Nurburgring Crashes

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sharifa69 : You are a true gentleman. Risking your car to warn others. I’m so sorry your car got hit

TheRathos : what a shitshow

o00thunderhawk00o : obviously the smart thing to do when something like this happens is slow down and drive on through... everyone that stopped got hit but if they kept going slowly they prolly would have made it out

diver dave : wow a load of shit for brains a loads of damage $$$

Unspecified : so many high end porsches crashed.. damn

Climate Tech : Come on, you figure they would have put up some kind of caution lights that can be triggered to prevent this kind of thing.

Nico The Rabbit : What do you get when two angles get into a crash? ----------- A Rectangle

Frank L. : No one ded? Where's my prayer gonna go to now?

mudemmeonick : This is the perfect example why you DO NOT park on the track. Someone crashed, it's for sure a shame and we all hope they didn't get injured. But there are emergency services for that. Stopping at the track is just upping the risks of subsequent crashes as this video clearly illustrates. Unless you're a medic and someone is in a dire life threatening situation DO NOT STOP. Several parked cars were needlessly hit and the occupants have probably been tossed around. Earlier this year a man died doing exactly the same thing the guy in the video was doing. Trying to warn others, a car lost control, went straight at the barriers and got him. And to make things worse, he was a race driver who should have known better.

The flying dutchman : What kind of idiot parks his car on the outside of a corner...

jxcream : Seems like all he did was leave another car in the way for people to crash into. People were braking well after he was in their view.

Лёлик Ситх : автор пидарас, какого хуя он остановился и создал аварии

Lil Jon Jon : stay in da car cuh

Pablo A. Rossi : where are the caution flags?

Pip Burrell : v8 e30.... and risked life to save lives... are you a GOD?

LogdroPPer SaVant : By stopping on the side of the road and creating a bottleneck, giving those, whom they were trying to warn, no where to go, they only worsened the situation. They should have just slowed down to an appropriate speed and promptly proceeded past the incident with caution, to ensure that the area remained clear. It was particularly egregious since they parked right in the end of the heavy braking zone, where the approaching vehicles were already traction limited, without the extra worry of having to avoid more and more vehicles - those first few stopping vehicles were essentially the seed for the positive feedback loop. If they really were intent on stopping on the side of the road and warning others, they should have pulled off on to the left side of the track, reversed backwards on the grass, until they reached the point just before the inside of the previous turn (where their vehicle is no longer the major road hazard it was at the end of a high speed, heavy braking zone), and warned others from behind the Armco of that high speed bend's apex. That would have given approaching vehicles a visible warning to start slowing down as they exited from the previous corner - which would be two corners back from the incident - giving them ample time to react, and hopefully keep the traffic flowing in a controlled manner, while also ensuring that their own vehicle didn't serve as an additional obstacle and catalyst for further destruction. Ideally, this could have been done by onlookers that were not on track driving a vehicle. Good intentions alone are often not enough - they still require thought for them to align with good actions.

wolfe1970 : What a tool, first thing you dont do is park you car on the out side of a corner, they even say on any track day dont stop for accidents cause you will just add to the carnage, and this is a prime example of that

shaihkritzer : yep, really perfect place to park a car. and walk some 5 meters instead of running as far as possible. fucking moron.

Amy Colesh : Let's do a gofundme to pay for the damage.. Second thoughts I'm gonna make a coffee instead.

Aiden : JUST DRIVE fuck them, now your car is didnt worn anyone because everyone you tryed to worn time just drive fuck them

Kerozen : go further you fucking idiot

ozzzzzzziiii : Alles Spitzenfahrer ...

Christian Trenkel : 👍🏻🎖👑

Andrea Tanzi : I couldn‘t agree more, you are a leading example !!! What I do not understand why they do not monitor the known critical corners to avoid the worst. This should be changed.

Chris RR : Really that boy had to leave that area and not react like this by raising his arms and alarm some pilots that seeing that some confuses them and make maneuvers that lead to collide with anyone, BAD REACTION, should prohibit them from doing that.

Remix : Schade im die ganzen Autos Was war der Auslöser für den Unfall weis man was ??

сергей дзыга : жесть

Pausen Clown : dreck..warum muss man anderer Leute Videos kopieren, du Lachnummer?

Sam the Stuntman : He got a good reflex

Webon_one : Gibt's eine längere Version?

Deses : A literal clusterfuck.

storm trooper : WTF is this guy some old FAT bastard that can't walk? damn that idiot should have run a lot faster and further than he did, fking idiot

elPumaProductions : Lot of things done wrong in this video. NEVER STOP YOUR CAR IN A RACE TRACK. And if you're going to stop anyway like this guy, do it AFTER the obstacle! Don't add another one!!! The safest place is at the farthest opposite point of the apex, since no driver expect to drive there. However, I agree, Nürburgring should have warning light in every single corner

Дуня Кулакова : Ahahah, nice!

Puss In Boots : If you ask me they should slow down a bit xx

Ura Snotball : No marshals?

Олег Казаков : Уебаны тупоголовые.

comradeAky : holy crap, where was stuff and warning lights?

Dufffaaa93 : Sheeeit...

Conny Van den Bosch : it is worthwhile to have a body repair workshop nearby, every day work for weeks. And you know, they always come back.

Lawrence Patrick : Hope they get racing track insurance before they went in. Better safe than sorry.

freeyourmind : they could put caution lights,cameras and monitoring people on this track but they dont do it.

lllerlll : I'm not sure if the net effect of his efforts to reduce the damage is positive...

cale shoemaker : shouldn't they have some sort of community radio for emergency situations?

TheChubbyKid : It's 2017, there are these things called radios. Why aren't they required in cars to announce crash on track?

almcken2 : you should have parked your car on the other side, and kept running and waving.

HeroX : MY MAN!

Kalamestari : Don't go to Nurburgring if you can't drive.

Austin M : rip

Dana Keith VerVer : Reminds me of Talladega.