Nurburgring Crashes

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Nico The Rabbit : What do you get when two angles get into a crash? ----------- A Rectangle

o00thunderhawk00o : obviously the smart thing to do when something like this happens is slow down and drive on through... everyone that stopped got hit but if they kept going slowly they prolly would have made it out

TheRathos : what a shitshow

jxcream : Seems like all he did was leave another car in the way for people to crash into. People were braking well after he was in their view.

Michael Zehrfeld : ...was ein doof winkender Kameraspack

mudemmeonick : This is the perfect example why you DO NOT park on the track. Someone crashed, it's for sure a shame and we all hope they didn't get injured. But there are emergency services for that. Stopping at the track is just upping the risks of subsequent crashes as this video clearly illustrates. Unless you're a medic and someone is in a dire life threatening situation DO NOT STOP. Several parked cars were needlessly hit and the occupants have probably been tossed around. Earlier this year a man died doing exactly the same thing the guy in the video was doing. Trying to warn others, a car lost control, went straight at the barriers and got him. And to make things worse, he was a race driver who should have known better.

sharifa69 : You are a true gentleman. Risking your car to warn others. I’m so sorry your car got hit

Frank L. : No one ded? Where's my prayer gonna go to now?

LogdroPPer SaVant : By stopping on the side of the road and creating a bottleneck, giving those, whom they were trying to warn, no where to go, they only worsened the situation. They should have just slowed down to an appropriate speed and promptly proceeded past the incident with caution, to ensure that the area remained clear. It was particularly egregious since they parked right in the end of the heavy braking zone, where the approaching vehicles were already traction limited, without the extra worry of having to avoid more and more vehicles - those first few stopping vehicles were essentially the seed for the positive feedback loop. If they really were intent on stopping on the side of the road and warning others, they should have pulled off on to the left side of the track, reversed backwards on the grass, until they reached the point just before the inside of the previous turn (where their vehicle is no longer the major road hazard it was at the end of a high speed, heavy braking zone), and warned others from behind the Armco of that high speed bend's apex. That would have given approaching vehicles a visible warning to start slowing down as they exited from the previous corner - which would be two corners back from the incident - giving them ample time to react, and hopefully keep the traffic flowing in a controlled manner, while also ensuring that their own vehicle didn't serve as an additional obstacle and catalyst for further destruction. Ideally, this could have been done by onlookers that were not on track driving a vehicle. Good intentions alone are often not enough - they still require thought for them to align with good actions.

Gareth Vermaak : This guy actually did exactly the WRONG thing. He should have driven past. Or at very least parked on the far side of the accident. His actions coupled with the fact that most of the drivers are weekend warriors who don't have reactions like an actual race driver, made this as bad as it was. DONT stop and try be a hero. You didn't save anyone from anything. Just got your car binned for you and a few others to boot. The stupid things people do when they know the camera is rolling. Did you expect a medal??

The flying dutchman : What kind of idiot parks his car on the outside of a corner...

bfwd222 : Vorbildlich!!

BRUNO Ferreira : Idiota

Pip Burrell : v8 e30.... and risked life to save lives... are you a GOD?

Лёлик Ситх : автор пидарас, какого хуя он остановился и создал аварии

Dutch Car Spotting : Why not people from Nurbugring yellow flag

Wold OliviO : Wow they're so stupid

Lil Jon Jon : stay in da car cuh

Дуня Кулакова : Ahahah, nice!

Pablo A. Rossi : where are the caution flags?

Unspecified : so many high end porsches crashed.. damn

wolfe1970 : What a tool, first thing you dont do is park you car on the out side of a corner, they even say on any track day dont stop for accidents cause you will just add to the carnage, and this is a prime example of that

Climate Tech : Come on, you figure they would have put up some kind of caution lights that can be triggered to prevent this kind of thing.

Amy Colesh : Let's do a gofundme to pay for the damage.. Second thoughts I'm gonna make a coffee instead.

Stefan Veljovic : you have done everything in your power...sorry for your e30

CaptWinterz : Wow..

ziko mino : Bester Mann

theeroom : Wow, one guy with the power of waving his arm in the air caused all these cars to crash, amazing

Marcus Frankham : Very noble act but he created another obstacle.

darkdave1985 : wunderschön, diesen arroganten arschlöchern passiert eh viel zu wenig! daumen hoch!

Life Style : This same like final destination

midget : i feel bad for the first dude id be so sad

Kadek S : no radio team warning???

W. Arc. : jeden i drugi "ratujący" przyczynili się do tych kolejnych crash'y. Pogratulować inteligencji

Der Schwarze General : That was not so clever cause a treffic jam on a race track with fast corners

Horace M : The guy that filmed is an idiot, he should have run backwards much much more to signal the others because they dont have enough space to stop.

Carlos Ramirez : That was fucking awesome

kloppanator : Holy shit, that guy in the red BMW got creamed.

Albert Zion : it was all your fault for parking there. It all went downhill after that Porsche crashed into yours.

Honald Trinton : Anyone else catch idiot in red at 2:05 just walking down the track with all this ongoing carnage/oncoming traffic? “I don’t car if it’s dangerous that was an authentic BBS center cap, I gotta go get it I’ll be right back. Think i saw it somewhere near the apex”

TheFuriousB : That's the reason why i never will drive the nordschleife. too risky for amateurs.

Emre Saracoglu : Heftig wo sind denn die Menschen mit der Flagge die da normalerweise rum wedeln hätte es die an dem Tag gegeben dann wären so h 15 Autos dran beteiligt -.-

Collin Mcrae : Nice vid

Ralf Schmidt : Die Schrottplätze rund um den Blödelring sind gut gefüllt...

Antonio Italiano : Azz .. shit

sebastian spalding : fairplay i would never of put my own car there like that to warn others, dump but honourable!!

Mr. E : So... man... I probably would have jogged a little farther back to try to warn the cars BEFORE they were right on top of the other ones.. I d be much less worried about the cars that already PASSED by... everyone has to be somewhere I guess.

Andre Guinto : Feel sorry for your car your a true gentlemen God bless you!

Seb K : Drivers are dumb .

MichaelTV44 : That sucks that his car got totaled too.