Chris Farley as Shrek -- Lost footage found!

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Em-One : This is truly touching, such emotion.

Graphomite : This is quite cool, although I think Dreamworks made the right choice to cut out Shrek's sympathetic pursuit of parental perils and keep the focus on his relationship with the existing characters. Having him find love, find a friend, find a home, *and* get over his self-depreciating ogre heritage issues seems like one too many plot points to divide a character into. I also prefer Shrek as someone simply ignorant of what makes him content rather than a secret softy whose true motives require leading questions and an exposition scene to understand. Besides, they went back and wound up making a whole movie out of this general concept in the last Shrek film, with Shrek finding himself looking around at his domestic life and suddenly not feeling "ogre" enough. And a that point, the plot device felt like a natural progression because we experienced all of Shrek's "backstory" leading up to it.

Justin Y. : This video is like an onion. Because it is making me cry

Horror Gaming : There's a lot more still unreleased, they recorded 95% of the movie before his death

GurahkWeavile : Farley sounded pretty good as Shrek, but it sounds so weird hearing a Shrek without the accent.

M.V Knight : I prefer mike Meyers voice but Chris Farleys is pretty good. Rip. He was one of the funniest people to watch of his time

JohnTheJuneBug : Damn, shrek would have been a completely different movie. Sucks we couldn't see the final product of this version.

MakaWakaPon : it's really interesting to see Shrek and Donkey to be drawn in classic, Disney-esque 2D. Wish movie was made that way. Voice actors did an outstanding job, by the way.

Pieke - PhotoandGrime : :( This makes me sad

yoshimnm : In addition to the fact that Farley passed away during the making of this film, what also makes me sad is hearing his performance. They picked a great scene from the movie that had humor, but also showed more depth in Shrek's character, and if you listen to Farley's voice he's hitting those emotions perfectly. I think this clip shows us a glimpse of Farley being able to hit those dramatic notes in addition to be the clown. Who knows, maybe he could've gone on to do some more serious movies, or sort of dramedy roles, and he might have been great in them. It's sad we'll never be able to see that. RIP Chris Farley, we miss you.

NorthernSpade : Sounds like the Farley Shrek was more of a young adult. I imagine they wrote Shrek differently after Farley passed.

UCMGTWOClan : Rip Chris Farley

Saido Kuraku TM : This seems to be more so serious and dramatic. I guess they changed it not just because Farley died, but this might've been a heart breaker story.

OfficialEVANLUTION : I think the worse thing about Chris Farley's death is that we never got to see him in a dramatic role; it's nice that we get to hear a sliver of what it might've been like.

Captain Omega : Can you imagine an alternate universe where this guy never died and this was the Shrek we all know and love?

Magicman205 : I really feel like if Chris Farley voiced Shrek, Shrek wouldn't have become this massive internet joke like it is with Mike Meyers. Farley just sounds so suited for this role.

Ashley Weill : Hmm I think Shrek sounds weird without an accent. This would be a completely different story if they didn't do the rewrite.

maudina palmer : I really with they could have finished this. Chris did a really good job.

PhatGirlLuva68-ThelastOG : This Shrek would have been amazing.

unclesporkums : Funny that people keep thinking that David Spade should have been the voice of Donkey in this version, since Peter Segal on the Tommy Boy commentary said that Shrek's writers based Shrek and Donkey's relationship after Farley and Spade in Tommy Boy.

unclesporkums : Another change in this version was that Princess Fiona was voiced by Janeane Garofalo instead of Cameron Diaz, and she had more of Janeane's deadpan personality.

