Chris Farley as Shrek -- Lost footage found!

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Em-One : This is truly touching, such emotion.

Justin Y. : This video is like an onion. Because it is making me cry

Ralph Griswold : Eddie murphy was flawless no matter who was shrek

MakaWakaPon : it's really interesting to see Shrek and Donkey to be drawn in classic, Disney-esque 2D. Wish movie was made that way. Voice actors did an outstanding job, by the way.

Zane Wong : As much as I love Chris Farley , I feel like his character of Shrek would have been rather normal and nothing special about him besides being well ........him , I love the guy and all but I feel Myers did a better job

Dennis Bogan : The end where he says "I know..." quietly. Hits me hard. Would have been interesting to have gone this way with the role. R.I.P. fat guy in a little coat.

RyanPerson : I do somewhat like this because Shrek is actually ugly in these drawings. He was too nice looking in the movie.

Zachary Terga : I don’t know how people are saying this is better. The final version was superior by a mile

Javelin : David Spade would've been a horrible choice for Donkey. Eddie Murphy did a terrific job playing. Too bad they couldn't work with whatever recordings they had of Chris and made the rest of the movie out of it.

Graphomite : This is quite cool, although I think Dreamworks made the right choice to cut out Shrek's sympathetic pursuit of parental perils and keep the focus on his relationship with the existing characters. Having him find love, find a friend, find a home, *and* get over his self-depreciating ogre heritage issues seems like one too many plot points to divide a character into. I also prefer Shrek as someone simply ignorant of what makes him content rather than a secret softy whose true motives require leading questions and an exposition scene to understand. Besides, they went back and wound up making a whole movie out of this general concept in the last Shrek film, with Shrek finding himself looking around at his domestic life and suddenly not feeling "ogre" enough. And a that point, the plot device felt like a natural progression because we experienced all of Shrek's "backstory" leading up to it.

Anonymous User : Shrek should have been played by Christopher Walken.

Abelhawk : Oh my gosh, this is _so much better._

DemomanX614 : Chris sounds better. Mike Meyers is a very good actor, but I hated how he was just doing the Fat Bastard voice for Shrek. Chris sounds more natural and not an exaggerated accent.

Andrew B : This just makes me want to watch an alternate universe version of the Shrek film if it were to be finished this way.

GurahkWeavile : Farley sounded pretty good as Shrek, but it sounds so weird hearing a Shrek without the accent.

The Littlest Giant : Dude, honestly, I think Farley sounds way better! He shows great emotion, and still sounds very fitting for an ogre character. He doesn’t need to ham-fist some over the top manufactured accent for the character either. I think I would’ve liked this a lot more. (Plus, the plot being more of a drama and having more emotional ties would’ve helped a lot, I think. All of Pixar’s wildly successful films always have the “hit me right in the feels” stuff going on too.)

Daniel Eric Benavidez : This film was meant for Chris Farely to do as he was pretty much finish with the audio before he passed..they need to release it complete some day with 2D animation like the way it was meant to be.

Damian Rice : Chris Farley would make a great shrek, rest in peace my fat prince ;'(

splintery rectum : Ive never seen Farley as a surly and unpleasant character before. He does it quite well. He was always typecast as a generally affable and easy going type of guy. A damn shame we never got to see any range from him, he could've had a really awesome late career transition like john goodman or jonah hill.

Horror Gaming : There's a lot more still unreleased, they recorded 95% of the movie before his death

Miles Prower : does anyone else think farley's voice actually fits the book version of shrek better then mike?

