Falcon Heavy & Starman

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satya karthik : *made on earth by humans*

My Tesla Adventure : I can't believe we are alive to see this.

Dwight K. Schrute : SpaceX: 2 million subscribers Paul Brothers: 35 million subscribers God truly is dead.

Другая Америка : Keep on returning to watch this inspiring video again and again

Jeriku : Video of the year

Wintergatan : Thanks for including the center core!!

Hot Shame : When Nasa went to the moon it planted an american flag. Elon Musk launched a car into space and tagged it with "Made on Earth by Humans". This how it should be done!

Engineerisaac : Let's be honest. No other company is willing to say "Hold my beer" At the level that SpaceX can.

muppetnumpty65 : Your great grandkids will be saying “I wonder what it was like when Elon Musk started SpaceX”!

Adam Facey : Has anyone else watched this over 20 times?

SAW10 : 1:12 This is why i love SpaceX, they don't try to hide their errors and lie like other companies.... they are completely transparent, amazing video!

Daniel Hilliard : History is going to remember Elon Musk as one of the most important men of the early 21st century.

Super Natural : That *Made on Earth by Humans* almost had me a tear going off, it's so goddamn beautiful

Hoang Quan Nguyen : 1,9k dislikes are flat earthers

Edwin Robert : I dont care if i missed sputnik, gagarin, apollo or even the space shuttle. I was alive when the Falcon Heavy launched. That makes up for everything

AntVenom : SpaceX, to everyone involved, thank you for doing what you're doing. The benefit of your actions stretch far beyond the call for humanity to become inter-planetary. You're inspiring an entire generation to think in bold new ways. You're not only pushing the boundaries of human exploration, but of human imagination as well. The effects of your efforts today will shine on for centuries. From one human being to another, to many others, and for many others, I thank you. We thank you.

muppetnumpty65 : My father woke me in the middle of the night I must of been nearly 4 to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. At the time obviously I didn’t really realise what I was watching, or the enormity of it. But I knew it was important, my dad also didn’t realise that he had sparked an interest in space and space exploration thats lasted with me ever since. Mark my words, what is happening now with Musk, Bezos and Bigelow you will be telling your grandkids about and people 100/200 years in the future will be talking about this period in time like we do about the industrial revolution. It is, an awesome time to be alive, savour every moment!

Cameron Jensen : Is it weird I come back to this video to cheer myself up

Dylan : Remember showing this to one of my older teachers. He said one thing that made me realize how much SpaceX has achieved. He said "Rockets aren't supposed to do that" when reacting to the two boosters landing together. Damn right they're not supposed to but here we are. Go Elon, Go SpaceX, and Go Humans.

Sayton Dette : Blasting a sportscar into space for the heck of it... this is the most American thing I've ever seen. Epic.

Soumak Nandi : This isn't just space. This is history.

david valdez : Elon musk you may run a company that needs to survive off making profit, but you alone have pushed the human species foward more then a entire planets worth of governments and company's have in decades and what ever your motive, i belive as good as possible but who knows i will always respect you as a human being and a person

Techtastisch | Experimente und Lifehacks : 1:34 this is such a beautiful and hope brining picture. The future will be awesome and we are one step closer thanks to you!

Damp potato #36 : Whenever I feel down, this video does a pretty good job of cheering me up.

timemachinefan : Over the last month there have been many people asking for the name of this song. If it helps anyone, the song is "Life On Mars" by David Bowie. It was released in 1971 on his Hunky Dory album. Here too is the lyrics to the song..... Enjoy! It's a God-awful small affair To the girl with the mousy hair But her mummy is yelling no And her daddy has told her to go But her friend is nowhere to be seen Now she walks through her sunken dream To the seat with the clearest view And she's hooked to the silver screen But the film is a saddening bore For she's lived it ten times or more She could spit in the eyes of fools As they ask her to focus on Sailors fighting in the dance hall Oh man, look at those cavemen go It's the freakiest show Take a look at the lawman Beating up the wrong guy Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know He's in the best selling show Is there life on Mars? It's on America's tortured brow That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow Now the workers have struck for fame 'Cause Lennon's on sale again See the mice in their million hordes From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads Rule Britannia is out of bounds To my mother, my dog, and clowns But the film is a saddening bore 'Cause I wrote it ten times or more It's about to be writ again As I ask you to focus on Sailors fighting in the dance hall Oh man, look at those cavemen go It's the freakiest show Take a look at the lawman Beating up the wrong guy Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know He's in the best selling show Is there life on Mars?

