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Rickey Henderson Could Steal Whatever He Wanted

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Rickey Henderson revolutionized baseball throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. He got on base at will, and once there, played chess on the basepaths while everyone else was still learning how to play checkers. We'll never get another, so this is the best effort to concisely appreciate the career of the one and only Rickey Henderson. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Nbabae Check out our full video catalog: https://goo.gl/9pMHRV Visit our playlists: https://goo.gl/NvpZFF Like SB Nation on Facebook: https://goo.gl/Pzcs7O Follow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/5LI02D Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/aY2FFK Explore SB Nation: http://www.sbnation.com


Kirk Bounds : Best Rickey story I've heard was when he was at an All Star game and he was taking fly balls with John Olerud who famously wore a helmet even while in the field.  Rickey told John "you know I use to have a teammate in Toronto that wore a helmet all the time."  John replied, "That was me Rickey."

NJGuy1973 : Bill James once said of Rickey Henderson, “If you could split him in two, you’d have two Hall of Famers.”

ibji : Famous story that doesn't involve stealing a base. He's at bat, bases loaded, a run wins the game. He stands in the batters box like he's got no intention at all to swing. The pitcher throws 4 straight balls, walking Henderson forcing in the winning run. When asked after the game why he didn't look like he was trying to swing, he said, "I knew the pitcher wouldn't throw me a strike."

Sam : Derek Jeter broke the Yankees team stolen base record after more than 15 years with the Yankees. He took that record from Henderson. Henderson played for the Yankees for just 4 1/2 years. He set the team record of 326 in less than 600 games (596). To break the team record took Jeter 3043 games, more than 5 times as many games as Henderson player with the Yankees.

James Tyler : Rickey was so fast he could hit a line drive up the middle and hit himself in the head sliding into second!

Yung  Vulpix : "The Entire State Building" sensiblechuckle.avi


Carl Keller : RIcky also holds the record for most home runs to lead off a game, with 81. Craig Biggio and Alfonso Soriano are tied for 2nd with 53.

Colin Robertson : Make a video on Bo Jackson!

Tyler Wickord : The best Rickey story was during his tenure in San Diego. Tony Gwynn and the other veterans sat in the back of the bus, and the younger players sat up front. Rickey sat up front during a bus ride and Tony yelled at him "Rickey, sit in the back, you have tenure" and Rickey yelled back "Rickey doesn't have tenure, Rickey has seventeen year". Dude went to the beat of his own drum. Gotta love it.

Darth Smirnoff : I've always heard that Rickey tended to refer to himself in the 3rd person (I think that's the one. I'm stupid and failed English, and I supposedly speak English). One story I think Tony Gwynn used to tell was about Rickey looking for his cleats, and telling Tony "Rickey can't run without Rickey's cleats!" Dude was weird. An amazing player, but weird.

jimbo 2346 : No baseball players more interesting than Henderson or Dunn? Did you forget you made a video about Lonnie Smith?

Owen Fay : Good, but not Pretty Good.

yakovgolyadkin : "Like drawing your name in a slab of concrete that was poured last month." Jon, please never stop having your amazing way with words.

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Angelos Rizoyannis : BOIS 2 MEN

Kieran Gilkes : Rickey Henderson held the New York Yankees stolen base record for 13 years, until it was broken by Derek Jeter in 2011. Rickey played four and a half seasons in the Bronx. It took Jeter 16 seasons to pass his record.

Statutory Grape : Henderson is crazy underrated. Most people don't even consider him when it comes to all time players. The last time he lead the league in steals he was 40. Many base stealers are injury prone because of the wear and tear of base stealing, Rickey was still doing it in his 40s and he slid face first, which you are told not to do.

jmcrofts : Who else is one of those people who watches this show but doesn't actually watch sports??

Jeeves Anthrozaur : me like basketball dribbling

Brandon Christen : Reading up on Ricky, noticed that he had more career stolen bases then the Boston Red Sox had in the history of their ENTIRE franchise when he joined the team.

Gavin : Jon Bois

Uncle Creepy : Rickey was the guy on NIntendo’s RBI Baseball with 99 speed.

Solstice Lacer : Good video. Want more unbreakable records? Do John Stockton

Aron Goodall : Jonathan Boisathan

Christopher Edmiston : I’m genuinely curious about Nolan Ryan and his all time strikeout record. Would the charting look similar?

Draped Up& Dripped : The whole reason I started collecting cards was Rickey Henderson.

Brian Lance : Rickey Henderson was one of those great things about being a kid growing up in the (east) bay area in the 80s. You always knew it was going to be exciting when he got on base.


Rare80 : Dorktown is like a Diet Chart Party. I love it.

Neil Knight : Rickey Henderson is in RBI Baseball 2, and he is a constant threat for an inside-the-park home run. Unparalleled historical accuracy.

joey stephenson : You didn't even mention Lead Off Home Runs?

padkirsch : This guy was absolutely amazing!! 💟💟💟

Demetrius Middleton : Ricky was an alchemist! Brilliant!

Austin Full : Rickey Henderson should have a steal rating in any baseball game of 150

Conner S : This may be good but it’s not pretty good

Sir Snake : I scored a 3 pointer by shooting the puck through the goal posts and scored 6 points

Sean Ruff : That Henderson and Twins stat is the best sports statistic I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Ever.

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Ross Ryden : I took a class in college called "Advanced Techniques of Baseball" and basically just talked Baseball. We came to agree that the most unbreakable records were Henderson career and season stolen base records, Cy Youngs career wins, and Nolan Ryans career strikeouts.


William Perry : I was there at Cooperstown on Rickey Henderson HOF Induction Day and count it as one of the great highlights of my fandom.

SolracCAP : More Jon!

Tony Thepenguin : This was a decent video. Some may call is something else

Peter Collin : For those who haven't heard it, please treat yourself to David Cross' bit on Ricky Henderson. It's a riot.

Butter Johnson : 4:05 *see Ichiro* *know he would have easily had 4000 hits if he had played his entire career in the MLB* This man is somewhat overlooked.

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Kylie McInnes : Rickey Henderson is to advancing bases as Wayne Gretzky is to hockey points.