily influenced, manipulated and I don't easily succumb to the powers of suggestion or to peer pressure. on the extremely rare occasion I am conned you can bet it WON'T happen twice the same way. I learn from my mistakes. i'm the elite's worst nightmare! wanna learn how NOT to be conned? just send me a $1.00 and 25 cents postage. thanks for the very well produced film.

1stPCFerret : Harold's apparent "split-personality" was studied after WWII amongst German concentration camp guards. It had been noted at the Nuremburg trials that there were many guards who would go to work at the camps, brutally mistreat the prisoners, and then go home to enjoy a pleasant evening with wives and children.

bitukukuasukgremany3 : Hail Hydra!!

The Scotsman : Hitler did nothing wrong. Eerie how often I hear that in modern times...

Slainedsoldier : Oh sheit Nazi brine shrimp plot twist

Meme Machine : Of course it's a German invention Everything good came out of Nazi Germany

Hidde Mulders : Looks like a blast from the past

tim76239 : Leave it to CNN films to find a way to ruin something as silly as sea monkeys thanks alot

CR S : No idea how I end up finding these videos but thankful! What a gem of a video.