Gregsterstyle's Corner 1994 : Transcript- Donkey: Man, there's nothing like a fire and a noble, romantic mission to warm the cockles of your heart. Shrek: Yeah, I like my cockle's room temperature, thank you very much. Donkey: Hey, if you're not doing this for cockle warming, then why are you doing it? Shrek: (burps) Simple; Fartwad gets his princess, I get what I want. Donkey: Which is..... Now come on. What do you want? Shrek: I don't have time to set it to music. Donkey: Oh, this is another one of those *onion* things. Shrek: No, this one of those, "Drop it and leave me alone", things. Donkey: Well, why won't you talk about it? Shrek: Why do *you* want to talk about it? Donkey: Why are you asking a question with a question? Shrek: Why are you asking questions I don't want to answer? Donkey: Why are you blocking? Shrek: I'm not blocking? Donkey: Then, why do you have problems expressing your wants? Shrek: I don't. I want you to shut up! See? No problem. Donkey: You're just displacing your anger. Shrek: Believe me, it is properly placed. Donkey: You're really mad at whoever did this to you. Shrek: No one did anything to me! Donkey: Yes, yes, yes. Someone hurt you so bad, someone hurt you many years ago! Shrek: (enraged) LEAVE MY PARENTS OUT OF THIS!!! Donkey: Breakthrough! Let's go with that! Let's explore our family origins! Were you hugged as a child, Shrek? Shrek: Alright, alright! I want a home and....someone to share it with, ok? Donkey: Yes, Shrek. It's ok. Shrek: And Faarquad said he'd give me my own swamp in exchange for the princess. Donkey: You really think you can trust that weasling oil rag, don't you? Shrek: Hm! Yeah right! But now I'm gonna have what he wants. Donkey: (laughs) Boy, has he underestimated you! Shrek: Yeah, he can join the club. People see me and they go, 'AHH! Help! A big, stupid, stinky, smelly, ugly ogre! I'm so scared!!!', and they judge me before they even know me. My folks always tell me everyone loves ogres. Donkey: I see. Shrek: So, I guess they were a little over protective. Donkey: A little? Shrek: That's why I gotta do this. I want them to know that I can take care of myself. Donkey: And you want to make 'em proud. Shrek: Yeah. Donkey: You know what? When we met, I didn't think you were just a big, stupid, ugly ogre. Shrek: Yeah, I know. Donkey: Goodnight, Shrek. Shrek: Goodnight, Donkey.

DeshawnTooLive : When was Sherk originally planned to be released? I only ask because Chris Died in 1997. So I’m guessing this was originally supposed to be a 90’s film?

Ricky Gillette : Chris Farley as shrek kinda sounds like John dimaggio to me.

Toothless : Mike Meyers suited the part much better, Shrek is really lovable with his current voice

BromanderInChief : Wow, I'm torn between Mike and Chris here. Both are/were great SNL veterans and comedy geniuses. May Chris rest in peace.

Javelin : David Spade would've been a horrible choice for Donkey. Eddie Murphy did a terrific job playing. Too bad they couldn't work with whatever recordings they had of Chris and made the rest of the movie out of it.

Da Boz : It really would be a fitting tribute if they could put this to actual animation, I grew up laughing to Chris great humor, and I know I would've loved this as much as I ended up loving Myers in Shrek. They both really cared about the roles, and that really shines through this and the actual movie. Hopefully one day this will get that treatment.

Ben Dover : The Farley Shrek probably wouldn't have been as popular as the Myers Shrek. Just get the feeling it would've been more an underground hit lauded for its writing, but children wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. Something like Anastasia.

The Indigenous Atheist : Davis Spade as Donkey

Andrew Elkin : It sucks that Chris Farley died too early he would have been perfect for this and we could have gotten a Matt Foley Movie

ToastWings : Fun Fact: Farley actually worked with Mike Myers in Wayne's World, which was also Myers' film debut.

MrDrawingboard1 : Man, Shrek would have been a completely different movie, but actually I would have like to see this.

Snakeshroom : I like this version better, after hearing this, Mike Myers's audio sounds a bit.. bad. Chris Farley *nailed* this, and makes the lines feel very improvised.

Damian Rice : Chris Farley would make a great shrek, rest in peace my fat prince ;'(

Zachary Terga : I don’t know how people are saying this is better. The final version was superior by a mile

Abelhawk : Oh my gosh, this is _so much better._

Christian Cinelli : 20 years ago today. We miss you so much Chris... ❤❤

Andrew B : This just makes me want to watch an alternate universe version of the Shrek film if it were to be finished this way.

Andrew G : Farley definitely gives it a more emotional tone instead of the comedic one we got from Meyers. Both are pretty good, but no doubt they give off a different effect and would have shifted the movie's overall tone dramatically. Really pretty cool when you think about it! RIP Chris, hope you're living it up in that van down by the river.

Cody Gearheart : This would've been a totally better movie. It's actually kinda deep tbh... :'c

cmlmonstar 007 : As for Shrek V, they need it where Shrek finds his brother Farley

Dennis Bogan : The end where he says "I know..." quietly. Hits me hard. Would have been interesting to have gone this way with the role. R.I.P. fat guy in a little coat.

vocalpunk97 : RIP Chris Farley

hiimkhalil : This is really cool. I love it! R.i.p Chris Farley!

Kyle Dominy : Chris Farley would’ve made Shrek wayyy more emotional. I love Mikey Myers and all but his voice acting has no emotion.

Ralph Griswold : Eddie murphy was flawless no matter who was shrek

GoldeMan : Thank you for mirroring this! The original video was put on private.

Erin Loughery : That is Tom Waits' Innocent When You Dream at the end.

RyanPerson : I do somewhat like this because Shrek is actually ugly in these drawings. He was too nice looking in the movie.