TheJollyGamerJoe : I love that line by David Bowie "look at those Cavemen go". As it's so true. A species that went from living in Caves.... to this... Incredible.

teefkay2 : Sometime in the very near future, it will be really cheap to orbit the earth (~ $50,000 and then less). It should be an absolute requirement of every head of state & every chief diplomat to take one of these rides. Every astronaut comes back from orbit incredibly moved by a) earth without boarders & political boundaries, b) the incredible beauty of the planet, and c) the tiny limits of the planet & its resources in the incredible black hostile universe. Perhaps they might remember this experience when they later attempt to prioritize & solve the world’s serious problems.

Michael Pennington : I saw all of the Apollo launches and moon landings. I saw the STS 1 launch on a giant screen in an auditorium at Goddard Spaceflight Center. I saw STS7 in person cro Cocoa Beach. I saw the voyager photos of Saturn and Uranus live as they came in. Seeing this launch and especially seeing those two boosters landing in tandem ranks no lower than second on the list. Right after "One small step...". I was almost to the point of cheering as loudly as the crowd at SpaceX headquarters. It still brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. This was very special. It is good to see that somebody in this country still knows that doing it right beats doing it on schedule.

Emman : The tears in my eyes... wow

T7gt7g : Can I like this a thousand times? For a while I thought I had a severe problem feeling emotion... I cry every time watching this and the webcast. Elon, you've truly inspired an innumerable amount of people. I can't possibly thank you enough.

ShadowWhelp : Finally get to see what happened to that center core

Nils Chaves : WOW At first I thought that Spacex was not worthy to use the 39a but with this I realize that Spacex has more right to use this platform than NASA

Turtle Of Honor : I've watched this already but 2 months later it is still the coolest thing I have ever seen


İrem İmert : but this isn't starman. this is life on mars!

Scott Manley : The Core that's Built twice as strong burns half as long or something like that?

Just Another Youtube Channel : I used to be against SpaceX, thinking that governments should run space agencies, but no. Now I fully support you guys, you built a rocket, fired your car into space, and the rocket LANDED itself. Congratulations, Elon. You are the hero we need, not the hero we deserve.

davs1588 : No hay palabras para describir la hermosura del proyecto de Elon Musk, a todos quienes les fascina el espacio sin duda tenemos la garganta apretada de ver lo que se hizo!!!!

ChrisBrengel : SpaceX and Elon Musk are too cool-- I can't wait for them to make it to Mars!

zip zag : "she could spit in the eyes of fools" love the subtly of that statement. throwing shade at everyone whose ever doubted SpaceX and now the power that is Falcon Heavy. What a lovely time to be a live, the future is bright. Can't wait to see BFR make her maiden voyage. seeing those kids excited, I rember being that little, the wonderment, the excitement. I remember when Obama announced we had to cut back on NASA, that was like the last but of my childhood dying. But seeing something like this, a man like Musk pushing the boundaries and reinventing the wheel basically, that's everything. the kid in me is very much alive today.

VerärgertesSpielen : * Made on Earth by humans *

Jake Watson : I bet every dislike is a denying flat Earther

Rom ki : Whenever I feel tired of studying I see this video. It's a big motivation to me <3

BatsOne : 2018. The year Elon Musk took a rocket ship, put an electric car inside, launched it into space, released the car, bought the rocket ship back to Earth and left the car into orbit with the sun. You can complain about whatever aspects of life that you wish. Made on Earth by humans. We're all a part of this. Thanks SpaceX

Jesper Hagström : Bowie and Douglas Adams would have loved to see this brilliant tribute. Don't panic Starman!

Air Command Rockets : Finally a view of the center core! 1:11

Swirox : Our greatest acomplishments cannot be behind us, our destiny, lies above us

musikdoktor : I will say something from this little country called URUGUAY... I'm not a crazy fan of tesla, Musk etc.. but what i saw.. was comparable to the man landing on the moon.. Im almost 40 years and this is the most amazing thing i ever see!! 3 rockets landing in perfect sync!! nonono!! This is simply AMAZING! what humans can do with support and a vision.. nothing more than cudos for everyone involved to this..

Tristan Popken : just the fact that this isnt world wide known... its beautiful. and if they do get their first ride to mars, then everyone is like wow i didnt aspect that. spacex just needs to get more famous!

Alec Boucher : Alright who's still crying