Funny Hardcore Dancing at HeavyMTL 2010 in Montreal July 25th Despised Icon - MVP

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AHorizontallyChallengedOrangutan : The entire existence of hardcore dancing is absolutely stupid but that guy pulling out some squats, lunges and push-ups was a thing of beauty.

Bradhp11 : I'm the guy doing a full on gym workout.

Wali Kamal : is he... doing jumping jacks??

Niksata Wee : the music is more depressing than the dancers..

Caleb Steele : omg this that guy working out lmao

TheJeffum : I like hardcore dancing and moshing. but this.... is A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER TO SEE. Nothing like a little laughter to get you out of the atmosphere in a positive way for a little bit you know what i mean?

Nordheim : Ladies and Gentleman, I present you Paul Ablaze from Blackguard

Luis Ramos : The video is titled, "Funny Hardcore Dancing" for a reason, so it's not like you don't know what you're watching; why are all of you try-hards getting so upset?

Zachary Wilhelm : lmfao at the pushups jumping jacks and lunges

arakknbg : works best with benny hill theme

manuel sanchez : This is why metal is dieing....

Sacramento Gonzalez : One guy knows there is always time for pushups. I give him 5 swings out of 5.

Hairul Aidil : 8 years and still this vid going strong with Paul doing his 5BX on the pit.

Marcus v : Hardcore just sounds Shit

Katie Lane : Damn dem squats doe

KadieJ501 : idiots...

prettyjohnshill76 : the moment you realise that the person who is actually taking the piss out of you looks a lot cooler than you! I love hardcore, crossover and straight edge but the dancing has got out of hand and ruined everything that was good about the scene.

StevanColberto : *haha these guys are playing air street fighter dance moves!!!

Polar Audio (OFFICIAL) : that guy is a legend! :D

expedition : No-one's doing it right...

joshXnovak1 : Ummmmm... I don't think they quite have it down yet.

Proapocalypse : So embarrassing to witness.  Utterly cringe worthy.

Namjoon._.babylover 94 : 😂😂😂

marmarmyhr : yo, what's the name of the band? kinda liked it! :D

Pontus Eriksson : How ubelievably white is it to do jumping jacks and pushups as dancing?

yomomma9876543210123 : I need song name and band

andrew small : What has been seen cannot be unseen

fasefacephasephace : is there any way possible we can get an interview with some of these fellas?

billy bob : lol at the dude doing lunges push ups and jumping Jacks. I guess soon that's gonna be the new moshing ;) 😂

WRX 203 : They need to close that pit a lot more! Will be better when people are closer

Padli Jr : This not mosh

CLYDE FROG : The random dude doing PT in the middle of the mosh pit

AJ : I love that the guy from Blackguard just comes in and shits on everyone. Better hardcore dancing than anyone else! XD

Andrew Alfaro : The dude just doing his gym exercises while everyone else is taking notes. 😂

Sali Z : Free fitness

Michael Kalafsky : such a big pit for such few moshers

City Girl : tall dude where are you?

Captain Howdy : What did he forget to workout that day ?

Cat : So hardcore. Especially the guy that was pretty much just doing a work out there.

Yvonne Mariane : ok its funny lol but better than yall


BENU beuguenala : Warriors😂

Jonny Rains : Hahaha that guy working out is the guy from Blackguard

Sean Spears : I call these people jackasses

Tyler : Who he fighting?

Nick Howard : So many blast beats, so little skill

TheGreatFezzywig : No karate in the pit

Chris CXK : White Suburban Badasses!

christ bandit : How is the band not pissing them self of laughing

Fredley Antony : He's a legend.........behold,another mosh while he danced :D