Rick D : Mike Myers was way better

Aki Roth The Male Amy Rose : R.I.P Chris Farley 1964 - 1997 Cause of death: Drug Overdose

The Donald Funk : This movie would of been bigger

Sumner Strickland : I’ve watched this about four or five times in a row and I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m so moved by it. I think there’s a sense that Farley had a real connection to the material, and that’s apparent. But there’s another element and I think it has to do with the way they build the scene together. In the beginning Farley’s Shrek is curt in a very childlike way, but his demeanor is anti social, not picking up on Murphy’s emotional cues. Once he blows up about his parents the walls come down just enough to peak over the horizon. We get a glimpse of a tender Shrek, possibly for the first time in the movie. But even as Murphy reveals he never felt that way about Shrek he still remains standoffish. When they say goodnight to each other he’s back to where we began, afraid of a connection that could leave him at any moment. This is not the performance of a fool. This is a performance of someone who so desperately understands this character that he is willing to sacrifice humor and rhythm for truth and understanding. I don’t mean that to dog his comedic presence one bit. Where Myers found charm and charisma in an isolated figure, Farley found the ticks, nervous dwellings, and an aching repression of feelings from those out to hurt him, even from such an early stage in development. Its essence feels like a mirror being shown on Farley himself. This may be reading into the scene a bit much, but knowing about his demons and the nature of his death, this little scene is a haunting reminder that there was more to the man than comedy, and way more than critics ever bothered to give him credit for.

Christian Cinelli : 20 years ago today. We miss you so much Chris... ❤❤

Tyrannotitan : This is like area 51 secret files worthy/lost footage archive style.

eYeDoNtKnOw201 : they must have been working on this movie for many many years because didn't Chris Farley die a long time before this movie came out ???

Openingband : Part of me feels like Chris was relating to the lines he was saying in this scene.

Dillon Wright : This looks like something that was meant to be 2D Animated.

Randy Roberts : This is spectacular. I'm a huge Farley fan. I wasn't even aware Chris had originally voiced Shrek. But I can totally see it...especially when Chris does his off the wall yelling. That could have totally worked with the Shrek character. Maybe with the scenes changed a bit but definitely could work.

Martin Craw : Man. It would’ve been awesome if Chris Farley got the part of Shrek. Too bad he had to die before the film was finished though. :( Also if he was still alive today he would’ve made a great voice for a hilarious Disney character or in a show on Nickelodeon.

NorthernSpade : Sounds like the Farley Shrek was more of a young adult. I imagine they wrote Shrek differently after Farley passed.

Benny Boi : This would have been better honestly.

Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation : This makes me believe that there's an alternate universe where Chris Farley didn't die, and became the voice of Shrek for all the films. It makes me sad, and I'm kinda hoping that they'll release a lot of the original audio of Chris as Shrek, since this one clip shows a really good performance that was cut after a really good person died. I still love Mike Myers, but this clip gets me in the feels more than him as Shrek usually does.

Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation : Imagine another universe, where Farley hadn't died, and we got this version of the film. One that's more emotional than the Myers one. And imagine the sequels, the awesome 2 and okay 4 with Farley in the franchise. It's so sad to wonder what could have been. Rest in peace Chris. You will be missed for so many years.

1,000 Likes without a Comment : I never quite understood why Shrek had that “Fat-Bastard” accent. I always thought maybe his character was written that way, though this tells me otherwise. I would’ve loved a Farely inspired Shrek.

JohnTheJuneBug : Damn, shrek would have been a completely different movie. Sucks we couldn't see the final product of this version.

Rob Farrer : I really wish they would release this as a finished movie.

Kay Robbie : On wow I never knew that Chris Farley was the original voice of Shrek. And Mike Myers only got the part after Chris died.

RogueShadowAssassin161 : Fartwad he said fartwad lol

divine indigo : Chris Farley is a legend. RIP. Mike Myers fit the role though

M.V Knight : I prefer mike Meyers voice but Chris Farleys is pretty good. Rip. He was one of the funniest people to watch of his time

Fr0gg0 : I hate Mike Myers voice for Shrek, I can't even watch those movies because of him. It's a shame.

TheKFEEL98 : Chris Farley is great. But Shrek is mot the role for him.

Elephants Are Cool : Chris would have been an epic Ogre :(

SolarFarle : Meanwhile in an alternate universe.

VanDangerousInc : I think the worse thing about Chris Farley's death is that we never got to see him in a dramatic role; it's nice that we get to hear a sliver of what it might've been like.

Evan Kolar : RIP Chris Farley.

NuvYou : Wasn't Luke Wilson totally cut from Emperors New Groove and replaced with John Goodman. Movies change a lot from start to finished product.